Beefsteak by Tio Gazpacho Ready-To-Drink Soup – Great Tasting?


Fast, convenient and healthy products are rapidly becoming the most popular and highest selling foods in the United States. The US population, partly due to a shift in the consumer zeitgeist towards a more health-conscious, holistic lifestyle, has recently become obsessed with healthy alternatives to the fat and sugar saturated fast foods and drinks that flood the convenience products market.

The healthy food movement has developed a synergistic relationship with the foodie movement, which is causing homestyle, natural and organic foods to become more and more popular.

As a result, healthy fast food chains such as Beefsteak Veggies have become commonplace, offering consumers the ability to get a healthy energy boost of clean carbs, vitamins, and protein while on the run.

A new partnership between organic wholesome food chain BeefSteak Veggies and ThinkFoodGroup, both of which are run by Michelin-starred chef José Andrés, and Tio Gazpacho, is offering consumers a new range of drinkable health food soups that sit at the intersection of the healthy food movement and the foodie gastronomy movement.

Working together to create a selection of delicious, guilt free healthy snack drinks, the BeefSteak and Gazpacho alliance is set to launch in the next few months and looks like one of the most promising new health foods of 2017. In this article, we’ll take a look at the origins and philosophies of both the BeefSteak and ThinkFoodGroup brands and find out how they’ve teamed up to create the new line, as well as examining the new ready-to-drink soup range itself.

Who Are BeefSteak Veggies?

BeefSteak Veggies are the planned delivery vector for the new range of healthy soup beverages, and have already carved out for themselves a significant territory in the Washington DC healthy food niche.

BeefSteak Veggies is the brainchild of chef José Andrés, who has worked together with executive chef Pat Peterson to create a chain of farm-fresh health conscious fast food restaurants throughout the DC area.

BeefSteak offer health-conscious consumers a wide range of artisan inspired veggie bowls packed full of fresh, nutritional ingredients.

The brand is focused on creating seasonal dishes from locally-sourced organic produce, describing their menu as rich in hearty grains, crisp greens, fresh-made sauces and nutritive, flavorful toppings.

While the BeefSteak Veggies brand is focused primarily on delivering healthy vegetable options, they also provide carnivorous consumers with a range of organic, cruelty-free beef dishes at a cost-effective price. The BeefSteak brand currently operate three locations through the metro DC area, and one in Philadelphia- all of which will carry the new ready-to-drink range when it becomes available to the public.

ThinkFoodGroup is José Andrés management arm that manages a range of dining concepts throughout Miami, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and Las Vegas. Through the ThinkFoodGroup, José Andrés has released a number of cooking books such as Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America, as well as a diverse range of culinary products.

Andrés himself has been extensively featured in the media, listed on Time magazine’s “Time 100” list of 100 most influential people, as well as hosting and producing the Made in Spain television program on PBS.

Tio Gazpacho

Tio Gazpacho is a manufacturer of soup products founded by Austin Allen, who was inspired to create his line of healthy and delicious soup products after spending several years abroad in Spain. The Tio Gazpacho range consists of six distinct soups that are made with simple, fresh ingredients, free from preservatives of artificial flavors.

The Tio Gazpacho brand was created by Allen in partnership with Andrés, who, when exposed to the Tio Gazpacho range, found that it aligned with his personal culinary values.

The Tio Gazpacho range, much like the proposed BeefSteak ready-to-drink range, consists of six different ready to drink soup beverages. Unlike the branded BeefSteak soup range, the Tio Gazpacho brand is already publicly available, and can be purchased from a variety of retailers across the US.

Beefsteak by Tio Gazpacho Ready-To-Drink Soup Range

The proposed Ready-To-Drink range that Tio Gazpacho and BeefSteak have teamed up to create emulates the style and consistency of the Tio Gazpacho range, with an organic, healthy twist that is intended to match with the specific menu offered by Beefsteak Veggies.

The range offers a healthy hit of nutritious soup that can’t be found in other ready-to-drink health smoothies or soups. Every flavor in the Beefsteak by Tio Gazpacho Ready-To-Drink Soup range is USDA certified organic, and completely free from GMO ingredients, which have recently captured the attention of the media for causing a wide range of health disorders.

Beefsteak by Tio Gazpacho Ready-To-Drink Soup are also gluten free, making them suitable for individuals with celiac disease or those that possess a gluten intolerance. The recipe that is used to make the soup flavors is soy free, and free from dairy products, thus making it vegan-friendly and ideal for individuals that are lactose intolerant.

The BeefSteak Ready-to-Drink line will be available in a classic gazpacho flavor, vine ripened tomato, green pepper, cucumber, and two different unique gazpacho blends. The first blend a yellow gazpacho recipe, will contain yellow peppers, carrot, and yellow tomato, while the second blend, a green gazpacho recipe, will contain spinach, mint, kale, and avocado.

The line is also free from artificial flavoring or preservatives. Tio Gazpacho uses only completely natural flavoring elements in their products, such as pink Himalayan salt, sherry vinegar, or olive oil.

The delicate flavor of the soup line also required a novel preservative technique- heating up the soup to pasteurize it can destroy the flavor profile, so Tio Gazpacho use a method called High Pressure Processing as a preservative food safety processes that doesn’t require chemicals, and doesn’t damage the nuances of the flavor of the products.

Where To Find Beefsteak by Tio Gazpacho Ready-To-Drink Soup

The BeefSteak Veggies ready-to-drink soup range will be available in Q3 of 2017 from the Beefsteak Veggies locations around DC, as well as via the BeefSteak online store.

If you’re looking for the ultimate health and flavor boost, the upcoming BeefSteak Ready-To-Drink range looks like one of the best options of 2017.

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