CannaCloud – The Keurig For Marijuana Vaporizers


CannaCloud by CannaKorp Review

CannaCloud calls itself the “Keurig for marijuana vaporizers”. Find out everything you need to know about CannaCloud today in our review.

What is CannaCloud?

CannaCloud is a single-serve, pod-based marijuana vaporizer system. Understandably, the device has been called by many the “Keurig for marijuana”.

Just like a Keurig, the CannaCloud promises to bring convenience and ease-of-use to the marijuana vaporizer industry. Instead of having to go through all of the trouble of using a real vaporizer, CannaCloud lets you take a full dose within just 60 seconds of firing it up.

There’s a lot of similarities between CannaCloud and Keurig for a reason: the company is led by two senior executives who used to work at Keurig.

Company chairman and CEO Dave Manly, for example, retired as senior vice president of Keurig in 2014 after growing the company over 13 years from annual revenues of $50 million to over $5 billion.

The goal with CannaCloud is to bring the same consistency of a K cup to the marijuana industry. In one interview with Tech Insider, Manly explained:

“Keurig has standards for what coffee went into their K-Cups. It was very consistent from cup-to-cup, so every time you had a K-Cup from a Keurig machine, it tasted the same. That kind of consistency is exactly what we want to bring to the marijuana industry.”

CannaCloud isn’t the first device to realize that combining marijuana with the convenience of Keurig could be a lucrative endeavor. The so-called “iPhone of vaporizers”, the Pax 2, offers a similarly convenient experience (just without the pre-measured pods).

The CannaCloud is made by a company named CannaKorp. The device has not yet been launched. It’s currently seeking $10 million to jumpstart production, after which devices could start to roll out in all 27 states where medical marijuana is legal starting next fall (fall 2016).

How Does the CannaCloud Work?

To use the CannaCloud, you insert a pre-measured cup of marijuana into a container that looks a lot like a travel mug.

Then, you press the button on the container. The container heats up and fills with vapor in less than a minute.

You use the plastic mouthpiece at the top of the container to breathe in that vapor. The plastic mouthpiece is controlled with a one-way valve.

Buying the pods is as easy as buying K-cups. Each pod features a description of the brand, strength, and strain. The goal is that every time you use the same pod, it’s going to be the same experience.

How Much Does the CannaCloud Cost?

The CannaCloud device retails at $149, which is about half of what the similar Pax 2 vaporizer costs.

The convenience of ready-to-smoke pre-measured marijuana, however, comes at a premium: each single-use pod costs $9.99 and contains only 0.4 grams of marijuana, which is about the same amount you’d find a pre-roll joint.

The pods used in the CannaCloud machine are called “CannaCups”. The pods are pre-measured, single-use, and environmentally-sealed. The company claims that the pods “contain only the highest-quality cannabis that has been tested in compliance with CannaKorp’s standards” according to a press release on

What is the CannaMatic?

The CannaMatic is the device that manufacturers can use to create CannaCups – the single-use pods designed for use in the CannaCloud.

It’s an automated device that allows authorized processors to fill, seal, and label CannaCups. CannaCloud claims to have invented this device to reduce packaging costs, provide proper consumer labeling, and “bring new branding opportunities to cultivators and retailers.”

About CannaKorp

CannaKorp, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based technology startup company that is preparing to release the CannaCloud vaporizer.

The company is led by Dave Manly (Chairman and CEO), Ian Tinkler (Chief Technology Officer), Michael Bourque (Chief Innovation Officer), James Winokur (advisor), and Jeremy Krause (Vince President of Business Development and Co-Founder).

You can contact CannaKorp by filling out this email form here:

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  1. Lovely concept, I would love to purchase. But I would only do so if I could fill my own cups. It will be interesting to see how long it takes someone to come up with a self fill cup for this item.
    And how would I purchase the cups?
    ( if I suddenly get rich) you can’t mail them… there’s no dispensary near me…
    so sad, looks like I won’t be buying one soon….

  2. Can I use my own Medicinal Marijuana, When I bought my Keurig it came with a steeper, this way I can use my own brand of coffee, and I didn’t have to use the wasteful Keurig cups ? It’s a waste when you have to pay such an amount of money.
    $10.00 for just a little over a third of a gram of a Keurig cup, you might as well sell it for $30.00 a gram. When you say premium Marijuana that could be the one of the lowest premium strains… you go up the ladder of more premium strain …one might have to pay up to $50.00 a gram of Medicinal Marijuana ???
    At 30.00 a gram that works out to be approx. $840.00 an ounce of Medicinal Marijuana.
    Imagine if it were $50.00 a gram for real premium Medicinal Marijuana it would cost the consumer approx. $1400.00 an ounce of Medicinal Marijuana, to me that would be a hard sell.
    The way you look at it rolling joints, you’d only be able to roll three joints
    When I used to smoke Medicinal Marijuana, I could roll 7 joints out of a gram of Medicine.
    For someone that doesn’t know the prices of Medicinal Marijuana, I guess it sounds alright.
    To me you’ll have a hard time trying to raise $10,000,000.
    Keurig should only produce the Keurig Vaporizer, and stay out of the selling of the Marijuana Keurig cups.

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