CAcafe – Dr. Zhao's Natural Coconut Coffee, Tea, Mocah & Cocoa?


CAcafe (pronounced See-Ay Café) is an Upland, California-based beverage maker known for its coconut coffees and teas. Find out everything you need to know about CAcafe today in our review.

What Is CAcafe?

CAcafe is a lineup of coconut-infused beverage powders sold at retailers across America – including Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Safeway, Vons, and other major retailers.

The company is best known for its coconut coffee and tea. Overall, the company claims to make “The best coconut drink series available”. You mix the powder with water to enjoy a tasty, energizing beverage in the morning.

CAcafe’s products are particularly popular with those who are following a high fat, high protein diet. Many people believe this diet – particularly eating a high fat, high protein breakfast – is linked to weight loss.

CAcafe Products

CAcafe sells all of the products listed below.

Coconut Coffee

This coffee is made from real coconut and Colombian coffee. Why would you combine coconut and coffee? CAcafe claims that coconut is “the best natural creamer and flavor enhancer”. You can enjoy a smooth, creamy cup of coffee with no dairy added.

The beverage also comes with no artificial flavors, no colors, and no preservatives. There are just five ingredients in CAcafe’s Coconut Coffee, including coconut, cane sugar, Colombian coffee, maltodextrin, and starch.

Coconut Tea

CAcafe’s Coconut Tea promises to provide a delicious, fragrant, rich tea taste made from real coconut and green tea. Just like with the Coconut Coffee, coconut has been added to this tea because it’s “the best natural creamer and flavor enhancer”.

There are five ingredients in CAcafe’s Coconut Tea, including coconut, cane sugar, green tea, maltodextrin, and starch. While the Coconut Coffee claims to keep you energized, the Coconut Tea claims to keep you strong.

Coconut Mocha

The Coconut Mocha is a blend of coconut with mocha flavor. The only difference from the Coconut Coffee is that cocoa has been added to the formula. Again, there are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives added to the Coconut Mocha.

Coconut Cocoa

The coconut cocoa is the CAcafe coconut formula blended with real cocoa. The five ingredients include coconut, cane sugar, cocoa, maltodextrin, and starch.

Unsweetened Products

CAcafe offers unsweetened versions of all of the products listed above, including unsweetened coconut coffee, unsweetened coconut tea, and unsweetened coconut mocha. These products ditch the cane sugar that’s in the original formulas.

Typically, CAcafe products have about 15 to 20g of sugar in each serving (2 tablespoons). Customers typically appreciate the fact that it’s minimally processed sugar (cane sugar instead of refined sugar).

However, some customers find that the formula is too sweet. If you like, you can switch to the unsweetened version then drink it as-is. Or, you can add a small amount of your own sugar as a replacement.

CAcafe Pricing

CAcafe products are available online through Amazon and other retailers. You can also find them in grocery stores across the country. Below, you’ll find prices as listed on the official online store:

  • Coconut Coffee (19.05oz / 540g): $15.99
  • Coconut Tea (19.05oz / 540g): $15.99
  • Coconut Mocha (19.05oz / 540g): $15.99
  • Coconut Cocoa (19.05oz / 540g): $15.99
  • Coconut Coffee Mini Jar (9.5oz / 270g): $9.99
  • Coconut Tea Mini Jar (9.5oz / 270g): $9.99
  • Coconut Mocha Mini Jar (9.5oz / 270g): $9.99
  • Coconut Coffee (Unsweetened) (12.7oz / 360g): $15.99
  • Coconut Tea (Unsweetened) (12.7oz / 360g): $15.99
  • Coconut Mocha (Unsweetened) (12.7oz / 360g): $15.99
  • Coconut Coffee Mini Jar (Unsweetened) (6.35oz / 180g): $9.99
  • Coconut Mocha Mini Jar (Unsweetened) (6.35oz / 180g): $9.99
  • Gourmet-to-Go Collection (4 Cups): $10
  • Coconut Coffee / Tea Gift Box: $19.99

About CAcafe

CAcafe, pronounced “See Ay Cah Fay”, is a California-based company. The company’s lineup of coconut coffee and tea was created by Dr. Zhao, described as a “famed medical doctor” on the official CAcafe website.

Today, CAcafe makes all its products in the United States. They’re located at the following address just outside of Los Angeles:

2115 Aviation Dr.
Upland, CA 91786

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 (844) 808-9888.

CAcafe Reviews

CAcafe’s Coconut Coffee is a bestselling product on Amazon. At the time of writing, the company’s Coconut Coffee had over 500 customer reviews for an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

Here are some of the pros and cons we learned from real Amazon customers:


  • Many customers report that the flavor is delicious
  • Minimally processed sugar (cane sugar instead of refined sugar or other sweeteners)
  • Provides good energy throughout the day
  • Part of a high protein, high fat breakfast
  • Easy to make (just mix two tablespoons into water)
  • Coffee


  • Coffee flavor isn’t as strong as some people would like
  • Some describe it as too sweet
  • Probably doesn’t help you lose weight
  • Not cheap (You pay $16 for 18 servings in each jar)
  • Sometimes arrives clumpy (to be fair, CAcafe’s official website warns you about this upfront, and recommends you mix it before you drink it)

CAcafe Summary

Overall, CACafe’s products are well-reviewed by Amazon reviewers and other customers online. The company sells a lineup of coconut coffees, coconut teas, and coconut cocoa beverages. The beverages come in the form of a powder.

You mix it with water, then drink it to support a healthy lifestyle. Many people drink the coffee as part of a high fat, high protein breakfast – something that’s been linked to weight loss and improved energy throughout the day.

However, with 19g of sugar in each serving, CAcafe’s Coconut Coffee probably isn’t the best for weight loss. Some customers report they gained weight after switching to it, while others reported losing weight because they ended up eating less throughout the day.

Fortunately, there’s an unsweetened version available as well.

Ultimately, CAcafe’s products are well-reviewed online and offline. You can find the company’s beverages and powders for sale online and in stores across the United States.

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