Aster Spathulifolius Maxim Extract Review

If you were following health and weight loss news, then you have probably come across many interesting products this year with unique ingredients. After all, it is only fair to know what goes into your weight loss and health supplements. One particular ingredient that has largely fallen under the radar, but is posed to have some substantial impact in 2016 is Aster Spathulifolius Maxim.

The name of the ingredient is long and difficult to pronounce, but aside from that, there are weight loss and health benefits that you must know about. For the sake of simplicity, the review simply refers to the ingredient as Aster Spathulifolius. This way, you can easily follow along without getting bogged down by a long and complicated name.

What is Aster Spathulifolius?

Aster Spathulifolius extract is derived from a plant that uncannily resembles daises. The extract gained attention after numerous studies were performed on its ability to spur weight loss in obese and overweight individuals. Brands that use the extract now put it in supplements, herbal remedies, weight management programs, and the like. Since the extract is still being researched, there is a long way to go in terms of successfully implementing it in a product. For example, some brands have stated that they are unsure of how pure the extract needs to be for the benefits to materialize.

Regardless, it seems that upon further research, the results are going to lead to major changes in the weight loss industry for obese and overweight individuals. Soon, you will be able to attain the weight loss benefits of this extract and most importantly, the extract is completely pure and derived from plant matter. This means that you do not need to worry about taking supplements with chemicals and other harmful ingredients because the best impact comes from Mother Nature.

About the Herb

The extract is derived from the herb A. spathulifolius Maxim. It is a perennial herb that comes from the family Asteraceae. While it is not common to the United States and Europe, it grows in abundance in Asian countries such as South Korea, China, and southwestern Japan. In addition to producing the flowers and roots where the extract is derived from, the plant also sprouts crops that are popular in Asian cuisine. It is the popularity of the crop that has spurred research on the impact of the plant on weight loss and general health.

Due to the Asian origin of the product, most of the research that will be discussed in the coming paragraphs comes out of Asia. This should not make any difference in terms of your assessment of the extract and its performance since many of the studies also come from some of the leading research institutions in the world.

Aster Spathulifolius Maxim Research

Here are some of the main studies performed so that you can get a better understanding of the extract and its impact on obesity and an overweight body type.

1.      The Extract and Obesity

The first study performed looked at the impact of the extract on obesity. Researchers sampled a random group of 43 obese individuals and randomly assigned them to taking the extract for a total of 12 weeks. Another 43 individuals were given a placebo, and told that it was the extract pill. Each pill of extract contained 700 mg. Researchers used 700 mg because it was what they used when studying the impact of the herb in animal studies.

After 12 weeks, the researchers assessed the body weight and body fat of those who had taken the placebo and the true extract. It was found that the group taking the extract experienced a significant reduction in body fat, about 2.3 kilograms to be exact. The placebo group, on the other hand, only lost .04-.05 kilograms.  In addition to reporting weight loss and a reduction in overall body fat, the groups also explained that they had not experienced any adverse side effects.

2.      Anti-Bacterial Activity Impact

The second study performed investigated the anti-bacterial properties of the extract. For years, researchers assessed that the product had the potential to reduce inflammation and other consequences of bacteria In the body. By clearing away bad bacteria, individuals experience healthier digestive systems that are more conductive to a positive weight.

In the study, researchers studied two groups and gave  one group the placebo and the other group the extract. After a we week period, the researchers assessed the oral pathogens and anti-carcinogenic activity in both groups. It was found that the group taking the extract experienced a reduction in gingival carcinoma cells and outstanding cytotoxicity levels – 75.1 and 94.1 respectively. By killing off the cells leading to negative health consequences, patients taking the non-placebo were able to benefit from lower levels of cells that negatively impacted their oral and bodily health.

To preserve the quality of the review and of the extract, studies performed on animals will not be cited. The studies above were performed on humans, so that you now have a sense of how the extract can impact your weight and the bacterial cells in your body. Overall, it is fair to say that the extract is not only safe, as it does not have any negative side effects, but that it also leads to some health positive results.

As the extract grows in popularity and is used in more health products, you can feel confident that you are getting an ingredient conductive to your overall health goals.


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