Art Naturals – Pure Skincare Beauty Essential Oils?


Art Naturals Review – Is It Worth A Try?

Art Naturals uses premium organic and natural ingredients for long-term beauty resolutions. This is our review.

What is Art Naturals?

According to the self-description of the company, Art Naturals uses “premium organic and natural ingredients for long-term beauty resolutions.” They are responsible for the production of multiple beauty products that help to treat different problem areas, but without the intense and harsh chemicals that are often found in value or bargain brand products.

Art Naturals is a company that is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to produce organic health and beauty recipes. With continued research as their line of products expands, they are able to offer products that are fresh, untested on animals, safe for any age, and able to be used for either gender.

The main focus of the company is the organic side of their products. The company is based in California, which is where a number of different “health crazes” have come about. However, with the variety of products they offer, it is easy to see that Art Naturals is a company that delivers what they claim.

Art Naturals Products

The only problem with the variety of products that Art Naturals makes is the way they are displayed on the page. For instance, if you look up the Bath & Body category, a subcategory offered is foot care. However, there are no products listed. This could mean that the products available are still being added to, or it could’ve been an error of the website developer. The products that Art Naturals manufactures falls into four categories – skincare, bath & body, oils, and hair.


The skincare section of the website has a lot of products to maintain and clear up your complexion. Most value-brand companies fill their products with processed chemicals to get the desired look. However, Art Naturals is completely organic, which means you have a smaller chance of having a negative reaction to the change.

Bath and Body

Art Naturals also knows that your body has the ability to have a negative reaction to a product, much like your face. Each of the bath and body products is designed to give you the moisture and complexion you want. However, this category only has two items. One is an essential oil, designed to be used in aromatherapy or as an antiseptic. This category also has bath bombs, which dissolve in the bath tub for silky skin.


This category has three different subcategories – magnesium oil, carrier oils, and essential oils. Magnesium oil is available to apply topically for chronic pain, headaches/migraines, arthritis, muscle aches, or any form of persistent pain. It also aids in reducing stress and anxiety. The carrier oil section includes jojoba oil, rosehip oil, beard oil, and argan oil. The essential oils are broad, helping to treat a number of issues, depending on the particular type of ailment.


The hair products category is one of the broader ones. Art Naturals produces shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, hair masks, oil for beards, and many other products. This section also includes some equipment, like a hair straightener that looks like a brush. Essentially, you are able to find products that are safe for your hair, while also getting the strengthening and moisturizing properties you need for your hair follicles and scalp.

Pricing for Art Naturals Products

First of all, in order to find out the price, you have to go specifically to each product’s page, as the price is not shown on the listing for all the products in the category. While this initially makes someone wonder if the prices are too steep for their wallet, that is surprisingly not the case.

Skincare products are all under $30, with the exception of a few packages. The price is about the same for high-quality products that you usually find in the store, but without the harsh chemicals.

Right now, there are only two products listed under “Bath and Body,” which are the Tea Tree Essential Oil Pure & Natural and the Art Naturals Bath Bomb Gift Set, which includes 6 bath bombs. The essential oil costs $12.95, and the set of bath bombs is priced at $23.95, which is actually a good price for the type of bath bomb they are.

The hair section has a broad spectrum of items, but commonly-used products, like shampoo, are only priced at about $13.95.

The oils available are all under $20.00, unless you are getting a multi-pack of oils or the oil diffuser for your home.

The Makers Behind Art Naturals

The company is located in Los Angeles, California, which accounts for the reason they sought out organic solutions for a variety of beauty products. The main goal of the makers is to find and create products that are high quality and safe. They believe in full disclosure, which means that you have access to the complete ingredient list on every bottle, proving that there are no harmful chemicals or toxins in the products.

The Art Naturals creators are fully confident in their products, so their return process is slightly different from some other companies. Rather than having to return the product in its original packaging, they let you try out the product, returning it after it is opened if you are not satisfied with the results.

To contact the makers of Art Naturals, you can either fill in their electronic form online for an emailed response, or you can speak with a representative by calling 213-444-0160.


The products that Art Naturals makes are all safe for anyone’s skin, but you should read the label image (which is shown on the product page of each product) to make sure you do not have an allergy to the ingredients.

Beyond that, even though the products cost more than the value brands, you get a product that does a better job at maintaining your skin, body, and hair, but with healthier ingredients. These ingredients reduce the possibility of breaking out and complexion issues

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  1. hello i was reading your booklet that you send with your oils that a friend of mine received from you and in there you have a receipt for sleeping but dont say what to use can you help us with that ? Thank you


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