Betancourt Nutrition Lean Gainz

Betancourt Nutrition Lean Gainz is a naturally sourced protein powder to help athletes gain lean muscle mass quickly.

When consumed daily, Lean Gainz will give the body an extra boost of nutrition needed to not only workout more effectively but also develop muscle quicker. Please read below to learn more about Lena Gainz and how to purchase.

What Is Betancourt Nutrition Lean Gainz?

Athletes who are working to help bulk up their body and provide their muscles with the nutrition needed to continue to grow and strengthen will get a great benefit by adding a protein powder to their fitness routine.

Betancourt Nutrition Lean Gainz offers a fructose free option that contains forty two grams of protein with every two scoop serving.

The proteins and carbohydrates contained in this bulking agent are sourced directly from food not concocted in a lab. High protein levels are achieved by adding high quality whey proteins and beef isomers to this powder.

The whey used in Lena Gainz is quick to digest giving the body a quick source of energy and nutrition needed to build lean muscle mass.

Beef ISO offers a slowing burning source of protein helping muscle have the support needed throughout the day. The carbohydrate blend in Lean Gainz combines a mix of organic ingredients including oat bran, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, millet, and chia seeds.

Under a patented name ModCarb this blend offers a slow release of nutrition to help support sustained lean muscle development. Unlike many supplements that rely on fructose as a sugar agent, Lena Gainz utilizes low glycemic brown rice powder and lactose which help replenish the glycogen levels within muscle cells.

How Does Lean Gainz Work?

By combining a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates sourced from food, Lean Gainz helps give athletes the nutritional support needed to develop strong muscles without fat gain. This supplement contains not only highly absorbable whey protein but also Beef ISO which gives muscles a sustained release of amino acids to promote growth throughout the day.

Athletes may see vast improvement in their body’s muscle mass by adding Lean Gainz to a pre-existing healthy diet and exercise routine.

Users simply mix two scoops of Lean Gainz powder with cold water or milk for added protein and consume daily.

Ingredients in Betancourt Nutrition Lean Gainz

Each two scoop serving of Lean Gainz gives users forty five grams of protein with only ten grams of fat.

In addition to lean protein, this bulking supplement combines a huge mix of muscle building vitamins and minerals like magnesium, riboflavin, B vitamins, and thiamin. This supplement contains over half of the daily recommended values for five vitamins and minerals. By combining both slow and fast release carbohydrates and protein consumers can feel good while using this product knowing it is giving them round the clock muscle building support.

The all-natural grain based carbohydrate ModCarb blend contains organic grains like quinoa, millet, chia, and oat bran to help keep people energetic and well fueled for their next workout.

Due to the animal based proteins this supplement is not vegetarian or vegan friendly.

Full ingredient information is available on the product listing at

Betancourt Nutrition Lean Gainz Pricing

Consumers can purchase this product online through the Betancourt Nutrition web page, and can choose between two delicious flavors Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Cream. Each sixteen serving container costs $69.99.

Should You Use Betancourt Nutrition Lean Gainz?

Men and women who are working hard to increase their body’s lean muscle mass can improve their growth rate by adding a bulking supplement like Lena Gainz. Unlike many workout supplements this product only sources its carbohydrates and proteins from animal and plant products ensuring the highest quality protein powder.

Many protein powders offer larger containers for lower prices. Lean Gainz seems a bit pricey for only sixteen servings even if it is made from really high quality ingredients. There appears to be other competitor’s products that may deliver similar results at a much lower price.

Further research is advised due to the limited information available for this product and the high price per serving. Interested consumers can learn more about Lean Gainz on the Betancourt Nutrition website at


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