Algenist – Best Selling Alguronic Acid Skin Care Product?


Algenist is a biotechnology company that primarily sells skin care products and make up. The company is high-end, based out of San Francisco. Read this review to find out the inside scoop on Algenist today.

What Is Alegenist?

Algenist is a specialty skin care and makeup line that started out of San Francisco California. The company came about by accident as many companies do. The people at Algenist were actually studying algae with the hopes of discovering a renewable energy source. They stumbled across something that revolutionized the skin care industry forever.

They discovered algae produces rich oils, great for food, cosmetics and fuel. Along with that, algae also secrete a specialized compound that allows it to live in the worst environments. The people at Algenist studied the compound and found that it was able to help regenerate skin. The special ingredient in Algenist products is Alguronic Acid.

Algenist has pattened the Acid and oils secreted by the algae so they’re the only brand on the market who carries it. All of their products have been created with the compounds found in several different types of micro algae.

How Does Algenist Work?

The Algenist Products are formulated to help protect the skin, replenish nutrients, stop aging and keep it hydrated. Algenist claims they are the most effective anti-aging products on the market due to their patented products. They say they use ingredients that can’t be used anywhere else.

They can be used on any type of skin, have been tested to prove that and are non-comedogenic. On top of that, Algenist products are also hypo-allergenic. And made without any of the following harmful substances: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, GMOs, Phthalates, Triclosans.

The results from the Creams and Skin Care products produce results that can be seen. They claim, in tests; results could be seen in as little as 10 days. Each of the products is scientifically studied under observation by third party groups.

Their products are said to remove wrinkles, deep wrinkles and decrease blemishes by 25% in 10 days. The same can be said for tightening the skin except by 15%.

Algenist Ingredients

Alguronic Acid

The powerful aid aids the algae in regrowth, regeneration and protection. When used in skin care products and makeup lines, the acid has shown to improve skin with its natural anti-aging effects. It leaves people feeling more youthful and looking so as well.

Microalgae Oil

The oil is renewable, sustainable and can be used for fuel. It’s one of the patented compounds Algenist has. It contains several different compounds, that when delivered to the skin, have powerful effects of replenishment. The ingredients in the microalgae oil are Oleic Acid, Phytosterols, Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. Each of these help with moisturizing the skin and to replenish lost nutrients. The oil has been scientifically proven to keep skin hydrated 5X as long as untreated skin during a 24 hour period.

Algenist Pricing

Pricing on Algenist Products is one of the main complaints people have. Products average over $80.00 for the most part. Many customers said they would like to see smaller bottles and containers of all their products so they didn’t have to spend so much at one time.

For the purpose of example, some of Algenist’s main products are priced below:

  • Concentrated Reconstructing Serum – $50.00 – $154.00
  • Firming & Lifting Cream – $26.00 – $118.00
  • Advanced Anti – Aging Repairing Oil – $20.00 – $82.00

What Are Customers Saying About Algenist?

After looking at the reviews on for many of the Algenist products, there are dozens of them… About 90% are 4-5 stars. Most people are happy with the products, some saying you can’t find a better brand on the market anywhere for any price.

However, there are bad reviews for Algenist products too. And the people who gave bad reviews, gave VERY bad reviews. Some people said they were the worst products available, having used them for 4-6 months with zero results.

Not all products have bad reviews, but most did have about 10% horrible reviews. And there are thousands of reviews on Amazon alone. You can also see reviews on Google by typing in Algenist Reviews into the search bar. You’ll see a majority of the reviews are good, but there are definitely bad ones too.


-Patented Product Line

-High Quality Ingredients

-Scientifically Proven & Clinically Studied

– Massive Selection of Products, can be Found All Over the Internet


-High Priced

-Bad Reviews Say They’re the Worst Products Available

-Even Good Reviews Said They Don’t Work Well Alone, You Need Multiple Algenist Products for Maximum Effectiveness.

Should I Use Algenist Products?

According to 90% of the people who use the Algenist Products you should use them. They claim they are the best products on the market today. If you have the money, believe in clinically proven testing and want to try a very specialized product, designed for ultimate skin care, then yes. You’ll likely get very good anti-aging results from Algenist products.

If you believe one apple can ruin a bunch, then do not use them. As reviewed by many people the products are not nearly worth the price you’ll pay for them. Unless you really have extra money to spend, try something else according to the reviews.

Algenist Products are Top of the Line in ingredients and most reviews. Nearly every product will have mixed reviews no matter what. The bottom line, if you use Algenist Products, look to spend hundreds of dollars a month on them in order to get results that work. Otherwise you may be wasting your money if you do single products alone.

The last deciding factor is how green are you? If you’re willing to pay the extra money for products that are safe for the environment and never tested on animals, then Algenist is probably for you. Otherwise, go find something cheaper for your purpose.

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