BodyLogix Ultra BCAA – Pure Amino Acids To Build Lean Muscle?


Formulated with some of the most popular intra-workout ingredients, BodyLogix Ultra BCAA increases lean muscle mass, promotes fat loss, and stabilizes electrolyte levels.

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What Is BodyLogix Ultra BCAA?

Exercise and resistance training necessarily tear muscle fibers by pushing muscles beyond their strength and power limits. Growth occurs while the body repairs the damage, resulting in stronger and bigger muscles.

BCAAs, otherwise known as branched chain amino acids, are the basic constitutive components of protein, providing structural integrity and healthy function to muscle cells.

BodyLogix Ultra BCAA is a workout supplement formulated to deliver these compounds directly to the muscles for improved performance and improved body composition.

Suitable for every fitness goal, including fat loss and muscle gain, BCAAs accelerate recovery and repair, increase muscle mass, and balance electrolyte levels. These agents stimulate protein synthesis, the essential process responsible for muscle formation and provide both energy and hydration to muscle cells throughout the day.

How Does BodyLogix Ultra BCAA Work?

Offering protective and beneficial advantages for muscles, this supplement is ideally consumed around a workout or throughout the day.

BCAAs ingested immediately before or during exercise continually provide muscles with their essential components, preventing them from breaking down or becoming fatigued quickly. After exercise, this supplement directly delivers protein building blocks to stimulate repair and growth.

Pineapple, Lychee, and Pink Lemonade are available as flavors.

BodyLogix Ultra BCAA Ingredients


With 7000 mg of BCAAs per serving, this product contains the typical 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine.

Together, these amino acids are critical for muscle repair and balanced blood sugar levels. Leucine in particular contributes to increased burning of visceral fat and provides muscles with glucose so that they are not broken down for energy during vigorous exercise.


As a powerful detoxifying agent, glutamine promotes healthy immune function and decreases the physical stress response, allowing the body to perform optimally for longer periods of time.

It regulates the removal of waste so that toxins accumulate more slowly during intense exercise, thereby improving stamina. Each serving contains 2500 mg of glutamine.

Citrulline Malate:

A popular addition to many workout supplements, citrulline malate is believed to promote cardiovascular health, increase muscle mass, prevent muscle catabolism, and postpone fatigue. 1000 mg of this compound are found in each serving.

The formulation of Ultra BCAA is very similar to the popular BCAA supplement Scivation by Xtend, which has been well known in the bodybuilding industry for several years.


This product made its first appearance at the 2017 Olympia Fitness Expo as a brand-new supplement. At the time of writing it is not yet available for purchase and no details about pricing have been released.

It appears that even with other BodyLogix products, consumers are not able to make online orders; rather, the website directs them to physical retailers. That being said, those products do seem to be available through Amazon.

Should You Use BodyLogix Ultra BCAA?

With a similar formula to one of the most widely recognized BCAA supplements in the fitness industry, BodyLogix Ultra BCAA seems useful to those at a plateau with their fitness progress.

Whether the goal is fat loss or muscle gain, BCAAs protect muscles and accelerate recovery for more intense workouts. Interested consumers can find more about this product at:

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