Bucked Up KETO Protein

KETO Protein is a supplement for both men and women to give the right amount of digestive enzymes while on a ketogenic diet. The treatment is available in a 3lb bag, but limited details are available about the product’s use and recipe.

What Is Bucked Up KETO Protein?

Every diet seems to become a fad at some point, focusing on low-fat eating plans or reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the user’s routine. One of the most recent diets that has become popular is the ketogenic diet. This type of diet is an amplified version of the formerly popular Atkins diet, helping consumers to use glucose exclusively for energy. Too many protein powders contain a high amount of sugar, which is incredibly counterproductive. However, the creators of KETO Protein have developed a solution.

Read on below to see what’s inside of the KETO Protein formula, and how it impacts the digestive system.

How KETO Protein Coconut & MCT Oil Macro Enzyme Blend Works?

The website does not offer too many details about the product, apart from its role as the “first and only keto macro protein.” The formula is 25% protein, and the only substances it individually names are involved in the Digestive Enzyme Blend. That blend contains:

  • Protease, which supports the digestive tract and helps break down the walls of cells to process and use the various waste in the body
  • Lactase, which helps consumers to eliminate irritation in the stomach lining and reduces the struggle with lactose intolerance
  • Bromelain, to digest most proteins found in fruit when it naturally has high concentrations while supporting the balance of alkaline and acid in the digestive system

There are no hormones involved in the formula, and it actually is 75% coconut oil, which is rich with its own set of healthy benefits. Unfortunately, the website does not indicate the usage instructions either, so consumers will have plenty of details to discuss with customer service.

Pricing For KETO Protein

To buy a bag of the protein powder, consumers can pay $69.95 for over 3lbs. Choose between either chocolate or vanilla flavor, through both options cost the same. Unfortunately, there is not a subscription option to buy the powder, but consumers can simply order the next shipment before they have used up the current supply.

If the user is unhappy with the performance of KETO Protein, then they have up to 14 days to initiate a return, which must first be approved through customer service.

Contacting The Creators Of KETO Protein

Since the website does not offer too much information about the way that the product works, some consumers will want more information about the way that KETO Protein helps. To get ahold of someone in customer service, take the time to reach out to GNC by calling 855-205-2825.

Bucked Up KETO Protein Conclusion

KETO Protein is meant for any consumer that follows a ketogenic diet and wants to incorporate a protein powder into their diet. The formula focuses on digestive balance, which is important during any new diet as it is. The formula can be used by consumers of either gender, though any parent should speak with their pediatrician before adding it into a younger person’s diet.


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