Big Easy Bucha – New Orleans Raw Vegan Kombucha Drinks?


Kombucha has been gaining in popularity over the past decades even though studies show its use date back to 220 B.C. in China. Big Easy Bucha is the first Kombucha brewery in Louisiana and offers a variety of New Orleans inspired flavors.

Dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients and giving back to their community, kombucha lovers will definitely want to read further to learn more about Big Easy Bucha and how to purchase some of their drinks.

What is Big Easy Bucha?

Founded by Austin Sherman and Alexis Korman who started Big Easy Bucha in 2014. As the first artisanal kombucha brewery in Louisiana this small business is dedicated to offering a quality product that supports the local community.

As a company that cares about their environmental impact and how they work with their local community Big Easy Bucha sources as many ingredients from local farmers as possible. Additionally they give back to causes they believe in doing good work throughout the southern part of the United States.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for its health benefits since 200 B.C. It is a great alternative to soda and is low in sugar.

Big Easy Bucha offers a variety of flavors that sound great and represent the company’s roots. By using fresh local strawberries, honeysuckle, and even mayhaw berries the kombucha products by Big Easy Bucha are a refreshing alternative to sugary drinks.

Big Easy Bucha Products

Currently there are seven different flavor varieties available through the Big Easy Bucha Brewery.

  • Voodoo Brew: A truly New Orleans inspired flavor that combines Chicory with vanilla coffee for a unique and sweet flavored tea.
  • Geaux Green: Combination of southern greens and cucumbers offering a refreshing drink for a hot summer day.
  • Jazz Juice Tea: Inspired by the sounds of Bourbon Street, Jazz Juice Tea combines pineapple and elder flower flavors for a sweet treat.
  • Bayou Berry: Probably one of the most craveable flavors, Bayou berry uses sweet Louisiana strawberries picked at the peak of freshness and combines them with honeysuckle for a delicious combination.
  • Streetcar Sipper: A refreshingly citrus blend using Satsuma mandarins.
  • Cajun Kicker: People who enjoy a spicier kombucha will love the punch of ginger combined in Cajun Kicker.
  • Basin Street Blues: Locally grown blueberries are combined with the fruit of the mayhaw plant for a tangy antioxidant rich blend.

Each flavor is available in sixteen ounce bottles, 64 ounce growlers, and five gallon kegs.


As a company Big Easy Bucha works to source as many of their drink’s ingredients from local farmers throughout the Gulf Coast region. None of the kombucha produced contains stevia or other artificial sweeteners.

Additionally, there are never any artificial colors or flavors added keeping each batch of kombucha as pure as possible. Unlike many lower quality kombucha products Big Easy Bucha does not use any powdered probiotics, concentrates, or extracts.

Pricing For Big Easy Bucha

Interested consumers can visit the brewery directly in New Orleans or purchase their kombucha products through a variety of retail stores.

Regional grocers like Simone’s, Holly Grove Market, Dryades Market, and Langenstein’s all carry Big Easy Bucha products as well as more recognized brands like Publix and Whole Foods.

The Big Easy Bucha website offers an easy to use retail locator feature helping consumers find a store near their home. Most of the vendors are based in the southeast part of the United States including not only Louisiana but also Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

There is one vendor bringing the taste of the Big Easy to New York, and it is available in sixteen ounce bottles, one gallon growlers, and even five gallon kegs. Clear pricing information is unavailable.

Should You Eat Big Easy Bucha?

Consumers living in the southern part of the United States will want to try the full range of kombucha teas offered by Big Easy Bucha. Since these products do not use artificial ingredients or additives they are a healthy alternative to sugary drinks especially soda.

For ethically minded customers, this business is a good one to support due to their community investment and commitment to supporting local farmers throughout the Gulf Coast. Further information is available through the company’s website at

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