Biossance The Illuminator – Plant-Based Weightless Eye Gel?


The goal of most skin care companies is to make products that provide quick and simple solutions to specific problems. The issue with this approach to creating skin care products is that often important factors are overlooked, like long-term effects and effectiveness.

As a result, many skin care products can provide immediate results, but can’t maintain these results, to the point that many of these products can cause further damage to the skin.

Biossance is a skin care company that focuses on long-term results instead of instant gratification. By using superior, natural ingredients, Biossance is able to provide its users with the support they need for healthier, more vibrant skin.

And, Biossance takes its concern for the health of its customers a step further, using sustainable methods to protect the environment.

About Biossance

Biossance didn’t start in the way most skin care companies start. In fact, the beginnings of Biossance are just as unique as its products. Biossance is the second company started by a group of Berkeley scientists who were committed to using biotechnology to change the world.

The first step in this change took place with Amyris, a company that was created to end malaria throughout the world. Through extensive research and hard work, Amyris was able to create thousands of microbial stains that eventually became a cure that has treated 120 million people for free.

After the success of Amyris, the scientists at the company decided to turn their expertise in biotechnology towards innovating the skin care industry, which is when Biossance was created. Using ingredients that are hand-picked for their effectiveness and safety, Biossance has transformed the way people think about skin care.

By effortlessly blending natural products and science, Biossance has been able to create products that support the skin, giving users the results they want.

What Makes Biossance The Illuminator Different?

One difference between Biossance and other skin care companies on the market can be found in the roots of the company. As mentioned above, most skin care companies are concerned about instant gratification for their customers, no matter the cost to the environment or the health of users.

Because Biossance The Illuminator is so strongly rooted in science, the dangerous methods used by other companies isn’t tolerated. Instead, Biossance focuses on using the best and most efficient ingredients to provide long-term results that don’t compromise the health of the skin.

In addition to being so deeply tied to science, Biossance is also different due to its main ingredient, squalane. For decades, squalane has been considered the holy grail of skin care because of how closely it resembles the skins’ natural moisture process.

Unfortunately, until recently the only two sources for squalane were shark livers and olives, both of which are unsustainable and expensive to get. Using scientific advances, Biossance has been able to create squalane from sugarcane, offering users a superior ingredient while keeping costs down and protecting the environment. Squalane can be found in the majority of Biossance products.

While most skin care companies are focused on helping women look better, Biossance differs by focusing on keeping the skin healthy, which results in it looking better. Though the two approaches might not seem very different, they change the goals of the companies.

Because Biossance is all about health, the company has been very vocal in its support for non-profits that help girls learn how to love themselves and become more confident. Biossance has long been a supporter of I Am That Girl and will continue to create products that support the message of the non-profit.

Ingredients Used In Biossance The Illuminator

As mentioned above, the most important ingredient used in Biossance The Illuminator is squalane, which works to moisturize and revitalize the skin without compromising its health. In addition to this ingredient, Biossance also uses hemisqualane, a derivative of squalane that cleanses the skin.

Considered the perfect alternative to paraffin’s and silicones that are unsustainable and dangerous, hemisqualane also spreads very easily, allowing customers to use less of the ingredients, therefore getting more for their money.

While the ingredients included in Biossance The Illuminator are important, the company feels that the ingredients that aren’t included are just as important. Because the United States has such low standards when it comes to beauty care ingredients, most companies get away with using questionable ingredients. However, Biossance holds itself to a higher standard, using hand selected ingredients that are safe for all users.

To get a better understanding of seriously Biossance The Illuminator takes its ‘black list’ of harmful ingredients, at the moment the United States only bans 11 ingredients. In comparison, Europe has over 1,376 ingredients that are banned from being used in skin care products.

Biossance takes this a step further and refuses to use over 2,000 ingredients. By putting the health of its customers above profit and simplicity, Biossance is able to provide the safest, most effective products on the market.

Purchasing Biossance The Illuminator

Over the years, Biossance has been able to expand its product line, now offering tools and travel products in addition to its body and face products. All these options can be seen and purchased from the Biossance website (

Biossance The Illuminator also offers a free sample for those who want to try the company’s featured product. All that is required is a $1 shipping fee.

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