Body Brew Bod System Review – Worth It?


Body Brew Bod Review

Most of us enjoy having a cup of coffee in the morning. But that cup of coffee isn’t always good for you: it stains your teeth and hurts your stomach. A new coffee maker company called Body Brew aims to fix that problem with its Bod coffee system.

What is Body Brew?

Body Brew is a coffee maker company that produces the Bod coffee system. That system uses patented cold-brew infusion technology to create a cup of coffee that is less oily, less acidic, and more distilled than your average cup.

The Bod coffee maker is portable. It comes in a distinctive, hourglass-shaped container and special canteen-style containers designed to make it easy to drink coffee on-the-go.

The containers are all made from Health Safe Tritan and are free from BPAs, phalates, and PVC. They’re also safe to use in your dishwasher and hard to break.

How Does Body Brew Make Coffee?

Body Brew’s Bod system makes coffee using a cold-brew infusion technology. Traditional coffee makers use a heat-based brewing method. This is what gives coffee its acidic and oily taste – and many coffee purists also believe that hot brewing takes away from the flavor.

As a result, many people say Body Brew’s Bod coffee system makes coffee that is sweeter and more concentrated than their average cup of coffee.

Here’s how you make coffee with the Bod system:

Step 1) Pour your coarsely-ground coffee into the stainless steel filter

Step 2) Pour cold water into the brew chamber

Step 3) Attach the 24 ounce Bean Kanteen, which is built-in

Step 4) After 12 to 24 hours, flip the device upside down. The coffee extract will pass into the container, which then gives you 8 to 12 servings of coffee extract.

Step 5) If you want a hot cup of coffee, pour the preferred amount of coffee extract into a mug, then dilute it to taste with heated water. If you’re an iced coffee fan, pour ice, water, and milk over the extract.

You probably noticed that this brewing process involves waiting 12 to 24 hours. That’s right: that’s hours, not minutes. You’re going to need to plan ahead if you want cold-brewed coffee with the Body Brew Bod machine.

The front of the Bod also features a count up timer that counts up to 24 hours. The longer you wait, the more concentrated your coffee will be. Typical cold brew times are between 12 and 24 hours.

One of the unique things about Body Brew coffee is that you can actually re-brew it. Coffee that’s brewed with cold water can be brewed twice while maintaining its great flavor. The Bod coffeemaker has a “Re-Brew” function built-in specifically for this purpose.

If you like, you can also brew tea with the Body Brew Bod system. The manufacturer says you should add 1/6 pound of loose tea or herbal tea into the stainless filter before filling the brew chamber with cold water. You cold brew for 12 hours, then flip it over to drain. If you want a cup of tea, you add 2 ounces of the tea concentrate you just made to 7 ounces of water to taste.

Benefits of Body Brew Coffee

Body Brew advertises all of the following benefits with its Bod coffee machine:

— A sweeter, more concentrated flavor

— A less acidic cup of coffee, which can help you avoid an upset stomach. Body Brew coffee has 69% less total acid than drip coffee.

— The reduced acid also leads to less discoloration of tooth enamel. Body Brew coffee has 58% less tannic acid than drip coffee.

— 82% less “Cafestol” than French Press and Espresso machines, which helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Of course, many of these benefits aren’t just associated with Body Brew coffee: they’re associated with cold brew coffee in general. Cold brew coffee has less acid and cholesterol-forming compounds than hot-brewed coffee, although the Bod system claims to reduce acid and cholesterol-forming compounds even further.

How to Buy the Body Brew Bod Coffee Machine

Body Brew launched pre-orders for the Bod coffee machine back on March 23, 2015 after a successful IndieGoGo Campaign (the company raised about $40,000).

The Bod Experience (the original Bod) is priced at $59 and includes a custom shotglass and recipe guide. If you’re fully committed to the Body Brew Bod lifestyle, then you can get the following packages:

Bod Explorer: $69 for the Bod machine plus a custom shotglass, recipe book, and Mini Bean Kanteen to take coffee on-the-go with you

Bod Expert: $79 for the Bod machine plus a custom shotglass, recipe guide, Mini Bean Kanteen, Baby Bean Kanteen, and custom timer.

You’ll have to wait a bit for your Body Brew Bod machine to arrive. The next estimated delivery date in September 15 for most machines.

If you want to buy multiple Bod systems, then you may be able to save some money. Body Brew offers the following bulk pricing discounts:

— 2x Bod Experience Packages: $109

— 2x Bod Expert Systems: $149

— 4x Bod Expert Systems: $289

— 10x Bod Expert Systems: $699

Body Brew does not offer free shipping, and its shipping costs are actually a little more expensive than you might have expected to pay:

— Domestic United States: $10 shipping

— Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico: $20 shipping

— Canada: $20 shipping

— International: $40 shipping

If you’re ordering larger packages, like the 4 or 10 Bod Expert system packages, then shipping costs become higher. The 10x package is only available for shipping within the continental United States, where shipping costs $50.

Who Should Use the Body Brew Bod System?

Body Brew calls the Bod “the heart, stomach & smile friendly coffee maker”. It’s been scientifically proven to have less acid and fewer cholesterol-forming compounds than a regular cup of coffee. That means it will be better for your heart, stomach, and smile.

If you like the taste of coffee but don’t like some of the unpleasant side effects, then Body Brew Bod may be the right coffee machine for you.

Sure, you could make cold brew coffee in a French press. But Body Brew makes it easier while also offering better health benefits (cold brew coffee in a French press still has high levels of acid and cholesterol-forming compounds, although not as high as traditional hot brew coffee). If these benefits are important to you, then you can order the Body Brew Bod machine from today.

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