BootyBox – Women’s Performance Activewear For In & Out Of Gym?


Ever wonder why women’s activewear is super long and hugging tight against one’s body? Why is the difference between that of men and women so apparent?

In today’s society, finding women activewear is tough given that most of them are super tight, made with uncomfortable materials, and are sweat-prone to name a few. Although such concerns might not influence some women, there are many who struggle to find activewear that satisfy their comfort levels. This can be partly due to one’s self-esteem and how they perceive their body to be.

Regardless of one’s reasons, when women are not feeling comfortable in their respective outfits, they are less like to train efficiently and vigorously. This is where the Booty Box may come into play.

The foundation of BootyBox has been claimed as achieving optimal comfort for women. Each design offered is believed to not only look the part, but it can also do the part as well.

The purpose of this review is to introduce Booty Box and how it indirectly contributes towards women’s fitness goals. A further analysis will be done to have a better understanding with respect to its purpose, the types of products offered, its affordability and more.

About BootyBox

BootyBox has been designed with intentions of providing women with comfortable and appropriately fitting activewear that can worn at and outside of the gym. Unlike the typical existing wear, Booty Box made it their goal to ensure that a great emphasis has been placed on overall style as well.

How Did It Come About?

In 2015, Booty Box took form, but not as an activewear provider but rather a combat-based cardio workout for the women of UK. Its first ever apparel was a long-sleeved, lightweight hoodie that can be worn to one’s likings. To this date, a versatility in Booty Box’s activewear have been made available.

What Does BootyBox Currently Offer?

Currently, Booty Box offers a wide range of hoodies, bralets, bottoms, vests, sweaters, sweat tops, shorts and tee shirts. Unfortunately, the sizes offered are limited, as women can only find clothes that are of sizes small (8), medium (10/12) and large (L1 14).

The majority of the activewear offered are made with cotton or polyamide with hints of fabrics such as viscose, polyester and elastane.

What Types Of Fabric Are Advantageous For Activewear?

The most apparent fabric used in Booty Box’s activewear is cotton, which is said to represent approximately 65-80% of a given piece. Cotton is beneficial because it is breathable, making it appropriate for light training and outside wear.

Although a downside with cotton is that consumers are likely to sweat through it, inducing a sense of heaviness, Booty Box’s activewear are mostly lightweight, therefore heaviness might be the least of one’s worries.

The next commonly used fabric is polyester, which makes about 60-70% of Booty Box wear. Polyester is great because it is breathable, prevents visible sweat stains and when sweating, it can quickly dry off.

The main reason why breathability, sweat proof and fast drying are important to consider is because one, it can potentially eliminate bad odor and second, it can prevent the accumulation of bacteria on both the clothing and the body.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest in the BootyBox?

Consumers can expect to invest anywhere between £15 to £30 depending on the type of activewear purchased.

The prices can be considered inexpensive based on quality delivered, as most fitness apparel providers make use of the same materials but at unreasonable prices. On average, a typical spending for fitness wear can be anywhere between £20 and over £65.

BootyBox Review Summary

Overall, the types of activewear can potentially affect one’s performance while training. Factors such as durability, breathability, sweat-proof, and fast drying are some of many that need to be considered prior to a purchase.

Most importantly, it should be an appropriate fit against one’s body, as the wrong choices can make moving tough, stimulate the clothing to rise or it can feel uncomfortably tight.

With the Booty Box activewear, women can finally find the perfect fit made with the appropriate fabrics at affordable prices. For more information, go to:

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