Affect Health Nightly Zen – Mind Calming & Stress Reducing Tea?


As we all know sleep is one of the most important part of our physiological health. If for example, we are deprived of sleep for extended periods, we can start to see the onset of various issues like insomnia, dullness, fatigue, decreased cognitive efficiency, increased irritability.

Thus, in order to keep such issues at bay, there are quite a few products now available in the market. However, we should use our discretion when making use of such supplements, as many a times they can come with certain ingredients that can cause us harm later down the line.

About Affect Health Nightly Zen

As the name suggests, Affect Health Nightly Zen is an all new ‘dietary supplement’ that comes packed with certain ingredients such as Lemon, Valerian root that have been shown to ease our muscles, and help relax our Central Nervous System.

There are many studies which have been provided by the manufacturer so as to assure customers that they are receiving the highest quality product possible. Some of the key aspects of Nightly Zen include:

Deep Sleep:

When used on a regular basis, this product has the capacity to help us loosen our muscles and tissues so that we can relax deeply and obtain unbroken, uninterrupted sleep. When we are fully rested, our body is able to function at a higher level and as a result of this, our work productivity is enhanced in a big way.


Another feature of Affect Health Nightly Zen which can easily go unnoticed is its ability to help us stay calm and collected even during the course of stressful events. When we are centred and gathered in our actions, we are not only able to remain happy, but also able to make wiser decisions.

Stress Reduction:

As is obvious from the name, this supplement helps reduce the buildup of cortisol in our spinal column. This reduces unwanted stress and other issues like nervousness, anxiety etc.

Serotonin Release:

When we are asleep, the active ingredients within Nightly Zen allow for a release of serotonin within our bodies. When this happens, our brain becomes much more peaceful and we feel happy and satisfied even in the face of challenging situations.

Other Important Details To Remember

No Chamomile Included:

Many manufacturers in order to cut costs project chamomile to be this amazing sleep inducing agent. However, this is quite far from the truth, as many studies have clearly shown that chamomile does not make us sleepy (it only serves as a relaxant and nothing else).

Efficacious Mix:

Each serving of this highly potent mix comes packed with organic valerian, passion flower, oat straw, and skullcap. All of these aforementioned products have been clinically studied for their benefits, and shown to help soothe anxious thoughts, calm our central nervous system, and even help us wind down after a tiring day at work to get a good night’s rest.

Good Aroma:

Another underrated feature of this supplement is the fact that it comes packed with aromatic blends that deliver users with a ‘warm spiced mint’ fragrance.


Another aspect which often goes untouched with many ‘sleep enhancers’ is the overall consumability of the product. However, Nightly Zen is tasty and possesses a smooth and sweet flavour that has been further enhanced with minty extracts as well as warm cinnamon

Where Can I Buy Affect Health Nightly Zen?

All orders for Nightly Zen can be placed on the official ‘Affect Health website’. A single package of the product contains 45 servings and is priced at $14. Payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, Mastercard and Visa. Additionally, upon making certain combo purchases, users can avail of an additional 5-10% discount.

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