Body Spartan Xiphos Review – Vasodilator For Bigger Muscle Pumps?


Building a strong, powerful, and bulkier body is difficult, even with a balanced diet and a fair amount of exercise configured into your day. To experience true results, you need to go above and beyond the low-bar by adding a supplement to your daily routine. If you are tired of scouring the market and are looking for a great option, then this review would like to introduce you to a product that countless men are heavily relying upon for results and best of all, the product delivers.

Called Body Spartan Xiphos, this supplement provides you with a strong and ripped physique in a short amount of time. Here is everything you need to know about this nitric-oxide driven supplement so that you can experience the results that you’ve always wanted:

About Body Spartan Xiphos

Body Spartan Xiphos is a potent muscle-enhancer that works to significantly increase nitric oxide levels in the body. While your body already naturally produces nitric oxide, it certainly is not at the level that is productive toward any muscle gains.

As a result, Body Spartan Xiphos functions to supplement existing nitric oxide levels so that you can experience powerful results. The all-natural supplement provides you with substantial results in a short amount of time.

Also, by using only all-natural ingredients in the formula, the brand ensures that you are able to maintain your health, even with massive growth. The product does not contain any fillers, additives, synthetic ingredients, or low quality substances that can deter your health.

The Purpose Of Nitric Oxide

Body Spartan Xiphos features ingredients that are responsible for supporting massive muscle growth. To best understand how Body Spartan Xiphos works, you need to know what nitric oxide is and its functions.

As mentioned earlier, nitric oxide is a compound that already occurs naturally in the body. But, the rate is not high enough to lead to any significant changes in muscle growth and performance. This is where Body Spartan Xiphos comes in with its nitric-oxide enhancing ingredients. When you add a nitric oxide enhancing supplement to your body, you often experience the following results:

A Faster Recovery Rate

Without any supplement, your muscle recovery rate is slow, too slow to lead to results. Generally, you want to speed up your recovery rate, which ensures that a sufficient amount of nutrients and minerals reach your muscle tissue between the time you end your workout and start a new one.

Once your muscles are fully recovered, they will be able to perform at their optimal level so that you can repeat the cycle of tearing through muscles and rebuilding it.

Moreover, the faster recovery lends itself to frequent weight training workouts, which will provide you with even better body building results.

More Energy and Better Performance

Another quality of the nitric oxide levels that Body Spartan Xiphos provides you with is that it leads to more energy and better performance at the gym. The nitric oxide supplies a stream of oxygen and minerals to your muscles so that they can effectively lift heavy muscles that will lead to massive results.

As for the energy levels, the nitric oxide fights the build-up of lactic acid, which is responsible for fatigue. With less lactic acid in your body, you’ll be able to keep pushing yourself at the gym at an effective rate that promotes muscle growth. In addition, with less fatigue, you won’t experience the burning or drained sensation that often accompanies a thorough workout. You’ll be able to keep pushing yourself time and time again for impressive and worthwhile results.

Better Muscle Pumps

Finally, the nitric oxide in Body Spartan Xiphos also gives you the ability to pump more and heavier weights at the gym. You’ll not only impress yourself with your performance, but also those around you. As you continue to push yourself and to strive for the best with every workout, you’ll notice your body growing in bulk for great results.

As a whole, the enhanced nitric oxide levels are necessary for growth. Fortunately, Body Spartan Xiphos floods your body with enough nitric oxide to enjoy all of the major benefits that are mentioned above. In addition to these qualities, there are others that make Body Spartan Xiphos a worthwhile supplement to implement into your routine. For example, another reason to choose Body Spartan Xiphos is because of the quality ingredients.

Ingredients You Can Trust

Body Spartan Xiphos contains three different forms of L-Argenine, a compound commonly found muscle enhancing supplements.  Here are the different types of L-Argenine and other ingredients that are responsible for enhanced nitric oxide levels

  • L-Argenine

Body Spartan Xiphos contains L-Argenine ketoglutarate, L-Argenine, and L-Argenine monohydrochloride. These forms work synergistically together in order to provide you with higher energy levels and a pump that leads to massive results.

  • L-Citrulline

Body Spartan Xiphos also contains L-Citrulline, which is responsible for promoting healthy blood through and the production of nitric oxide. You’ll notice improved cardiovascular health with this ingredient.

  • Dipotassium, Phosphate

Finally, the supplement also contains dipotassium phosphate, which functions to enhance your endurance levels. You’ll enjoy from a faster recovery time between workouts so that you can experience optimal results time and time again.

All of the ingredients mentioned above are derived from all-natural compounds. By avoiding products with additives or fillers and choosing Body Spartan Xiphos, you can make the best choice for your health and muscle growth needs.

How to Take Body Spartan Xiphos

To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you take 2 capsules of Body Spartan Xiphos per day. You should take one capsule before your workout and another one after your meal. When taking the supplement, drink a large glass of water as well.

Keep in mind that while the supplement does claim to provide you with certain benefits, those benefits take place only when you use the supplement as directed. Moreover, factors such as your weight, age, and overall health can impact how quickly you experience results.


If you are ready to truly transform your body, then visit the Body Spartan website today. The product is currently on sale. When you buy two jugs, you receive 10% off and if you buy 6, you receive 20% off. The regular price for the product is $79.95 and as most men say, it is a worthwhile investment.

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