Anazao Fitness Multi-Functional Resistance Band Workout Station


Most people underestimate the large impact resistance bands have on their weight loss and muscle mass building quest. As much as lifting weights has its perks, not every exercise requires gloves or knurled bars to give you a lean physique.

Not to mention, seeing most people mare acquiring fitness equipment to use at home, you might not have a spotter as resourceful as the one you can find at the gym prompting you to switch to effective solo exercises.

About the Anazao Fitness Multi-Functional Resistance Band Workout Station

The Anazao Fitness Multi-Functional Resistance Band Workout Station is one way to achieve your fitness goals in the confines of your house. This collection of attachments and their respective resistance bands can also work in place of dumbbells or barbells.

Even better, you can perform more weight exercises such as standing chest presses, military presses, triceps curls and much more with this workstation than you would while using dumbbells.

However, unlike most resistance bands currently on the market, Anazao Fitness ensured that the user got more versatility when it came to their movements while training. This feature alongside a host of many more fives this workout station a significant edge over its competition.

Here are some of the exercises that you can perform using the Anazao Fitness Gear Multi-Functional Resistance Band Workout Station.


This workout station from Anazao Fitness allows you to perform bicep curls and triceps curls to strengthen your arms and chest. You can also perform upright rows and legs curls to add some power to your lower body.

Not to mention, the station can also be used to perform triceps press-downs, wood chop, lat pull-down, overhead press, chest fly, squats, chest press, multi-angle and dumbbell curls, and much more.

Types of Anazao Fitness Multi-Functional Resistance Workout Station Bands

While this workout station presents users with a wide range of equipment to use, resistance bands take up the most significant portion. They are mainly divided into two parts; resistance bands with carabiners and flat resistance bands.

Resistance Bands with Carabiners

Anazao Fitness uses Bodylastics to make these resistance bands, and they do a marvelous job by adding Snap Guard Technology. As such, the elastic does not snap into the respective bands no matter the stretch given to it by the user.

I bet you have noticed resistance bands with torn elastic components, the problem is not overusing but lack of this feature which stops overstretching and tearing.

These bands also have a Quick Slip System which uses carabiners for easy attachment. For better use, the company made sure to include the resistance levels on each resistance band.

Flat Resistance Bands

Flat Resistance bands do not need to be attached to anything. As such, they are easy to use and help a lot when it comes to different muscle building and resistance exercises.

This workstation’s flat resistance bands come in three lengths; 41”, 20”, and 12”. The higher the number of bands used the stronger the resistance.

Anazao Fitness Multi-Functional Resistance Band Workout Station Review Summary

The Anazao Fitness Multi-Functional Resistance Band Workout Station can help you lose weight or add muscle mass without ever setting foot in the gym. It is not only affordable but can be used by anyone regardless of weight and acts as a substitute for other expensive options.

If you are looking for a workout station that can help you perform unlimited exercises, then this one is your best bet.

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