Cannibal Genius – Acacia-Based Hyper Brain Nootropic Supplement?


There are many different nootropic supplements available on the market today. A recent surge in the popularity of nootropics, or smart drugs, has lead to an explosive growth of the supply of cognitive enhancing products aimed at delivering a competitive mental edge.

Used by professionals, students and athletes, these compounds vary greatly in composition and effectiveness, ranging from complex chemical formulas to natural herbal supplements that are designed to enhance mental clarity, concentration and creative power.

Selecting the right nootropic supplement for you can be a difficult and confusing task. Many smart drugs are rebrands of older, discontinued mental stimulants that are no longer available on the market and in some cases illegal under controlled substance laws, or are new and untested chemical compounds that are untested and not FDA approved.

While the idea of smart pills that provide immediate boosts to intelligence is tempting, with films like Limitless promoting their miraculous brain stimulation, the reality of nootropic supplements is a controversial and potentially dangerous unregulated market.

While some smart drugs are relatively innocuous and provide a slight cognitive enhancement, others such as modafinil are prescription only and can land would-be nootropic pioneers in serious legal trouble.

The safest and most effective cognitive boosting nootropic supplements are compounds of natural herbal extracts and essential vitamins and minerals that work in harmony with the body to increase brainpower without dangerous side effects or stimulant properties that can cause individuals to burn out.

When choosing a nootropic supplement it’s best to look for products that provide a full breakdown of their ingredients and contain no synthetic or chemical additives. An established supplement provider that has a proven track record of delivering safe and efficacious products is the best option when finding the right supplement for you.

Chaos and Pain is a leading sports and health supplement provider that focuses on manufacturing and distributing high quality, natural dietary supplements created from natural, organic ingredients that deliver a range of powerful effects to assist with weightlifting, sports performance, nootropics, and overall health.

Cannibal Genius is a new offering from this reputable and reliable company formulated to provide a completely natural and potent mental boost. In this article we’ll break down the Cannibal Genius formula to help you decide whether this nootropic supplement is the right choice for you.

What Is Cannibal Genius

Containing 44 different Amines and Alkaloids derived from organic botanical sources, Cannibal Genius combines natural nutrients with Noopept, a scientifically proven and safe nootropic peptide that delivers increased focus and energy with no negative side effects.

Promoting cognitive enhancement and memory as well as neuroprotective effects that protect the brain from degenerative disorders such as alzheimer's in addition to offering increased learning abilities and better detail recall.

Users of noopept describe the effects as a lifting of brain fog and a greatly enhanced productivity, motivation and drive.

Other nootropic supplements deliver only nootropic chemicals without supporting the ability of the body to sustain higher functioning thought for extended periods of time, where

Cannibal Genius combine their potent active ingredients with an array of nutrients that allow the body to exert more mental energy without burning out or causing fatigue.

The Cannibal Genius Formula

The mental boosting effect of Cannibal Genius is derived from Noopept. Safe to use and one of the most popular nootropic supplements, Noopept was first created in Russia in 1995 and is grouped in the nootropic of Ratecams, one of the safest forms of mind enhancing supplements.

Clinical studies of the effects of Noopept have revealed stimulation of growth between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and a boost in critical thinking ability, as well as a demonstrated ability to modulate neuroreceptors and form more connections between disparate neurons.

This allows the brain to think faster and more effectively by inhibiting the breakdown of glutamate.

Glutamate is a critical neurotransmitter used by the brain to communicate, and during periods of high function this element breaks down quickly, reducing the length of concentration periods.

Glutamate is known to be a pivotal part of the process of memory recall, learning and other mental processes, and by allowing Glutamate to function more efficiently for longer, attention span and focus is increased. Noopept also increases the amount of oxygen available in the brain as well as promoting glucose metabolization, creating more energy to power the brain.

This increase in mental function is supported by an array of vitamins and minerals that provide important precursors to these neurological functions. Alpha GPC repairs brain cell membranes that are slightly stressed from taxing mental boosting to ensure no damage is done to mental function and supports brain health, while Ginko, an ancient traditional medicine herbal extract, promotes better blood circulation through the brain and prevents neuronal damage.

Bacopa is included in the Cannibal Genius formula to function is a powerful adaptogen that flushes stress hormones such as cortisol from the brain and modulates serotonin receptors to balance mood and creativity.

Vitamin D3 regulated blood pressure to lower stress levels, and acacia rigidula boosts the metabolism to break down fat deposits to power the increased brain capacity resulting from supplementing your diet with Cannibal Genius.

A complex of nutrients and minerals support this enhanced metabolism, not only boosting cognitive power but also offering an overall health enhancing effects that increases cardiovascular function, promotes better digestion, and creates a state of homeostasis that bolsters the immune system.

Cannibal Genius Pricing & Availability

Cannibal Genius is available from the Chaos and Pain supplement website and is priced at $39.99 USD for 90 capsules, a far more competitive price than any other nootropic supplement on the market. At one capsule daily, one container of Cannibal Genius provides three months of cognitive boosting mental clarity with no adverse side effects or health risks.

If you’re looking for an effective but safe nootropic brain enhancer that delivers clinically proven results, Cannibal Genius is a scientifically formulated solution that delivers immediate and potent results.

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