BionicGym – Wearable Neuro-Stimulating Cardio Trainer?


BionicGym is a device with accessories that lets you get a cardio workout in without having to move at all. This program can help you burn calories at any sedentary position, and it is especially helpful for consumers that reside at a desk job or long class hours for much of the day.

What is BionicGym?

Working out is essential to your general health in many ways, though most people use cardio routines and muscle training to lose weight. Going to the gym can be difficult to fit into your schedule, so you may try to find ways to work out your body during the closing hours at your local facility. Unfortunately, going out at night to workout, or even during business hours, is hard to coordinate. Rather than making excuses to get out of your workout, you can relax by using Bionic Gym instead.

Bionic Gym gives you the option to stimulate your muscles with their technology, but without the need to move any part of your body yourself. You can use it while you work, or even while you relax on the couch to end the day. You may be concerned that this is just another way to lose water weight, but the stimulation that the technology gives your body is simple and safe.

Some people choose to lose weight by getting surgery or liposuction to eliminate the fat, but there’s a major problem with this method – there is no health benefit. Beyond the lesser amount of weight being carried on your body frame, you still lack muscle tone and strength. Even if you want to only lose weight, you need to create healthy muscle tone to support your figure. Instead of turning to invasive surgeries or unsafe prescription medication, Bionic Gym is still an easy and effective way to improve your body.

How Does BionicGym Work?

The reason that BionicGym is effective is because it uses neurostimulation to replicate the response your body normally gives during a high-impact aerobic workout.

When you work out, you are constantly causing your muscles to contract and release, which builds up your strength. These contractions occur when you do cardio workouts or weight training, and was typically unable to be produced with any other stimulation. You need to stimulate your muscles to help you improve your metabolism, but cardio workouts are helpful in supporting your heart as well, because it challenges your body.

Even if you don’t have much time in your day, you can still manage the time it takes to work out with Bionic Gym.

Using BionicGym

All you need to do is slide on the Bionic Gym sleeve to your thighs. For that reason, you should not use this product if you are a woman that weighs more than 224lbs, since the sleeve is not designed to accommodate someone’s thighs of this size. Additionally, it is difficult to penetrate larger fat layers and cellulite.

When you activate the device, it will feel about the same way that shivering or shaking does, which is a frequency of 7-8Hz. You may experience challenges as you breathe, in the same way that you would feel during a vigorous run or an active workout class.

Many different consumers can use this program, since it’s designed for consumers that have movement restrictions or individuals with trouble in their schedule. Some consumers that may benefit from the Bionic Gym include:

  • Athletes
  • The average workout enthusiast
  • Overweight men and women
  • Consumers with joint problems
  • Patients with diabetes

Even if you don’t fall into these categories, you can still use the Bionic Gym.

Pricing for BionicGym

Once the BionicGym is released to the public, it will available for a retail cost of $379, which doesn’t include the cost of shipping and handling.

However, while the product is still gaining more pledges, you can participate in one of the offers to get early bird or bulk pricing. Choose from:

  • Pledge $299, for early-bird pricing (20 spots available)
  • Pledge $329, for early-bird pricing (50 spots available)
  • Pledge $349, to get the complete set (50 spots available)
  • Pledge $379, which is the typical price.

Your eligibility for the special pricing will depend how many of the positions are still available when you initiate your purchase.

The only way that Bionic Gym can be produced is by meeting the $20,000 goal that the company put in place on the Indiegogo website. Luckily, the company still has until January 14, 2017 to gain more funding, but it has already surpassed the amount needed for production.

Whether you decide to make your purchase now or later, the delivery schedule states that the company will start sending out the products by November 2017.

What’s Included

In the set, you will get everything you need to embark on a healthy workout from the comfort of your home. You will receive:

  • The Wrap
  • A charger
  • The Bionic Gym unit
  • An electrode set
  • A free code to download the iOS or Android app

With these supplies, you won’t need anything else to get the exercise that you need.

Contacting the Creators of BionicGym

Since the campaign for Bionic Gym is still on Indiegogo, there doesn’t appear to be a way to reach the producers of this product. However, once their website becomes available, you should be able to either call or email the company with your concerns.

BionicGym Conclusion

BionicGym helps you give your muscles the stimulation that they need to get the results of a cardio workout. However, you won’t have to add other exercises to your routine, unless you want to increase your bulk instead of slim down. The device is easy to use, as soon as it starts shipping out towards the end of 2017.

Your recent injuries and work schedule should not dictate the amount of physical health that you get to be in. By choosing the Bionic Gym, you can support the health of your cardiovascular system without sacrificing the limited time that you can use to relax.

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