Blood Pressure Cure Review – Will It Work For You?


Blood Pressure Cure Review

Blood Pressure Cure is an online eBook that promises to help anyone defeat “the silent killer” known as high blood pressure. It claims to be the only scientific method known to naturally lower blood pressure.

Find out if Blood Pressure Cure actually works as promised today in our Blood Pressure Cure review.

What is Blood Pressure Cure?

Blood Pressure Cure is a downloadable eBook priced at $39. The eBook claims to contain lessons and secrets that “big pharma wants to ban.”

The book was created by a guy named David Miller. According to the official Blood Pressure Cure site,, the author of the book wanted his identity kept secret, so David Miller is a pen name.

In a brief video presentation, Blood Pressure Cure debunks two big myths about high blood pressure:

Salt And Cholesterol Are Your Worst Enemies (They’re Not)

— The $14 Billion Heart Disease Drug Industry Is Helping You (It’s Not)

After debunking both those myths, Blood Pressure Cure proposes a cure. According to one clinical study, this cure was used by 97,381 people to lower their hypertension and fix their heart problems in just 10 days.

Best of all, this cure can be found at the grocery store for under $10. It will also permanently keep your blood pressure below 120/80.

Who Created Blood Pressure Cure?

David Miller claims to be a doctor who was living a normal life at the age of 47. He ran 5 miles every day, ate healthy foods, and didn’t smoke.

Then, he suddenly had a heart attack one night and was officially declared dead after arriving at the hospital. While David was dead, he says he “fell into this blinding light” and “felt a shock-wave running through my body.” When he opened his eyes, there were no doctors or nurses in the room – just his wife crying over his body.

That’s when David realized he had a unique opportunity to get a second chance at life. He set out to determine what caused his heart problems – and what he could do to prevent it from happening again.

He eventually stumbled upon a study from the University of Maryland. We’ll talk about that study in the section below.

As mentioned above, Dr. David Miller isn’t a real person (the official website admits it’s a pen name). That doesn’t necessarily mean Dr. David Miller’s story is fake, but if you start looking for Dr. David Miller on the internet, you’re going to find a lot of people with that name.

How Does Blood Pressure Cure Work?

Blood Pressure Cure relies on the power of a steroid found in your blood called ouabain. Miller claims to have learned about this steroid after reading the University of Maryland study. You can learn more about the study here.

Ouabain is responsible for making your arteries more sensitive while also stimulating your chronic high blood pressure.

Miller realized that if he could block the effects of ouabain, then he could control high blood pressure problems in a unique and effective way.

Ultimately, Miller “went into the lab, with my trustworthy team of researchers” and spent months testing different enzymes, acids, minerals, vitamins, foods, and proteins to determine which ones were most effective at blocking ouabain.

There isn’t just one single food that blocks ouabain: there are 10 different “superfoods” listed in Blood Pressure Cure that block ouabain and reduce your risk for heart attack.

Blood Pressure Cure calls this an “easy-to-follow formula”. By following the lessons listed in the eBook, anyone can reduce their blood pressure.

In addition to listing Ouabain-blocking foods, the Blood Pressure Cure eBook contains all of the following other lessons:

— The truth about “Big Pharma” drugs, including diuretics, beta blockers, and other pharmaceutical products often recommended by doctors.

— The Alcohol Secret, which describes how you can enjoy beer and wine without worrying about high blood pressure. This “secret” comes from a team of Swedish researchers.

— Why supplements could give you a heart attack instead of preventing one

— The DASH approach, which describes the US government’s popular DASH diet specifically designed to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

Ultimately, Blood Pressure Cure isn’t just a recipe book or meal guide. It describes life lessons you can instantly implement to start living a healthier, happier life with lower blood pressure.

How to Buy Blood Pressure Cure

You can only buy Blood Pressure Cure online from, where the eBook is priced at $39.


That price gives you the main Blood Pressure Cure eBook as well as three bonus products:

— 100 Weight Loss Super Tricks
— Tasty Food Everyday Keeps Heart Disease Away (Recipe Book)
— Quick Hypertension Fix (Audiobook)

You can instantly save 30% off the price of Blood Pressure Cure by simply trying to exit the page. Click the “back” button or the “escape” button and the site will display a pop-up promising 30% off your order.

That means you can get the entire eBook set for $27.

If you decide to purchase Blood Pressure Cure, you’ll buy the book through Clickbank, which is the world’s largest online eBook retailer. Clickbank accepts major credit cards as well as PayPal payments. It’s a legitimate company based in Boise, Idaho.

One of the advantages of working with Clickbank is being able to request a refund anytime within 60 days of your purchase. You can buy Blood Pressure Cure, read the eBook, and decide the lessons weren’t for you, then request a full refund with no questions asked.

Not to Be Confused with The Blood Pressure Cure

The Blood Pressure Cure

One of the confusing parts about Blood Pressure Cure is that there’s a similar book called The Blood Pressure Cure. That book is available on and was written by Robert E. Kowalski.

Kowalski has a very similar story to David Miller of the Blood Pressure Cure eBook: Kowalski also suffered a heart attack in middle age. After that heart attack, he set out to find a cure for his heart disease and find out why he had heart problems.

In any case, when you look up Blood Pressure Cure reviews online, you might encounter reviews for the Kowalski book (and vice versa). They’re two different books.

Who Should Buy Blood Pressure Cure?

Blood Pressure Cure is targeted towards men and women in middle age who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are currently taking high blood pressure medications.

Blood Pressure Cure aims to convince you that these medications don’t work, and that the entire pharmaceutical industry is trying to scam you. If you’re sick of paying big money for high blood pressure medications that don’t work, then you may want to try some of the natural solutions listed in Blood Pressure Cure.

These natural solutions aren’t guaranteed to work for everyone. But if you believe Dr. David Miller and his team of researchers, readers have been able to reduce their blood pressure to a heathy level within just 10 days using the natural methods outlined in Blood Pressure Cure.

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  1. OK… So I bought this because of what “David Miller” had to say. This is nothing more than what is in the pamphlets the cardiologist hand out in their office. There is NO information in “Blood Pressure Cure” that is new or helpful. There is NOTHING that David Miller talked about in the ebook. This is a total waste of hard earned money. No wonder he didn’t want to give out his real name…… This is NOT HELPFUL. I thought I must have the wrong book…… I guess not. This is a scam.

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