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Basic Greens Review

Basic Greens is a green powder that can be used to make a green drink. It’s filled with fruits, vegetables, and supplements, all aimed at giving the body everything it needs to stay healthy and energized. Started by Joyce and Luke, a couple who created Basic Greens out of personal necessity, the dietary supplement helps people drop weight and stay fit.

Currently, there’s a huge health problem sweeping the nation. People aren’t eating the food they need to get the nutrition they need, which leaves them sickly, weak, and overweight. Basic Greens aims to close that gap. The green drink can increase energy, boost the immune system, and give an overall feeling of good health.

What is Basic Greens?

As mentioned above, Basic Greens is a dietary supplement made up of powdered fruits and vegetables to provide a filling, yet tasty, meal alternative.

Basic Greens makes its powders by juicing all the ingredients, from vegetables and fruits to supplements like spirulina and fiber, and then drying the juices at a low temperature. This method is used to keep all the nutrients and enzymes intact so they have the most effect on the body.

After the juice has been turned into powder, probiotics and herbs are added to the mix. After this process, the powder is naturally flavored with ingredients like mint and cinnamon, lightly sweetened with stevia.

There are 49 ingredients used in each packet of Basic Greens. Each one is certified organic and of extremely high quality. On top of these benefits, Basic Greens is:

— Vegan
— Gluten Free
— Preservative Free
— Dairy Free
— Wheat Free
— Soy Free
— Plus, the Basic Greens also has:
— No Artificial Flavors
— No MSG
— No Artificial Sweeteners

Unlike juicing or making smoothies, this green drink is extremely easy to make. The Basic Greens drink can be made by adding a single scoop to a cup of cold water and shaking. No mess, no clean up, no hassle. And in every scoop, there’s approximately 15 servings of fruits and vegetables, more than the recommended daily amount.

The Story Behind Basic Greens

Joyce and Luke are the founders of Basic Nutrition, the company behind Basic Greens. The married couple and parents realized after the birth of their son that they needed to do something to get back in shape.

Like many people today, Joyce and Luke had very little energy, they were eating unhealthily, and they rarely worked out.

The couple realized that they needed to do something serious to regain their health. So, in 2010, Joyce and Luke began to juice. However, they soon realized that, while fresh juice is delicious and healthy, it’s expensive and aggravating to make.

Between the hundreds of dollars spent on organic fruits and vegetables, plus the amount of time spent making the juice, cleaning the juicer, and putting it all away, Joyce and Luke decided they needed to find another solution.

After trying for years and failing to find a green drink that was both healthy and tasty, the couple finally recognized that they were going to have to create their own solution.

They worked with researchers and formulators for two years to create Basic Greens. And now, they have a green drink that hits all the nutrition marks, but doesn’t taste like grass.

And after seeing how it changed their lives, Joyce and Luke decided to offer it to others.

Why Drink Basic Greens?

Even though health organizations and professionals disagree on how many servings of fruits and vegetables are needed on a daily basis, all agree that the minimum is more than five. Unfortunately, fitting these servings into daily meals can be complicated and many fail to do it.

One serving of Basic Greens has 15 servings of fruits and vegetables, which means it takes care of the number of servings needed every day. And since Basic Greens recommends having 1 or 2 servings a day, it doubles the intake of vegetables and fruits needed, and at only 40 calories a serving. Also, each serving only contains 6 grams of carbohydrates, making it the ideal low-cal, low-carb health drink.

Of course, there are plenty of products on the market that offer the number of servings needed per day, but none of them taste as good as Basic Greens. Due to being naturally flavored, this green juice isn’t a struggle to drink. In fact, many users say they use the drink to sneak their children the healthy foods they won’t eat.

Basic Greens also fits a variety of diets, so it can be used by almost anyone. It is gluten free, certified organic, and flavored naturally. Instead of using chemicals and sugar to add flavor to Basic Greens, all-natural alternatives are used, like cinnamon and spearmint leaf. And the drink is sweetened using stevia, an herb from South America that has no calories, so it doesn’t increase insulin levels.

Purchasing Basic Greens

In addition to being an amazing product that meets so many needs, Basic Greens is also very reasonably priced.

Currently, Basic Greens is offering two deals. Usually a box with 30 servings costs $59, which includes free priority shipping. For a limited time, Basic Greens is offering a $30 discount for those who buy 3 or 4 boxes. This lowers the price to $49 a box and comes out to $147, plus free priority shipping.

For those looking to take Basic Greens long-term, the website is offering a deal for purchasing 5 boxes, which lowers the price to $39 a box. This means the 5 boxes will only cost $195, and this includes free priority shipping.

The Basic Greens website makes it extremely easy to purchase its product there’s a secure order form that takes all the information needed to get the green drink shipping out as soon as possible.

Basic Greens also offers a No Risk – Money Back Guarantee for all purchases. Joyce and Luke believe so strongly in their product that they promise all customers that if they don’t like the drink or aren’t getting the results they wanted, they can return Basic Greens within and get all their money back.

Finally, Basic Greens is delivered extremely fast. When ordered on a weekday, it’s shipped out within 1 business day. And, if ordered during the weekend, it will be shipped out on Monday. Most orders arrive in 1-3 business days, so customers can get started on their health transformation as soon as possible.

Contacting Basic Nutrition

Basic Nutrition, the company behind Basic Greens, is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and can be reached at:

Basic Nutrition
8912 E Pinnacle Peak Rd F9-120
Scottsdale AZ 85255

Or, it can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-870-0515.

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