Booty Type Training: Custom Curve Shaping Workout System?


Looking to shape up your booty for the summer? Have you been told that doing squats is all it takes to get that desirable shape? Unfortunately, more light has been shed on squats and how they do not return results to one’s likings. So, if squats don’t work and doing cardio does not help to eliminate stored fat, then what will? According to existing claims, the Booty Type Training might have the necessary tips based on one’s body shape.

By consistently following the tips from the Booty Type Training, consumers can expect to see a significant change in the shape, tone and overall lift of one’s booty in as little as two to three weeks. To see how the Booty Type Training targets the the V, A, O and H-shaped booties, here is a complete analysis. Factors like its purpose, the approach taken to bring results and its overall affordability will be discussed upon.

What Is Booty Type Training?

The Booty Type Training has been proclaimed as the ideal, at-home curve shaping system that helps women attain a desirable booty shape. Instead of implementing a plan that focuses on hard work, the Booty Type Training appears to encourage smart work. That is, doing the right and effective movements that will bring results sooner.

How Booty Type Training Custom Curve Shaping Workout Works

The approach taken to create the Booty Type Training took into consideration several factors from the different types of movements one should do to things that should be avoided altogether. Here is a sample list of tips one can expect to acquire:

  • Booty type movements that lift, tighten, and strengthen one’s rear end effectively
  • Metabolism tricks that can double fat burning
  • Three ways to lift the booty, while keeping in mind over 25 myths that prevent one from getting the desirable shape
  • What types of food one should eat and avoid before and after training
  • The correlation between posture and booty
  • What’s My Booty Type Quiz

Based on the sample tips above, it is clear that the Booty Type Training not only focuses on the movements that can bring results, but also other factors like one’s lifestyle, nutrition and informative research that can potentially heighten one’s knowledge. A competitive advantage that this guide has over others is its “What’s My Booty Type Quiz”. By taking the quiz, women will have a better idea as what their current booty shape is and what effective measures they need to take based on their shape to create one that they desire the most.

Another reason why the Booty Type Training might be worth considering is their focus on biology and how the body works. More specifically, how fat is stored in the different booty shapes can help shape one’s decision, especially with food intake. This implementation in one’s consciousness alone can motivate one to make the right decisions, while putting in the necessary work.

Booty Type Training Programs

For a limited time, the Booty Type Training will be offered for approximately $15. The price is very inexpensive given the several useful tips that have never been mentioned before. In addition, its downloadable feature allows one to have access to the four different programs at any given time. Lastly, with every Booty Type Training, consumers are also offered the following bonuses. Here is a complete breakdown:

Booty Type Training Exercise Video Library

The video library is useful for those who are visual learners. The suggested exercises are demonstrated to consumers to ensure that each movement is accurately done without inducing the wrong types of pain.

Booty Type Training Printable Workout Logs

Workout Logs are a great way of keep track of one’s progress, as it helps consumers analyze the right and wrong approaches. This process of writing down the days one trained can potentially motivate one to continue.

Cellulite Freedom (Bonus #1)

Additional tips on how to gradually reduce the visibility of cellulites will be found in the Cellulite Freedom. More specifically, this bonus claims to help consumers by providing a list of foods that are good and bad for cellulite.

Hollywood Booty Black Book (Bonus #2)

Here, tricks and postures-related tips will be provided to help those enhance the way their booty looks. The Booty Type Training is against implants; therefore, the Hollywood Booty Black Book only claims to focus on natural methods.

Varicose Veins Erased (Bonus #3)

The Varicose Veins Erased is a book that educates consumers on the causes of varicose veins, fruits that provide essential nutrients, and much more.

Booty Type Training Final Verdict

Overall, the Booty Type Training appears to be a valuable investment as it helps to educate women on the different facets that result in the booty shape one desires. Instead of focusing only on movements, great emphasis has also been placed on nutrition, which shows that, regardless of what one’s fitness goals may be, nutrition will always play a crucial role. It is also important to note that several bonuses have been provided to ensure that each individual is motivated at all costs.

Lastly, to think that such an educational guide has been provided for as little as $15, shows that the interest in helping others is true. For more information, check out:


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