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Farm Fresh to You Review – Worth Using?

It’s a pretty well accepted idea that the Western world is currently struggling with a health epidemic. At the center of this problem is the poor nutrition and lack of exercise that leads people to become overweight or obese. Commonly referred to as the obesity crisis, more than a third of all people in the United States suffer from obesity while another third suffer from being overweight. While many are open to admit this is a problem, very few are able to commit to solutions that will help reverse the problem.

One of the biggest excuses people give for being obese or overweight is that they just don’t have time. They don’t have time to go out and exercise and they certainly don’t have time to cook healthy meals at home. In fact, many people claim that they barely even have time to get to the grocery store, much less take the time to pick out the fresh produce they need to maintain their health.

While these excuses can be considered valid, there are new programs and systems in place today that have made these excuses exactly what they are: Excuses. Farm Fresh to You is a program that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to the doors of its members. Now, not only can people get the fresh, delicious produce they need to be healthy, but they no longer have to take time out of their busy lives to find a store that provides the produce.

What is Farm Fresh to You?

Based on the Capay Organic farm in California, Farm Fresh to You was started in the early 1990s in an effort to take the middle man out of the farmer-customer relationship. Farm Fresh to You started by taking its fresh produce and delivering it to the homes of its customers. While the system started out small at first, only reaching out to a handful of customers and a few offices, it began to pick up steam as people realized they could receive delicious and fresh produce in the convenience of their homes.

In the mid-2000s, Farm Fresh to You moved to the Imperial Valley, which gave the business the ability to continue growing through the winter months. Not only did this help Farm Fresh to You expand its customer base, but it also increased the crops it was able to produce in a year. And, as more and more people began to look for access to organic, fresh produce, Farm Fresh to You grew and grew.

Today, Farm Fresh to You offers fresh produce that comes from over 600 acres of organically farmed land. In addition to the client base Farm Fresh to You has created in California, which has now expanded to wholesalers, restaurants, and other partners, Farm Fresh to You has also connected to local farms throughout the country. These farms and their surrounding communities have continued the tradition of Farm Fresh to You, providing fresh, organic produce to those who need the products to live healthy, thriving lives.

How Farm Fresh to You Works

The Farm Fresh to You system is extremely easy to understand and join. By keeping things as simplistic as possible, Farm Fresh to You has allowed more and more customers to join its family, promoting healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

To start, Farm Fresh to You delivers organic produce to its customers, directly from its farms. With more than 130 varieties of produce being offered from its many farms, Farm Fresh to You is able to offer variety and consistency to all its customers. And, the produce options offered by Farm Fresh to You are always seasonal, so customers don’t have to worry about receiving produce that isn’t fresh.

Customers are able to choose the best box option for themselves so they aren’t getting too much produce that they don’t like or won’t use. Members can pick the type of box they want, as well as size and how often they want their boxes delivered. By offering this amount of flexibility, Farm Fresh to You is able to keep its customers happy, coming back to pick the boxes and frequencies that work best for them.

While Farm Fresh to You offers several boxes that are pre-designed, members of the service are also able to customize a lot of their experience with the company. They can make changes using the Farm Fresh to You online platform. Whether it’s customizing deliveries or adding additional products, like eggs, nuts, or dried fruits, there are several options available online. Using this platform, members will also be able to indicate if there are any products they never want to receive.

Farm Fresh to You is a family run business and it takes the concept of family very seriously. The creators of Farm Fresh to You consider all its members and partners part of their extended family, which is why Farm Fresh to You works hard to keep everyone connected. Through newsletters, tours, and even events, members can keep up to date about what’s going on at the farm. Plus, Farm Fresh to You is available on multiple social networks, so sharing and learning more about what’s happening on the farms can be done quickly and conveniently.

Benefits of Farm Fresh to You

There are eight clear-cut benefits for using Farm Fresh to You. These reasons all revolve around how committed Farm Fresh to You is to providing the best services possible for its customers, offering them the best produce in the most convenient method possible.

The eight benefits of using Farm Fresh to You include:

  • Supports Healthier Eating Habits
  • Food Comes Directly from the Farm
  • Always Fresh and Pesticide Free
  • Subscription Doesn’t Require a Commitment
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Allows Customization
  • Offers a Variety and Wide Selection of Produce
  • Extremely Convenient

By offering its members these many benefits, Farm Fresh to You has completely changed the way people think about fresh fruits and vegetables. By cutting out the middle man, Farm Fresh to You is able to offer better, fresher produce to all its members.

Farm Fresh to You Purchasing Options

Because Farm Fresh to You is so flexible, it offers a wide variety of ways members can receive their fruits and vegetables. While many of these boxes are made up with certain specifications, members are able to adjust and customize these boxes, so they’re only getting the produce they want.

A list of the box types available from Farm Fresh to You, as well as its options and prices, can be found below. All the prices below are based on a per delivery rate.

Mixed Fruit and Veggie

  • Small – $26
  • Regular – $33
  • More – $46
  • Monster – $58

Traditional CSA

  • Regular – $33
  • More – $46

No Cooking

  • Small – $26
  • Regular – $33
  • More – $46

Fruit Only

  • Small – $26
  • Regular – $33
  • More – $46

Veggie Only

  • Regular – $33
  • More – $46

Organic Snack Pack

  • Mini – $35
  • Small – $60
  • Medium – $85
  • Large – $110

In addition to these boxes, which are available for delivery to homes and residencies, there are also options that can be delivered to offices. For those who live further from the farms and would still like to have access to the fresh fruits and vegetables offered by Farm Fresh to You, the office delivery option might be the best option.

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