Aqua Silk: Waterproof Epilator Removes Hair Without Pain?


Aqua Silk is a device that consumers can use to remove hair from their arms and legs. The device pulls hairs from the root and comes with a promotional offer to get a second epilator with only the cost of added shipping.

What Is Aqua Silk?

Most women like the sensation of having smooth legs and arms but shaving barely lasts a day or two for many people. It can irritate the skin to shave every single day, and the edge of the hair becomes blunt, making the hairs more noticeable when they come back in. The use of Aqua Silk can help to get that smooth appearance and texture that people want.

Aqua Silk eliminates the need for waxing or shaving. However, it is equally effective as waxing, lasting up to six weeks before the hair begins to grow back. The device lifts the hairs from the skin to get the best grip to pull it from the follicle. Read on below to see how the Aqua Silk gets the same effect.

How It Works

When consumers use the Aqua Silk epilator, it gets the smooth results that consumers want by removing hair from the root. Waxing is not effective for all consumers, and it pulls at the skin in a way that often causes pain. Tweezing can take hours to get smoothness over the whole body, but this device basically tweezes all over the hairs at the same time.

This device is waterproof, and helps consumers waste no time on getting beautiful and soft arms and legs. The device is portable, and appears to take batteries, rather than being plugged in (which would pose a greater risk).

Using Aqua Silk

Using the Aqua Silk device is relatively easy, since all the user needs to do is run the end of the device over the skin while it is on. There is no need for gel, shaving cream, or lather. Consumers can use this in the shower as easily as if they were shaving, except that they can also bring it along for touch-ups as needed.

Since this device pulls the hairs from the root, consumers can expect to experience a little discomfort. Some people who have used this type of device before say that the sensation is similar to waxing or tweezing.

Pricing For Aqua Silk

If someone wants to buy Aqua Silk, the device is available for $19.99, plus an additional fee of $6.99 for processing and handling. However, right now, the website is offering a promotion to get a second epilator for free, as long as the buyer pays for the shipping fees of the added device.

If this product does not work in the way that consumers expect, they have up to 90 days to initiate a return for a full refund.

By ordering today, you will receive 1 Aqua Silk wet-dry epilator for just $19.99 plus $6.99 processing and

Contacting The Creators Of Aqua Silk

Since the website only provides limited information about the way that the Aqua Silk product works, consumers may have other questions about the way it works. To get ahold of customer service, call or email the company.

Aqua Silk Review Summary

Aqua Silk is meant for anyone that wants a smooth look and feel. With the ability to bring it along anywhere from a touchup, women can stay hair free without making a trip to a spa or hurting themselves with wax.

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