Bendies – Heat Resistant Bendable Cooking Utensils Handles?


What Are Bendies?

Bendies is an As Seen On TV offer that are claimed to be incredible bendable cooking utensils.

What Are The Features of Bendies?

  • Bends into Any Shape
  • Folds for Easy & Compact Storage
  • Strong, Durable & Unbreakable
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Handle
  • Makes Cooking Easier for Arthritic Hands & Wrists
  • Dishwasher Safe

Benefits of Silicone Bendies?

First silicone pans can be found in traditional shapes and regular sizes so there's absolutely no confusion as to whether or not your favorite recipe would work with the dimensions of the pan. Additionally they weigh much less than regular pans and are bendable.

There is no special care which has to be taken when storing or packing them up because there's absolutely no possibility that the utensils will break anything else in the box, or dent and bend. Unlike standard cookware the use of steel knives isn't safe for the items. While these pans are hardy in regards to baking and cooking, utilizing a metal knife or serrated knife may cut through the silicone stuff.

Second, the cleanup with silicone cookware is much simpler. The non stick surface works differently than those on steel pans. There's no need to coat the interior of the pans with anything whilst baking and after the cake or brownies, or meals of choice is eliminated from the pan, there is no residue left out of crumbs or batter.

This also suggests that they're easily washed with just warm water and soap, you don't have to scrub the corners to remove food residue because it is not there. They're also dishwasher safe which will make cleanup them a good deal simpler. You can put them in the dishwasher because you would your everyday dishes and they are out clean as if you hand washed them yourself.

Paradoxically, the silicone molds are really versatile. Thus whether being used to bake a cake or make a frozen treat with their elastic sides and bottoms it is not difficult to get rid of any production from the silicone mold. This makes silicone pans more flexible and you are not limited in what it is possible to create with them, while they are primarily used for baking. They can also be used in crafting for home made soap bar molds so that the possibilities are endless.

Fourth and finally there are so many different types of silicone molds to select from. Unlike conventional cookware, silicone cookware can be made into many more shapes and sizes.

There's of course the typical cookware, loaf pans, cake pans, brownie pans, but in addition, there are numerous shapes and characters which are easier to create as a result of the readily bendable material. This allows for easier forming and much more creativity can be provided from the shapes of the pans manufactured.

Final Thoughts On Bendies

Whether you are searching for a cake pan, loaf pan, or another type of cookware you should be able to find a silicone mould that is not only similar but easier to use. There are so many unique features and things that may be done with silicone pans that if you are a brand new baker or a seasoned baker the possibilities are infinite.

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