Build With Chocolate Milk – High Quality Post-Workout Recovery Protein Drink?


One of the best combinations one can experience (especially a foodie) is that of milk and chocolate. While some may disagree, there are many out there who enjoy their chocolate milk. With many different types of milks out there, chocolate milk is one to give you that sugary feel with the addition to milk. Chocolate milk, similarly to regular milk, consists of 16 nutrients that help with the many functions of our body.

In the past, many have labeled chocolate milk as unhealthy, too sweet, or something to avoid, but did you know it is exactly the opposite?

Today, it is advertised as an essential post work out drink that will ensure to give you both the energy after a tiring work out and will help repair muscles (helps rebuild muscle growth). Mind-boggling right?

All our lives we’ve been told to avoid chocolate milk as it may be “fattening” but it turns out to be beneficial after workouts compared to leading sports drinks out there! This is where Built with Chocolate Milk comes in.

What Is Build With Chocolate Milk?

Built With Chocolate Milk ensures that their customers are well informed about the benefits of chocolate milk.

What makes them unique is the fact that they don’t use their platform to simply advertise low fat chocolate milk, but they are doing it by providing solid facts, athletes’ experience with low fat chocolate milk and overall ensuring that every drop of chocolate is analyzed to ensure people make healthy choices. It’s the one stop website with pure information enhancing everyone’s knowledge without leaving anyone out of the loop.

They also provide some effective workouts that focus on each body part. It is important to work each body part and not miss out one, let’s say legs, because the body will be disproportionate. You want make sure every body part is equally strong in terms of strength and muscles, rather than focusing on developing one.

You don’t want one body to be stronger and firmer than the other because not only does it limit your level of growth, and hinder on what’s harder for you, but it also limits your confidence. The self talk you give yourself needs to tell you that you can do everything and that you need to break free from limits as the only limit known to man is that of the human mind.

What Makes Build With Chocolate Milk Special?

There are many sports drinks brands trying to make it to their customers’ shopping carts. Some of the existing and well-known brands today are Recovery Water, Zico Coconut, Gatorade, Powerade, and the list just unravels like Rapunzel’s hair. The question now is how will chocolate milk overtake drinks that are specifically formulated for athletic lifestyles? What is it about chocolate milk that the rest lack?

After a long and intense work out, in order to recover your muscles, you need to decide what you will drink. Your source of post-work out drink should consist of water, carbohydrates, and some protein substance because water helps you hydrate, carbohydrates gives you energy (making you feel like tired) and protein helps in sculpting your tiresome muscles.

Each of the 3 factors mentioned above is the ideal trio to be found in a post-work out drink and these 3 aspects are definitely found in chocolate milk.

Low fat chocolate milk consists of 90 per cent water, proving to be an exceptional source of hydration. The remaining 10 per cent takes care of the essential nutrients, carbohydrates and protein needed to give you the energy you need after a workout and helps recover your muscles respectively. Drinking water or a sports drink may rehydrate you, but you won’t get the natural energy (since sports drinks are full of sugars) and it consists of no protein. You may retort to protein powder shakes, but that has too much protein and almost no carbohydrates.

Build With Chocolate Milk For Post Workout?

A post-work out drink is all about balance. You need to make sure it has the hydrating component and an equal amount of the energy and the recovery component. You can’t have one component over the other because the lack of one will either result in less recovery or less energy to continue the day.

Final Thoughts On Build With Chocolate Milk

Overall, it is evident that low fat chocolate milk has that cup full of nutrients that is sure to give you want you need to sculpt your muscles, hydrate and energize you. The minimum amount of chocolate milk you should consume after a workout is 200g.

Once you start following a more muscle building and intense weight-training path, you can drink a larger quantity of chocolate milk based on your protein needs. The best time to drink a post-work out drink should be within the first 30-60 minutes after your workout because it is needed in this timeframe and more effective to see and feel results. If you pass that timeframe, it is best not to consume chocolate milk.

For more scientific information, inspirations, and advises on everything work out related, check out: Built With Chocolate Milk’s entire team works to provide every detail of every nutrient you can find in a glass of low fat chocolate milk.

They made sure that we are comfortable to break free from the existing stereotypes on chocolate milk. When drinking chocolate at the right time and when it is necessary, it is like the finishing touch to complete your work out. Are you eager to work out now? Well, grab a bottle of chocolate milk and hit the gym!

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