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Bye Bye Ridges Review

Having beautiful, manicured nails is important for a person’s appearance. Not only do clean, well-maintained nails show that people care for their body, it also indicates that they put a certain value on themselves.

Ridges in nails can completely derail how well people can take care of their nails. Not only do ridges look unsightly, they also make people look older, aging the entire hand. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to these annoying nail ridges, Bye Bye Ridges.

What is Bye Bye Ridges?

Bye Bye Ridges is a simple nail buffering device that will get rid of nail ridges and leave the nails looking bright and shiny within minutes. Not only does the Bye Bye Ridges system smooth out ridges, it also shines the nails, leaving them looking healthy and young.

What are Nail Ridges?

Vertical ridges up and down the fingernails are also referred to as longitudinal ridges or onychorrhexis. While these ridges don’t indicate any serious health issues, they do indicate that a person is aging. On top of that, nail ridges aren’t very attractive.

Nail ridges are usually caused by aging, but can also be caused be a nail injury or a serious nail trauma. As people age, these ridges will become more prominent, making the nails look dull and brittle. In fact, these ridges can often cause the nails to become more brittle.

How Does Bye Bye Ridges Work?

Bye Bye Ridges is a buffering system that gently rubs done the ridges on the fingernails, leaving behind shiny and healthy looking nail. Bye Bye Ridges is cordless, so it can be used anywhere and at any time.

The buffing system is made up of a body and a head. The body is a smooth, cylinder shaped device that fits perfectly into the hand. The heads come in three different strengths, represented by white, lilac, and blue colors. The lilac head is used to file and shape the nails, getting them to the perfect angles. The blue head is then used to gently buff away the ridges, leaving behind smooth, shapely nails. Finally, the white head can be used to shine the now smooth nails.

The entire process only takes a few minutes and only needs to be done once or twice a month. Each time Bye Bye Ridges is used, it leaves nails looking healthy, shiny, and young.

What Makes Bye Bye Ridges Special?

There are many nail buffers on the market, but none as unique as Bye Bye Ridges. What makes Bye Bye Ridges so special is that the buffer has a micro-oscillating action that can smooth out even the roughest nails. Not only does this gentle action smooth out ridges, it doesn’t cause any damage to the cuticles, something many other buffing options don’t offer.

In addition to have a proprietary micro-oscillating action, Bye Bye Ridges also uses nano-abrasion technology to work the surface of the nails. This system works against the nail to induce a beautiful, lasting shine that is completely natural.

The best part about Bye Bye Ridges is that it lasts until the nails grow out. Users don’t have to visit a salon to have expensive products applied to their nails every week. Now, once or twice a month, users can simply use Bye Bye Ridges to get the gorgeous looking nails they want. The shined and newly smoothed nails will not go without notice.

Benefits and Features of Bye Bye Ridges

While there are countless benefits to using the Bye Bye Ridges system, the company has noticed users have kept coming back and praising the same things.

The first benefit is that Bye Bye Ridges is an extremely fast way to get nails looking healthy and young. Instead of having to sit and work through five or more steps of shaping, buffing, and shining, this system only has three steps. And because the Bye Bye Ridges system is battery operated, there’s no more tiring back and forth polishing. It does all the work.

Another great benefit is that Bye Bye Ridges really reverses how old nails look. Instead of looking brittle and dull, nails that been shined with Bye Bye Ridges look young and brilliant. They shine as though a clear nail polish has been applied. And, of course, there are no more ridges.

Bye Bye Ridges is the perfect nail buffing system because it comes with everything any user could ever need. Instead of trying to sell different parts to get shinier, healthier nails, Bye Bye Ridges includes everything in its kit. Bye Bye Ridges will file and shape the nails, then buff them so there are no more annoying ridges. Finally, Bye Bye Ridges will smooth and shine nails, leaving them looking amazing.

On top of all these amazing benefits, Bye Bye Ridges also has another secret. Because it was created by Ped Egg, it can also be used to buff away rough skin on the feet. Ped Egg became famous for its foot scrubs and exfoliators, so it makes complete sense that its nail buffer can also serve this purpose.

Purchasing Bye Bye Ridges

Bye Bye Ridges is available for purchase on the Bye Bye Ridges website.

Ped Egg is currently running an amazing deal on Bye Bye Ridges. For $19.99, customers can get the entire Bye Bye Ridges system, plus three free heads. In addition to the three free heads, this deal also comes with the Bye Bye Ridges deluxe cuticle oil, which can soften cuticles and moisturize dry nails. This price does not include the $7.99 shipping and handle charge.

For only $9.99 more, customers can get a second Bye Bye Ridges system, something that is usually $19.99.

The Bye Bye Ridges system usually ships within a few days, however, customers should allow 3-6 weeks for the order to be delivered.

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