Anti Snore Wearable – Stop Snoring Phone App For Better Sleep?


The Anti Snore Wearable Device is a device that helps users stop snoring. This product is currently undergoing a Kickstarter Campaign to secure funding to help fund manufacturing of this great device. Read below for more information about the Anti Snore Wearable Device.

What is the Anti Snore Wearable Device?

Research has shown that 70% of the snorers only snore, when they are sleeping on their back. We decided to develop a wearable that will make the snorer turn to its side, as soon as the snoring starts. Turning to your side opens your airway and stops the snoring. The Anti-Snore Wearable is controlled by the Do I Snore smartphone application. This smartphone app detects snoring sounds and sends a signal to the wearable as soon as the snoring starts. The wearable gently vibrates, making the snorer adjust its sleeping position. Quiet nights and fresh mornings guaranteed!

How Does Anti Snore Wearable Work?

The Anti Snore Wearable Device works to help users change their snoring behaviors with a simple and cost effective solution. This device is designed to be worn by the user on their arm of choice. The Anti Snore Wearable Device Armband is designed to work in tandem with the ‘Do I Snore’ app. Users simply plug their phone in for nightly charging and fall asleep.

Anti Snore Wearable Device works with the ‘Do I Snore’ app to help users see their sleep and snoring patterns each night. The app accurately identifies snoring sounds and sends a vibrating signal to the user. The vibration is perfectly timed so it does not wake the user but simply helps alert them to roll over. The app uses data to automatically adjust the vibration schedule after a few nights to provide the best results.

The app is backed by an algorithm that is able to distinguish snoring sounds, even when there are multiple people sleeping in the same room. The app creates a personal record of the users snoring pattern and helps identify factors that can influence snoring like alcohol, smoking, or medications. Users can access the full record of data through the app on their devices.

The makers of the Anti Snore Wearable Device have tested this device with a Polysomnography (PSG). A PSG is done in a sleep laboratory and during the test snoring and the position of the body is measured, the makers used this data to test the anti-snore wearable and the different vibration patterns.

The app and armband device can measure if users are in a light or deep sleep cycle. Unlike many sleep devices the Anti Snore Wearable Device is comfortable and easy to use. Unlike sleep masks or devices with mouth or nose pieces, the Anti Snore Wearable Device helps change snoring behavior in a different way.

Research has shown that 70% of people only snore while sleeping on their back, the vibration form the Anti Snore Wearable Device indicates to the wearer that they are snoring and need to shift to their side. Once on their side, sleepers stop snoring due to their airway being opened more fully.

The ‘Do I Snore’ App

The ‘Do I Snore” app is free and available through both the App Store and the Play Store. The ‘Do I Snore’ app runs on any iOS devices 7 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher devices.

The Do-I-Snore app works well for two persons sharing a bed. Each person’s phone microphone works to detect their user’s snoring. The microphone can detect which user’s sound is closer allowing it to collect accurate sleep data. The ‘Do I Snore’ app can detect whose sound is being recorded and which device should respond. The app has an accuracy radius of one foot. Users can simply set their phone on the same side of the bed that they sleep on and rest assured they will not only have correct vibrations and have accurate data in the morning.

Anti Snore Wearable Device Components

The Anti Snore Wearable Device is simple and easy to use.

The soft elastic strap and premium leather holster is designed to be flexible and comfortable. The Bluetooth vibration device is small and effective and simply fits within the armband holster making it easy to use. Elastic strap, soft leather holster, and vibration device with Bluetooth are all included.

Anti Snore Wearable Pricing

This Kickstarter campaign starts at any amount as low as €1. Consumers will receive their own Anti Snore Wearable Device with a minimum contribution level. =€69+

Consumers who pledge €69 or more will receive their own Anti Snore Wearable in June 2017. Users can participate no matter where they live in the world. =€149+

Consumers who pledge €149 as part of the Early Bird Duo Pack will receive two Anti Snore Wearable Devices by August 2017. This option is limited. =€349+

Consumers who pledge €349 will receive five Anti Snore Wearable Devices and will receive their devices anywhere in the world in August 2017. =€699+

Consumers who pledge €699 will receive ten Anti Snore Wearable Devices. =€5000+

Consumers who pledge €5000 or more will have the opportunity to visit the manufacturer’s offices and see the Anti Snore Wearable Device production process.

Who Makes the Anti Snore Wearable?

The Anti Snore Wearable Device is a device currently being backed by Kickstarter from the Netherlands.

The Anti Snore Wearable Device is designed by Michiel Allessie from Purmerend, Netherlands. Michiel is a serial entrepreneur, sleep doctor, and the founder of He loves technology and coming up with practical sleep solutions and has a special interest in IoT and wearables.

The Anti Snore Wearable is the first device Michiel has funded through Kickstarter. Currently the Anti Snore Wearable Device has received €20,246 out of their €100,000 goal. And has been backed by 213 people. The Kickstarter campaign currently has twenty-seven more days to go. The Anti Snore Wearable Device Kickstarter Campaign ends on December 14, 2016.

Anti Snore Wearable Review Summary

Users who are looking for a non-invasive way to help change their snoring should check out the Anti Snore Wearable Device. Users simply sync the Anti Snore Wearable Bluetooth device with their phone and drift off to sleep. As they sleep the device will simply vibrate as needed to help coach the user’s body to change sleep position. Interested consumers should go back the Kickstarter campaign today to ensure they can get this life changing device.


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