Avocaderia: Fresh Avocado Based Eatery With Healthy Menu?


What Is Avocaderia?

This is said to be the world’s first and best avocado bar. They have a massive amount of different foods that are based around avocados. The bar is open for breakfast and lunch everyday.

How Does Avocaderia Avocado Based Eatery Work?

The Avocaderia is a fast casual dining experience based around the food Avocado. It is based out of New York and operates on the principles of offering people fresh, healthy and tasty meals. They use the food on every dish you can find on their menu. Whether it’s a delicious savory pieces of toasts or sweet and delectable smoothies as well as a lot more.

All of the Avocados they use are sourced in Mexico. And they promise to be committed to building you a healthier, happier lifestyle than ever before. The inspiration for the company is good food and ease to follow recipes. There menu is jam packed full of the healthiest, freshest items you can find. They’re all designed to be highly nutritious and delicious, guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

They are highly dedicated to giving you the best, highest-quality foods, all prepared with non-invasive cooking. The purpose is to keep the produce looking fresh and tasting delicious.

There is an entire community based around Avocados that believe in the Avocado’s power to bring happiness. And in the multitude of health benefits the superfood offers as well.Their shops are said to have an open and welcoming feeling when in the environment. To them happiness and community go hand in hand with avocados. They are seeking to help people feed themselves better, plus encourage everyone to enjoy a feel good lifestyle that is healthy and full of avocados.

They also believe in social responsibility, and that it’s part of their responsibility to participate in helping encourage people to live healthy lifestyles. As they say, the responsibility is tantamount to a healthy lifestyle. They also endeavor to work alone with suppliers who are respectful to the environment they operate in as well as just rights for their employees. Also who are proud to offer customers a carefully curated menu with foods that only use locally sourced and sustainable produce when possible.

Another thing the company does is catering. It doesn’t matter if you need catering for a large event or you want to treat yourself to a very healthy and satisfying meal – they offer catering and specialty food delivery or all types of events regardless of the size. Item’s are said to taste great and include foods like warm savory toasts, fresh crisp salads, smoothies and a lot more too. They do have dessert as well.

When you use them to cater your event, it’s said you can’t go wrong.There food is said to up the vibes of the event as well. And to get them to cater to your event, you just need to go to their website and fill out a simple contact form.

Right now there are only a couple locations, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. They promise more will be coming soon however. So, if you want to try their food, you may have to travel a little ways to get there. But from what it sounds like, it’s well worth it to take some time to go taste their food.

They have a content website on their website as well where you can learn everything you can imagine about the origins of avocados in America. They also have other pieces of content that are designed to give you useful insights into health and food as well as other cool facts,stories and pieces of trivia.

The Chelsea bar only recently opened in February of 2018. And they are also in the process of publishing a cookbook, which contains seventy five different delicious recipes that were each made with avocados. Things like toast, salad, main courses and desserts. You can also follow them on Instagram, where they post a lot of different pictures and foods based on using the avocado.

The menu looks amazing as well, there is the chill out – a multigrain bread, covered in avocado mash with chile flakes and shichimi lime citronette. Or the Mediterranean, a sourdough bread with avocado mash, olive tapenade, feta cheese, pistachio dukkah and sun dried tomatoes.

These are just a couple of the different menu items they have. There is also the winter garden, a multigrain bread with avocado mash, hummus, broccoli, spiced seeds and brussel sprouts. The great pumpkin is another one – it is a piece of sourdough bread, with avocado slices, vegan chipotle mayo, pumpkin, spiced seeds and spicy greens.

Along with that, they have the avo club, which is a piece of pumpernickel bread with avocado mash, romaine lettuce, spicy greens, vegan caesar dressing with your choice of either tofu or chicken breast. And the prince salmon is said to be delicious as well. It also uses pumpernickel bread, with herb yogurt, sliced avocado, spicy greens and crunchy pecans.

That’s just a portion of their menu. There is also the salads and bowls section. In that they have Twists & Sprouts, Greek Island, Hey Caesar and Portobello Road. All of their salads use locally sourced produce, and are guaranteed fresh and delicious. Another category they have is their smoothy section, it has green matcha, avocado mango and vanilla almond. All of them still made with avocado in all smoothies.

Lastly is their specialty section of the menu that has a lot of unique items on it. For one there is the avocado burger, it has salmon as the meet. The avo brunch toast also looks to be delicious as does the signature guac. There is a pumpkin veloute as well, that is a delicious creamed soup. And the avo-chocolate mousse is said to be delicious, made with coconut milk, melted chocolate, lightly sweetened agave and of course – avocado.

Avocaderia Conclusion

If you’re a health conscious person, then Avocaderia is an ideal place for you to enjoy some healthy, all-natural and locally sourced food with avocados in it.


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