Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch – Instant EKG Detects Afib?


Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch is a device that consumers can wear and sync with their smart watch, warning consumers when they should pay closer attention to their heart rate. The device is presently available through the official website, though consumers can get free two-day shipping by ordering with Amazon Prime.

What is the Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch?

Every person could afford to be more cautious about their health. There are millions of different studies and research materials online that show the effects that diet and exercise can have on the heart, which is why some people make changes they hope will help.

However, there’s little way to see how big of an impact that these differences make on the heart without a doctor’s appointment, which is a big cost for each visit. With the Alivecor® KardiaBand, consumers can have the alertness they need with this sensitive issue.

The Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch offers consistent EKG information to consumers to keep track of their heart, and it has all the necessary technology to replace the classic Apple Watch band. This device has the privilege of being cleared by the FDA, so consumers can use it as a reliable source of information when they go to their doctor.

To take the performance of the AKG technology to a new level, consumers will also be able to assess and instantly analyze the risk of heart issues, like atrial fibrillation and sinus rhythms. Even though people with heart conditions will need it the most, consumers of all states of health can use it as a precautionary measure.

How the Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch Works

The reason that the Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch is effective in reading the heart information of the consumer is because of the use of a helpful technology called SmartRhythm. This monitoring offers an entire network of sensors that has such a high sensitivity that it can track the user’s heart rate and other details about blood pressure.

SmartRhythm takes the reading a step further than just tracking information. While it reads data, it offers a comparison between the user’s current heart rate and the minute-to-minute expectations of the user’s regular activity. If something seems amiss, this technology alerts the user and tells them that they may want to get an EKG to make sure nothing is wrong.

Using the Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch

Before using the KardiaBand at all, consumers need to install the applicable app on their device, setting it up and logging in to create a personal profile. When they want to take a reading, press the “Record EKG” button on the Apple Watch.

This is where it gets a little tricky. The fit needs to be snug but comfortable, since the back of the watch must touch the skin to be effective. If any natural or household light is on the sensor, the reading will not be accurate.

While grasping the left hand, rest the user’s right thumb on the outer electrode, making sure that the inner electrode touches the skin the whole time. This reading takes 30 seconds, after which time the user can release their grip and wait for the results.

The app keeps a history of all the EKG readings that the user takes, which can be retrieved in the app while at a doctor’s appointment.


The only issue with the Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch is that consumers can only use it when it is paired with a compatible device, which must include both a paired smartphone and/or an Apple Watch. The compatible devices include the Apple Watch Series 1 through 3. Other devices will not work at this time.

Pricing for the Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch

Right now, whether the consumer makes the purchase on the Amazon Prime website, or through the official page, they will pay a total of $199 for the device. However, consumers will need to keep up a Kardia subscription for $99 a year to continue to keep the service on the device. This membership offers access to the app, allowing consumers to keep a record of all the changes.

Even if the user finds that this product does not get them the benefits that they want, a 30-day return policy and a 30-day warranty covers them.

Contacting the Creators of the Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch

Even though the official website offers plenty of information about the use of the KardiaBand, along with its benefits, consumers may want to learn more details about it first. The customer service team offers a form on the Alivecor website, but consumers can still reach out to the team with a phone call or email.

Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch Review Summary

Alivecor KardiaBand For Apple Watch is meant for anyone that wants to have a clear and concise view of the state of their heart at a moment’s notice. While there’s heavy regulation by the FDA about this product, consumers will be able to have a conscious role in keeping their heart healthy and safe. Rather than waiting until each doctor’s visit, invest in the KardiaBand and show your doctor a well-rounded idea of what is going on with your heart.

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