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Leafs by Snoop Review

Leafs by Snoop is a new lineup of cannabis products endorsed by Snoop Dogg himself. Here’s our review of Leafs by Snoop.

What is Leafs by Snoop?

Leafs by Snoop is a lineup of marijuana strains, concentrates, and edibles handpicked by Snoop Dogg himself – who has been known to smoke a little bit of weed from time to time.

The brand was launched in November 2015 in Colorado.

Leafs by Snoop is considered the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world. There are eight different types of marijuana flower as well as chocolate bars, gummies, fruit chews, and other edibles.

But Leafs by Snoop is more than just a marijuana product with a celebrity endorsement: it’s a product lineup with some impressive packaging and presentation. As one reviewer at TechInsider called it, it’s “the most beautiful line of marijuana products ever made.”

Another attendee of Snoop’s recent launch party claimed that the boxes feature a “stylish white simplicity” that “looks like something that might house an Apple product.”

When Snoop calls this a “premiere” weed brand, he’s not kidding.

The product packaging was created by a design firm called Pentagram. They include pictures most people associate with California, including palm trees, sunny skies, rolling mountains, and fish.

Inside each package, you’ll find a quote from Snoop Dogg himself. They’re not the most inspirational quotes we’ve ever seen, but they’ll keep you entertained. One quote says “Smoke weed every day!” while another says “Mile high feeln” – spelled exactly like that.

One funny thing about Leafs by Snoop is that Snoop can’t actually “own” the brand. He can simply endorse it. The company is based in Colorado, where recreational use of marijuana is legal. Since Snoop isn’t a Colorado resident, he can’t legally own the brand.

Leafs by Snoop Products

Leafs by Snoop products include eight different strains of marijuana sold in pre-packaged portions. The strains include popular options like Cali Kush, Blueberry Dream, Northern Lights, and others. There are 4 indica dominant hybrids, three sativa dominant hybrids, and one high CBD strain.

In a launch video for Leafs by Snoop, the company claims that Snoop personally selected each strain for their aroma, taste, effect, and bud structure. Let’s be honest: Snoop is a mastermind of marijuana and if he personally selected the marijuana strains for this company, you can probably rest assured that he knows what he’s talking about.

You can order them in three sizes, including:

— Eighths
— Quarters
— Ounces

You can buy all eight different strains in the form of:

— Flowers
— Concentrates
— Waxes

Meanwhile, some of the edibles include:

— Six Different Chocolate Bar Flavors (handmade and fair-trade chocolate, to boost)
— Four Cannabis Drops
— Four Fruit Chews
— Peanut Butter Gems

If you haven’t heard of peanut butter gems, then that’s okay. They’re a unique product that is literally shaped like a gem. They’re made out of both chocolate and peanut butter. Obviously, they contain marijuana as well.

Where to Buy Leafs by Snoop

Leafs by Snoop is headquartered in Colorado and currently, the products are only being sold in Colorado.

Leafs by Snoop was developed in partnership with one Colorado pot shop retailer named LivWell. On November 9, LivWell owner John Lord hosted Snoop for a product launch party at his house.

LivWell will exclusively sell all Leafs by Snoop products for the first 30 days. After December 9, 2015, they’re expected to be available at marijuana retailers across Colorado.

All Leafs by Snoop products are made under a Colorado marijuana license belonging to Beyond Broadway, which also does business under the name LivWell. LivWell / Beyond Broadway will grow all of the Leafs by Snoop strains while also manufacturing its edibles and concentrates.

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