Acti Labs – Cosmetic Beauty Treatments & Skincare Creams?


Acti Labs is a French cosmetic company that offers dozens of different skin creams, moisturizers, and anti-aging products. Find out everything you need to know about Acti Labs today in our review.

What is Acti Labs?

Acti Labs, also known as Acti Laboratories or ActiDerm, is a French beauty product manufacturer with a global presence. Today, the company’s products are sold widely around the world, and the company maintains offices in the UK and the United States. They were founded back in June 2011 and were originally known as ActiDerm.

Despite the company’s global presence, all Acti Labs products continue to be manufactured in France.

One unique thing about Acti Labs is that it’s a multilevel marketing company. The company has distributors around the world.

The reason you’re hearing about Acti Labs now is because the company just recently branched into the United States and started promoting itself as a moneymaking opportunity.

Is Acti Labs just another MLM beauty product company with high prices and average results? Does your sales price go towards actual laboratory research – or is it all wasted on commissions? Is Acti Labs the real deal? Let’s take a closer look at the products the company has to offer.

Acti Labs Products

Acti Labs separates its products into over a dozen different categories, including all of the following:

Cleanse & Purify

These products include a wide variety of face washes, makeup removers, and face masks. They’re designed to cleanse and purify your face. Many of them work overnight and are designed to be used on your face after the end of a long day.

Cosmeceutical Treatments

“Cosmeceutical” is the Acti Labs play-on-words that mixes “cosmetics” with “pharmaceutical”. However, unlike real pharmaceuticals, Acti Labs products aren’t verified by the FDA or other international drug governing bodies – so don’t be fooled by the marketing term. Popular products in this category include the Eye Contour Mask, Tightening Smoothing Base, Concentrated Hyaluronic Serum, and Anti Imperfections Concentrate. Many of these products are designed to either heal skin damage or reverse the effects of aging (or both).

Cosmeceutical Creams

Cosmeceutical creams include various collagen creams, moisturizers, and “correctors”. Many are designed to be used at night. Popular options include the 3D Corrector Cream, MesoDerm Cream, Collagen Day Cream, and Collagen Night Cream.

Nutriceutical Supplements

Acti Labs isn’t just a skin cream and beauty product company; they also sell a variety of nutritional supplements. Just like with their “cosmeceutical” marketing term, Acti Labs uses the term “nutraceutical” to describe its supplement lineup. Despite the name, these are not pharmaceutical products and they’re not recommended by doctors. Some of the options in this category include diet pills like Silhouette (which promises to reduce fat absorption) along with Acti-Vate, New Hydra-Slim, and Diet Aid sachets (that reduce your appetite).

Slimming Inch Loss

Need to trim a few inches from your waste? Acti Labs claims you can do that simply by rubbing creams on your skin and wrapping your body with fabric. The main product in this category is the wrap kit, which comes in several varieties. You rub cream on your skin then wrap your body tightly, helping physically reduce your waist size on a short-term basis. Products in this category include the Lipo Sculpt Wrap Kit Plus and Thermo Slimming Wrap Kit Plus.

Body Care

So far, most of the products we’ve covered are designed for your face. The Body Care category includes everything else offered by Acti Labs, including hand creams, body creams, a self-tanning lotion (which actually doubles as a firming cream), and a marine collagen body lotion.

Gift Boxes

Acti Labs sells a handful of gift boxes you can send to someone to introduce them to the Acti Labs and ActiDerm brand. Gift boxes come with anywhere from 2 to 3 pieces of Acti Labs products and range in price from $30 to $50.

Acti-Addict Offers

The Acti Labs Acti-Addict Offers category includes special offers on specific ActiDerm products. At the time of writing, there were contouring kits, blushes, and other makeup on sale.

Skin-Sync Mineral Makeup

This uniquely-named section includes mineral-based makeups. Acti Labs sells products like foundation primer, contour shading palettes, illuminating palettes, and blusher palettes, ranging in price from $20 to $30 for most makeups.


The Acti Labs “Face” category includes all facial products. Many of these products can also be found in other categories – including most of the makeup. So there’s quite a bit of crossover.


The Eyes category consists of all Acti Labs products that target the eyes, including anti-aging skin creams, eyeliners, and eyeshadow.


Acti Labs has a small selection of lipsticks. The company isn’t known for its lipsticks, but it does have a few available for sale. Popular lipsticks and lip products include the Le Joli Crayon, Lipstain Pen, Mega Matte Liquid, and Lip Pencil.

Personal Palettes

The Acti Labs Personal Palettes category includes just one product at the time of writing: Personal Palette 3, which is an eyeshadow kit. Like other Acti Labs products, you can mix and match three different eyeshadow colors, choosing from dozens of different options in all different shades.


Need a new brush? Acti Labs has a wide selection of brushes, including a Camouflage Brush, Angular Shader, Foundation Brush, and Eyeliner Applicator.


Acti Labs has shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and even nutritional supplements designed to boost your hair quality (like the Capill-Hair Mask and Capill-Hair Capsules). There are only three other hair products available, all of which fall under the Capill-Hair brand, including Capill-Hair Shampoo, Mask, and Lotion.


Acti Labs has diet pills designed to block your appetite as well as juices you can use to quench your cravings throughout the day. The company also has meal replacement shakes available, including the ActiDiet vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate shakes. Acti Labs has also shown their ability to embrace new dieting trends by releasing products like their Super Green Skinny Juice, which just recently hit the market.


Acti Labs currently has two products for sale in its teeth category, including the Diamond Lustre Fluoride and Diamond Lustre Fluoride Free. Both are toothpastes.

The Acti Labs Opportunity

As mentioned above, Acti Labs is a multilevel marketing company. If you like beauty products, and feel you know the industry, then you may be able to make money by selling Acti Labs products to your friends and family.

Obviously, as with all MLMs, you can increase your earnings by recruiting people beneath you. Acti Labs has relatively small downline commissions, ranging from 3% to 7%. Commissions are paid out on a weekly basis.

Based on most of the reviews we found online, Acti Labs is better than the average MLM when it comes to training new recruits. They give out a lot of reports and educational materials to new business owns.

Another surprising thing about the Acti Labs opportunity is that, unlike most MLMs, you don’t have to pay a huge fee to join. You can sign up for the company with or without buying a starter kit.

It’s also interesting to note that Acti Labs is based in France, a company that has stronger anti-pyramid scheme laws than the United States. Based on everything we could find online, Acti Labs seems more reputable and honest than many similar beauty product companies we’ve seen. The low commission rates also typically mean that more of the sales price goes towards the actual product – not commissions that get sent up the line. That typically means higher quality products and more of a legitimate business opportunity – not a pyramid scheme that funnels money towards the founders.

That being said, the beauty products industry is extremely competitive in the MLM space. Acti Labs faces competition from Nerium International, Jeunesse Global, Younique, and other big names. It remains to be seen how well they’ll perform in the United States.

Should You Use Acti Labs Products?

Acti Labs offers a wide variety of beauty and self-care products. The products are generally well-reviewed online. Pricing is reasonable – especially when you learn that Acti Labs has relatively low commission rates, which means that more of your money is going towards the actual product, not just to the person who sold it to you.

For all of these reasons, you may want to find an Acti Labs distributor in your area today. With the company just recently branching into the United States, it could also be an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this French MLM beauty product distributor.

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