Acne Serum

Both teenagers and adults can suffer from the pain and scarring of severe acne. Luckily The Alchemist Collective has developed a chemical free serum designed to reduce acne scarring while also improving skin’s appearance and health.

Acne Serum when used twice daily will help to not only heal acne scars but also reduce pain, inflammation, and redness. Please read below to learn about this all natural alternative to acne care for the worst problems.

About Acne Serum

Many consumers who have acne issues are probably frustrated at the lack of chemical free options that actually deliver results. Unlike typical spot cream that just treat acne flare ups this serum is formulated to support the skin in healing acne scars and reducing redness and inflammation.

Users who have cystic acne will appreciate that this product is made from pure plant extracts and oils that gently support the skin without relying on chemicals or other unknown ingredients.

How Does Acne Serum Work?

Formulated for both teenage and adult skin, this serum should be applied on freshly washed skin twice daily.

When used regularly the natural ingredients gently reduce redness and swelling while repairing acne scars. Acne Serum can be used on the face, neck, and back wherever acne is a problem and has left scarring.


What makes this serum so effective is that it combines a mixture of active ingredients that work together to reduce redness, prevent acne breakouts, and work to heal skin while improving overall circulation.

Olive Leaf extract is added for this natural ability to minimize swelling and pain leading a calmer complexion and healing of acne scars. Olive leaf also treats and prevents redness and skin rashes.

As an additional support to circulation dandelion leaf is added for its calming properties and ability to reduce redness. Additionally honeysuckle extract is combined with evening primrose oil and grapeseed oil to reduce itching and prevent swelling, redness, and skin rashes.

Who Makes Acne Serum?

The Alchemist Collective makes organic, homeopathic products that are based on the wisdom of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Based in Florida, this unique healthcare company double checks all of their herbs to ensure that they do not contain heavy metals as well as over sixty different pesticide residues. Consumers who are looking for a company they can trust will appreciate the attention and care that goes into every single product manufactured by The Alchemist Collective.

Whether people are looking for a homeopathic solution to small wounds or are looking for a muscle rub or athletic salve this company offers a small selection of goods that are high quality. Further details can be found on the company’s website at

Acne Serum Pricing

Each one ounce bottle of Acne Serum is available for purchase through The Alchemist Collective for $54.00.

It does not appear that this product is sold through any other online vendors.

Should You Use Acne Serum?

People who have dealt with cystic acne for years will appreciate that there is a gentle serum available made only from all natural ingredients.


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