Alkalife – Alkaline Water pH Booster Drops & Supplements?


Alkalife is a nutritional supplement that claims to increase the alkalinity of your water – thereby making you healthier. Here’s our Alkalife review.

What Is Alkalife?

Alkalife is a lineup of nutritional supplements that calls itself “the original and only patented pH booster”. The company’s flagship product is a liquid supplement that you squeeze into your water to increase its pH, raising the alkalinity of the water.

According to Alkalife, many of us are “too acidic”. By drinking water that’s more alkaline, you can increase your body’s pH level and enjoy health benefits because of it.

In reality, science tells us that drinking water with a higher pH level does not significantly affect the pH level of your blood. Remember: in order to affect your body, water first has to make it through your stomach acid – so the high pH water will be neutralized by the acid.

Nevertheless, Alkalife – like many other alkaline water distributors – claims that the foods we eat are accumulating within our bodies, causing excess acidity to build-up. The most effective way to neutralize this acidity and cleanse this old food from your body is to drink alkaline water – at least according to Alkalife.

Science aside, Alkalife promises to help your body detoxify. It’s available in both liquid drops and tablet form. All you need to do is add 3 drops of the company’s formula to water to raise its pH level to ten.

Alkalife Products

Alkalife makes a series of pH boosters. The company’s products are available in liquid or tablet form. Here are all of the products currently available:

Alkalife pH Booster Drops

The Alkalife pH Booster Drops turn your ordinary drinking water into alkaline water with just three drops. The company claims this means “you give your body what it needs to achieve extraordinary health and longevity”.

Each bottle of Alkalife pH Booster Drops makes about 360 glasses of high pH alkaline water, which the company describes as a 2 month supply. A bottle is priced at around $20 – which is cheaper than most 12 packs of alkaline water you can buy from Amazon today.

Alkalife TEN Spring Water

Alkalife TEN Spring Water is a bottled water product with a pH of 10. The bottled water is endorsed by UFC fighter Amanda Nunez. It promises to offer zero calorie hydration.

What’s the difference between Alkalife TEN Spring Water and the thousands of other bottled waters on the market – including other alkaline waters? Alkalife TEN Spring Water is sourced from pure springs in America – not municipal water sources. The higher pH levels means you’re adding high pH water to your acidic body, and enjoying health benefits because of it – at least, according to Alkalife.

pH Balance Tablets

the Alkalife pH Balance Tablets are a combination of potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate in tablet form. The tablets use a time-release technology to protect the ingredients until they pass through your stomach. After passing through your stomach, the active ingredients are released, allowing your body to absorb bicarbonate into the bloodstream. Potassium and sodium are stronger alkaline minerals than calcium and magnesium.

pH Balance With Calcium Tablets

This is similar to the pH Balance Tablets, but contains calcium for added effectiveness.

Aqua ION pH Tester Kit

The Aqua ION pH Tester Kit lets you test to see if your water is really alkaline before you drink it. The company encourages you to test your own water – and the company’s water – so you can see the difference before you drink it.

Why test water? Well, even bottled waters can vary in pH level from spring to spring. As the company explains, “even distilled or reverse osmosis water can become acidic when stored in bottles”.

The Aqua ION works using testing strips. You dab the water onto the strip, then measure the color using a spectrum on the side of the ION bottle.

AlkaBest Water Ionizer

Install a water ionization system in your home with the AlkaBest Water ionizer. Alkalife calls the product “a revolutionary water ionizer perfected through many years of research”. The ionizer filters heavy metals and other harmful substances from your water while retaining alkaline minerals. The machine then ionizes your water before filtering it through the system.

Other key features of the AlkaBest Water Ionizer include an artificial intelligence sensor system, Aquaspace technology, automatic self-cleaning and draining, and the ability to customize your water to 8 different pH levels (5 levels for ionized alkaline water, 2 levels for ionized acidic water, and 1 level for purified water).

The machine basically works by running electricity through your water, giving the minerals inside a charge. It uses -850mV of oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

Owning a home water ionization system isn’t cheap: it’s priced at $2000 from the Alkalife online store.

Reverse Aging Book

Alkalife sells a book that describes the benefits of alkaline water, including why you need alkaline water, why acidic wastes build up in your body, and why degenerative diseases develop because of this acidic waste.

The book was written by Alkalife’s founder, Sang Whang, who personally attributes his good health and longevity to drinking alkaline water.

Alkalife Pricing

Here’s how pricing breaks down for all Alkalife products:

  • Alkalife pH Booster Drops: $19.95
  • pH Balance Tablets: $19.95
  • Aqua ION pH Tester Kit: $19.99
  • Reverse Aging by Sang Whang (Paperback): $11.99
  • AlkaBest Water Ionizer: $1995
  • Alkalife pH Booster Drops (3 Pack): $59.85
  • Alkalife pH Booster Drops (6 Pack): $119.70
  • pH Balance Tablets (3 Pack): $59.85
  • pH Balance Tablets (6 Pack): $119.70

About Alkalife

Alkalife was founded by Sang Whang, who created the system two decades ago due to his personal struggles with acidity.

According to the official Alkalife website, Whang battled a number of health ailments over the years, including high blood pressure that forced him to take medication daily. After 30 days of drinking alkaline water, however, Whang was able to lower his blood pressure naturally. He even stopped taking his medication.

Whang, however, knew that water ionizers were bulky and expensive. He wanted to make it easy for anyone to enjoy alkaline water. Whang eventually made Alkalife, which is the only pH booster to receive a US patent.

You can contact the company at [email protected] or by phone at (888) 261-0870.

Alkalife Review Summary

Making alkaline water essentially involves adding charged minerals to your water. Alkalife does that in an affordable way with its pH booster drops and tablets. Priced at $20 for a 2 month supply, Alkalife’s pH booster is the only pH booster to receive a patent in the United States.

Alkalife’s products will genuinely increase the pH level in your water. You can even test your water using the company’s testing strips. The controversy, of course, is whether or not drinking alkaline water has any real effect on your health.

The company claims that drinking alkaline water can give you “extraordinary health and longevity”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of science showing that drinking alkaline water can lead to significant health benefits.

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