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Aker BioMarine Review – Top  Quality?

Krill is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids for the majority of supplement brands on the market. However, where the krill is sourced, by whom it is sourced, and the method of sourcing can all influence the final end product. As a result, it is important to ensure that your products use the services of a reliable and high-quality krill supplier. When choosing a krill supplier, you want one that not only meets quality standards, but that also harvest krill in a sustainable manner.
After all, sustainable harvesting methods lend themselves to the future of your business. One brand that truly stands out from the rest is Aker BioMarine. Here is everything you need to know when choosing a krill-based product or omega-3 fatty acid supplement brand.

About Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine is a Norwegian company that has krill operations at home and worldwide. It’s harvesting of Atlantic krill are performed with environmentally-friendly standards that maintain the efficacy of the industry and ensure that there will be a future for the business.

Currently, not only does the brand focus on harvesting krill from the Atlantic, but it also develops markets, and sells the ingredients that it harvests. The krill harvested are sustainable and traceable, which helps maintain the efficacy of the industry and quality standards.

Eco-Harvesting Technology

To harvest the krill, the Aker BioMarine utilizes Eco-Harvesting technology. This is one of the most sustainable methods to harvesting krill worldwide. Not only is this technology important to sustaining the future of krill, but also the quality of your products.

You see, is a very delicate marine animal. Once a krill dies, the enzymes within the krill’s body break down at a rapid rate. As a result, the omega-3 fatty acids within the krill prove difficult to maintain. For the krill that are still used during the omega-3 fatty acid manufacturing process, their essential oils may not be as potent or effective as they could be.

To combat this problem, Aker BioMarine has adopted what is known as Eco-Harvesting. This harvesting method ensures that the krill used in the final production process are at their best quality level. The way this works is rather than hauling the fish carcasses on board and storing them, the fishing operation keeps the krill alive and beneath the water in a net that is attached to the ship. Once the haul of krill and the ship reach the plant, the krill are able to be used as a raw material.

A Worldwide Supplier of Krill

Aker BioMarine is a worldwide supplier of krill. Currently, the brand’s tons of yearly hauls of krill are used to supply operations across the globe the utilize krill in their ingredients. Most commonly, the krill are used in nutritional supplements, agriculture, and pet food due to the quality of the krill that is fished from the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, the harvesting standards enable the quality of Aker BioMarine’s krill to be better than most other commercial options on the market.

Known Products that Use Aker BioMarine Krill

The krill that Aker BioMarine harvests is used in numerous brands around the globe. However, there are a few well-known and recognized brands that are worth mentioning, for their end-products are some of the best on the market and they are also highly popular among users. Two of the most popular brands include:

  • Superba Krill
  • Qrill

About Superba Krill

Superba Krill is a popular omega-3 supplement that is used to improve a number of aspects of your health. The krill used in this brand’s products are derived from the Atlantic Ocean, which means that they feed largely upon microscopic algae. This type of diet lends itself to the overall quality of the product and moreover, the chains of omega-3 fatty acid are more robust because of the type of krill used.

Moreover, another quality to the omega-3 fatty acids used in Superba Krill is that they are attached to phospholipids, which means that the product is more easily incorporated into the body and its health benefits are realized much more easily. If you are interested in Superba Krill, then you can either do a search of the product or find it through the brand’s website.

About Qrilll

Another product that Aker BioMarine is responsible for is Qrill. It is an Aker BioMarine registered brand name and it is responsible for providing home pets with proper nutritional value through a range of products. Qrill pet foods are rich in marine proteins and they also have high and cognizable levels of phospholipid-bound omega-3 fatty acids. Pets that consume this type of food are known to have a healthier diet, they are more active, and they also receive a sufficient amount of protein in their diet. For more information about Qrill products, simply visit the brand’s website.

Led by an International Team of Experts

You know you are receiving the best when it comes to health products when the brand is led by a team of international experts who clearly know what they are doing, When it comes to Aker BioMarine International, you can be certain that you are in good hands.

The brand is constantly employing some of the world’s brightest and best minds when it comes to the benefits of omega-3 and phospholipids. For example, Professor William Harris of Stanford University, Dr. Philip Cader, and Stephen Nicol who has 20 years or research experience with the Australian Artic Division are just a few of the notable names on the brand’s research team.


Aker BioMarine is a worldwide producer and supplier of krill resources to numerous brands on the market. With Aker BioMarine’s harvesting methods, the quality standards it uses, and its sustainability methods, you can be certain that products which include its sourced krill are some of the best on the market.

Moreover, Aker BioMarine Aker BioMarine is also known for its own two brands, Qrill and Superba Krill, which are also commonly recognized for effective and high-quality products. If you are interested in learning more on Aker BioMarine, you can certainly visit the website for more information.

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