Lifties Instant Facelift is a set of accessories that helps consumers to improve the appearance of aging in their complexion without any cosmetic surgery. The product is part of a Kickstarter campaign right now so that consumers can get special pricing before it is released to the public in December 2017.

What Is Lifties Instant Facelift?

Aging can leave people feeling and looking much less radiant than the years that have gone by. Unfortunately, most people go one of two directions – leaving it alone, or doing too much to correct it. Plastic surgery is one of the fastest growing fields in the beauty industry right now, but these surgeries cost thousands of dollars to setup, and will need to be maintained at the same cost. However, to avoid surgery and still look great, the founders of Lifties Instant Facelift decided to help.

With Lifties, consumers are provided with tabs that will pull back the skin to create a smoothed appearance in the same way that occurs with plastic surgery. The only exceptions are that it is much less pricey, and the effect is temporary. Consumers need to follow the included instructions, but the entire setup can be created alone in the comfort of the user’s home.

While using the Lifties, consumers will notice a dramatic change in their appearance, which includes:

This solution allows consumers to forgo the cost at the doctor, and simply use a little glue and some hair clips to make a difference.

What’s Included?

In each package, consumers get the same set of accessories, only altering when stated. The packages include:

  • skin tabs, which go along the hairline, but attach to bare skin
  • beauty clips, which are meant to slide into the hair and hold onto the tabs to keep the positioning in place
  • adhesive glue, to attach the skin tabs

There should be no other components required to help with the assembly of the look. Consumers will also be given a solution that helps the user remove the adhesive safely and quickly. It only takes about 30 seconds for the adhesive to release.

Using Lifties Instant Facelift

To find the right spot to apply the Lifties, consumers should use to fingers to pull back the skin to the level that they want to smooth the skin. The adhesive needs to be applied just outside of the hairline, and then the tab will stick to the skin. Hold onto the tab for a full minute to make sure the adhesive stays put.

Next, the user needs to position the hair clip by sliding it into the hair near the scalp. The skin tab can attach to the hair clip, which will pull back the skin as the user adjusts the tab to meet the smoothness they mimicked before. The excess material on the skin tab can be cut away and tossed out, which implies that the tabs are not meant for multiple looks and uses. Consumers may have to buy a new set for each new look. For symmetry, consumers will need to repeat this whole process on the opposite side.

The versatile nature of the Lifties is part of the appeal. With the accessories, consumers can contour and smooth their face, hiding the pieces in hair as short as two inches. Even if the user is afraid of exposing the tabs, the small bit of hair on the pieces help to conceal it. They can be used for just a few hours, or they can be left on for weeks at a time.

Pricing for Lifties Instant Facelift

The total cost of the Lifties facelift accessories will be about $199, plus the cost of shipping and taxes. However, the Kickstarter campaign offers multiple packages at a lower rate, starting at $119 for the Royalty package, which includes 12 skin tabs, 6 beauty clips, adhesive solution, and release solution. There is also an easy guide which tells consumers exactly how to setup the look.

Consumers have the choice of the following hair colors:

  • Black
  • Dark brown
  • Medium brown
  • Light brown
  • Auburn
  • Cinnamon
  • Dark Blonde
  • Light Blonde
  • Gray
  • White

Shipments are expected to start going out in December 2017.

Lifties Instant Facelift Review Summary

The Lifties are meant for anyone that wants to improve the look of their sagging and wrinkled skin. Both men and woman can use these tiny accessories to make them look younger. However, it is the ability to help contour the face that makes these additions so helpful. The pricing available through the Kickstarter campaign is available for a small amount of time, so consumers may want to order Lifties while the price is still low.


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