BlueFox Nutrition – Professionally Formulated Health Supplements?


Individuals who are seeking a variety of all-natural supplements and health aids may be interested in seeing what Blue Fox has to offer. The company offers high-quality products to assist with weight loss, libido, memory boost, and digestion. In an attempt to ensure their customers are safe, happy, and healthy, the company claims to hand-select ingredients and use a facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

All Blue Fox dietary supplements are:

  • Formatted by professionals
  • Created in FDA-approved laboratory
  • Made using all-natural ingredients
  • Backed by a dedicated customer support team

The company seeks to provide supplements for consumers who seek to reach the ultimate in mind and body fitness and energy.

Blue Fox Nutritional Products

Blue Fox Nutrition offers a variety of products to help individuals with weight loss, digestive cleansing, and libido. The following products are showcased on the company’s web site.

  • Garcinia Cambogia: This weight management blend is designed to help the body block fat. It is also made to curb one’s appetite and support lean muscle. Blue Fox’s Garcinia Cambogia product is made with all-natural ingredients, including an extract known as hydroxycitric acid (or HCA). HCA is taken from the rind of a fruit that could help users lose weight at a quicker rate than without its use. Additionally, researchers have stated that HCA may be able to double or triple weight loss amounts.
  • Feel Refreshed: The digestive aid of Feel Refreshed by Blue Fox is designed using natural ingredients to help the body succeed in losing weight. The blend assists users in removing harmful chemicals that can be found in foods commonly consumed, such as refined sugar, table salt, peanut and corn oil, alcohol, margarine, and other processed food products.
  • Xtreme Surge: Blue Fox’s male enhancement blend, Xtreme Surge, was created using natural ingredients and designed to help the body with testosterone production. The formula utilizes plant extracts that have been historically used to treat sexual dysfunctions, impotence, and decreased libido. Accessing this ingredient from traditional medicines may effectively increase testosterone levels in a male’s body as well as possibly increasing lean muscle mass.
  • Women’s Xtreme Surge: For women, Blue Fox created a female libido booster. Xtreme Surge for Women also uses all-natural ingredients as well as pro-sexual nutrients to assist in rejuvenating one’s sex life. The blend taps into traditional ingredients used in medicines that support healthy sexual function in women. It may also improve libido and increase energy.

Guidelines for BlueFox Nutrition Products

To reach the best possible results while taking BlueFox Nutrition products, be sure to follow the correct dosage instructions. Garcinia Cambogia should be taken with a minimum of twelve ounces of water. Take one pill twice each day approximately an hour before a meal.

Individuals taking the Feel Refreshed blend should begin with one capsule in the evening on an empty stomach. Increase by one capsule each evening until two to three bowel movements occur each day. The instructions recommend staying on that dosage until loose stool develops, at which point, users should decrease the dose by one capsule. Maintain the lower dosage, decreasing by one capsule each time loose stool develops until two to three bowel movements are experienced daily. Do not take more than six tablets of Feel Refreshed daily.

Men should take one capsule of Xtreme Surge daily. The first dose should be taken in the morning and the second one in mid-afternoon. If a workout is planned, the second capsule should be taken thirty minutes before exercising. Never take more than two capsules in a twenty-four hour period.

Women’s Xtreme Surge by Blue Fox Nutrition should be taken with food twice a day. For a heightened effect, up to four capsules can be taken prior to intimacy. Do not take more than four pills in a day.

Consumer Response to Blue Fox

Blue Fox Nutrition products can be purchased through the company web site. Products cannot be found on Amazon or similar reseller sites, so reviews are limited.

One unhappy customer reported on Ripoff Report that after two free samples of Garcinia Cambogia and Feel Refreshed were received, his credit card was charged $79.95 beyond the $4.95 shipping charges for the free samples. He claims that his calls went directly to a voicemail box which was full, and he received no response for his attempts at contacting them through the company website.

However, looking at the company website, it is clear that terms and conditions of the free sample state that the trial period is for fourteen days and the regular price of $79.95 will be charged if one chooses to keep the bottle.

In addition, the company clearly lists their contact information directly on the web site. In addition to a contact form, customer support email is listed as [email protected] and a toll free number of 888-611-7985 is available on Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. A mailing address is also listed.

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