Brain Support Plus – Optimized Curcumin & Bacopa Nootropic?


The operational capacity of our brain starts to deteriorate after we cross our physical peak at 35, due to the neural degeneration of important cells and neurons, the brain starts to lose its sharpness and overall mental acuity.

Many older people have experienced issues related to memory retention, recollection, dullness, lack of mental vitality. The reasons for this degeneration are many, but recent scientific studies have shown that as we come older, the lubrication in our neural network starts to wear out.

Thus, our brain and neurons find it harder to transport information throughout our Central Nervous System. Another highly important factor that plays a role in loss of cognitive abilities is the natural ageing process.

Due to the natural breakdown of our cellular components in the cranial region, users fall prey to a series of issues that are known to influence our productivity. Through regular nutritional supplementation (for example supplying the brain with herbal oils,EFA’s, fish oils) we can lubricate our neural network and make it more effective.

These essential oils not only help improve our awareness but also fasten the cellular regeneration process. This ensures that users can stay vital and energetic well into their advanced years.

About Brain Support Plus

Brain Support Plus is an all new nootropic that has been designed using a series of clinically researched natural stimulative agents.

All of the added components are either herbs or natural plant derivatives which are not only highly potent, but also provide the body with a series of unique neurological benefits.

They are completely bio-compatible and thus can be safely used for extended durations without the risk of any physical or mental issues cropping up. Some of the key benefits of Brain Support Plus include:

Brain Fog

A common issue many people face is ‘brain fog’, this problem is especially prevalent when one is feeling groggy, has just woken up or is under stress/duress. The key active agents in the mix have been found to reduce fogginess and increase one’s overall clarity so that an individual can make better choices and decisions.


Due to the presence of various nootropics in the mix, the supplement is able to raise our focus and concentration levels.

This allows an individual to be more effective in their daily work activities. Another benefit that has been observed through the regular use of ‘Brain Support Plus’ is the increase of our memory retention capacity.

This can be a very useful tool for people working in high stress jobs and university students who are required to remember large volumes of data.


The primary ingredients help in the release of mood enhancers like serotonin and inhibit the production of cortisol (also known as the stress hormone). This allows users to remain happy, calm and peaceful throughout the day. It also allows one to be more cheerful and uplifts one’s mood.

Brain Capacity

Using a mix of various herbs and essential minerals/vitamins, the supplement is able to increase the productivity of our brain. It also protects the physical health of the brain so that any ailments that might potentially harm it can be negated.

Why Is Brain Support Plus Special?

Brain Support Plus contains various natural extracts like Curcumin and bacopa. These potent ingredients have both been used for thousands of years to help support brain health and function. However, a common issue with a majority of curcumin supplements available today is their absorbability.

Many manufacturers have tried to modify the structural chemistry of the compound to increase its bio-availability but have been unsuccessful. According to latest clinical trials, the optimized curcumin in Brain Support Plus ™ has been shown in a human subject-based study to be 65 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin.

That means that the functionalized curcumin in the supplement can be easily broken down by our bodies and used for a series of brain related benefits.

Science Talk

There are various papers that have been published across many respected journals, that allow users to read up on the product and make an educated choice. Some of the clinical findings associated with the regular use of Brain Support Plus ™ include:

  • Increased brain capacity and functionality in under an hour.
  • The key agents in the mix help in the increase of energy production so that one can remain active and vital.
  • Increase in the calmness levels of our brain and induction of positive mind states.
  • Supports healthy production of essential triglycerides.

There are also various studies that are available in relation to ‘Bacopa’, a key compositional element of the supplement. The outlined benefits include:

  • Improvement in one’s short term memory retention capacity.
  • Increase in the visual memory capacity of an individual.
  • Enhancement of the cognition process in our brains.

Other Important Information

  • Each batch of Brain Support Plus is tested to make sure it gluten-free according to FDA regulations. Similarly, the supplement does not contain any trace of soy or other similar compounds.
  • Brain Support Plus is a fully non-GMO compliant product.
  • Each unit of the supplement is made in the USA from quality ingredients sourced responsibly around the world
  • In terms of daily intake, 2 capsules once per day, between meals is ideally recommended. They should be taken along with large doses of water (8-12 oz).
  • Every unit is 100% protected by the company's” no questions asked anytime” guarantee. Users have an unlimited amount of time to try it out, and If at any time an individual is dissatisfied or unhappy with the results, a full refund can be obtained.

Brain Support Plus Pricing and Availability

Each bottle of Brain Support Plus contains 60 capsules and is priced at $49.00. However, larger purchases of 3 or 6 bottles can be made at a cheaper rates of $129 and $199.

All of the units come with free shipping as well as some additional books that can be used to optimise one’s health. There are a variety of direct debit and credit options available to complete payment.

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