Basic Reset – Life Changing Health Products & MLM Opportunity?


Basic Reset is a lineup of nutritional supplements that promise to re-energize your body, reverse the effects of aging, and help control your weight. Find out more about Basic Reset today in our review.

What is Basic Reset?

Basic Reset is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that sells about 12 different products. The company also has a multi-level commissions structure that gives you 35% commissions on first level sales, then 10% and 5% commissions on second and third level sales.

Some of the company’s best-known products include Ionyte and AquaLyte. Ionyte is a tincture that contains 70 ionic minerals and organic plant complexes, while AquaLyte is a tea bag that contains specially-processed coral granules gathered from the ocean floor.

Basic Reset makes a big deal about the use of ions. The company frequently mentions the Japanese island of Okinawa, where residents live famously long lives (Okinawa has one of the highest percentages of centenarians on the planet).

Basic Reset claims to have cracked the code for Okinawa. In fact, the company’s creator, Fred Kaufman, actually traveled to Okinawa to discover why people were living so long.

Certain Basic Reset supplements are manufactured in Japan, and many of the company’s raw resources – including the coral for AquaLyte – are gathered from the waters around Japan before being shipped to the United States to be sold through Basic Reset.

Who is Fred Kaufman?

Fred Kaufman is the creator of Basic Reset. He takes an alternative approach to health supplements and wellness:

“This has nothing to do with taking handfuls of tablets and pills and you won’t have to resort to a boring diet of carrots and celery either”, explains the official Basic Reset website.

Fred claims his search for health’s secrets “involved scouring the farthest corners of the globe to find the easiest, yet most effective ways to help people.” Basic Reset is the end result of that work.

Fred doesn’t claim to have any professional designations, medical experience, or other qualifications and education.

Fred’s search took him to Okinawa, where he met a man who would later live to be 120 years old.

Conventional research tell us that it’s the seafood-rich diet on Okinawa, and the low calorie diets, that cause Okinawans to live extraordinarily long lives.

Fred, however, believes that it’s related to the water that falls on and around the Okinawan islands. These are the kinds of benefits Basic Reset seeks to capture.

How Do Ionic Minerals Benefit Human Health?

The secret behind Okinawans’ long lifespans, according to the team at Basic Reset, comes from the highly absorbable ionic minerals.

When it rains in Okinawa, the water soaks into the ground. The water is then absorbed by the base of the island, which is essentially an ancient coral reef.

Just like the islands of Hawaii are built on ancient volcanoes, Okinawa is built on an ancient coral reef.

Why does this matter? Well, after the water falls on Okinawa, the water is enhanced by the coral minerals.

It gains a higher (more alkaline) pH, and becomes “a super anti-oxidant and takes on the ideal molecular structure to quench your thirsty cells”.

As proof of all of this, Basic Reset cites a double-blind study performed by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

The conclusion of that study was that Okinawans live longer not because of their food – but because of their water.

With that in mind, many Basic Reset products involve replicating the water of Okinawa – like by taking the same coral from Okinawa.

Basic Reset Products and Supplements

Basic Reset sells about 20 different nutritional supplements online, including all of the following:

Ionyte ($24.95):

Ionyte is an electrolyte-based formula that uses ingredients from organic plant complexes to give you “liquid acupuncture” treatment. Basic Reset recommends adding it to any liquid to boost the hydrating power of that liquid.

AquaLyte ($24.95):

AquaLyte is a formula of 72 vital minerals in an ionically charged state.

The formula comes in the form of a teabag. You add the teabag to water just like you would make a normal cup of tea, then enjoy the same health benefits Okinawans enjoy from their coral-infused water.

Key minerals in the formula include phosphorus, zinc, iodine, selenium, iron, copper, and manganese, among many others.

AquaLyte + Ionyte Combo ($49.90): Contains one package of AquaLyte and Ionyte.

Bee Gold ($15.95):

Bee Gold is a serving of bee pollen. Basic Reset claims bee pollen “is the richest source of vitamins found in nature in a single food”. You can enjoy the health benefits of bee pollen in a convenient capsule.

Beta Factor ($74.95):

Beta Factor is a supplement that promises to boost your immune system by strengthening your lines of defense.

The formula contains natural substances known as beta glucans “that help support your innate immunity for battle-ready condition”, according to Basic Reset.

Total System Reset ($133.85):

Basic Reset includes the four supplements above, including AquaLyte, Ionyte, Bee Gold, and Beta Factor.

TrimUp ($39.95):

TrimUp is a proprietary formula that helps you lose weight by inducing thermogenesis.

By taking the capsules regularly, you can suppress your appetite, inhibit fat storage, and boost your energy, among other benefits.

Vibrant ($34.95):

Vibrant is an energy-boosting formula that promises to boost your energy with no jitters or crashes.

It also suppresses your appetite in order to boost the effectiveness of your weight loss routine. Key ingredients include caffeine, amino acids, and fiber.

TrimUp + Vibrant Combo ($64.90):

This weight loss combo pack boosts your energy and suppresses your appetite to help you attack weight gain from two different angles.

Vibrant Single Serve ($22.45):

Get single serve packets of Vibrant to take with you on-the-go. The normal Vibrant supplement comes in a tub.

Primo Java ($24.95):

Primo Java is a coffee supplement that’s been mixed with additional ingredients – including mangosteen extract that contains antioxidants and B vitamins. Primo Java promises to boost your energy just like coffee – but with added health benefits.

Body Mass Reset ($59.95):

Body Mass Reset is a weight loss supplement that contains a variety of herbal extracts and natural ingredients.

You take the supplement by dropping 10 drops on your tongue 30 minutes before a meal. The botanicals are mixed with colloidal silver to help cleanse your body.

Miracle Facelift Masque ($49.95):

Reduce the effects of aging on your face with this “miracle in a bottle”.

It contains a variety of anti-inflammatories and botanical extracts, including aloe vera leaf extract, amino acids, citrus oils, and more.

Ionyte Miracle Toner ($12.50):

This is Ionyte in a spray bottle. Instead of taking it by mouth, you spray it on your skin then rub it in.

Basic Reset recommends using it on cuts, burns, bug bites, stings, bruises, acne, and other skin irritations.

Miracle Masque Combo ($59.95):

This is a combo pack containing Ionyte Miracle Toner and Miracle Facelift Masque.

Earth Wash ($9.95):

Earth Wash is an eco-friendly plant-based cleanser that can be used around the house. It’s free from carcinogens and other harmful toxins found in conventional household cleaners.

Garden Miracle ($9.95):

Garden Miracle promises to increase plant growth and produce in the garden simply by spraying it on plants.

It’s advertised as a combination between a fertilizer and an insecticide – but without the harmful byproducts and ingredients.

All of these supplements are available to purchase through the official Basic Reset website.

Basic Reset Review Summary

We would like to see more research reinforcing the benefits of Basic Reset’s supplements. However, most of the supplements contain well-recognized ingredients, including vitamins, botanical extracts, and amino acids that can be found in all different types of supplements on the market today.

The company’s two most popular products include Ionyte and AquaLyte, both of which claim to give you the longevity that Okinawans enjoy.

If you’re looking for alternative ways to boost your health, and you like the story of Okinawans gaining health benefits from their coral-infused water, then Basic Reset supplements are available to purchase online today at a reasonable price.

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