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4 Patriots Review – Can You Trust Them?

4 Patriots is a disaster preparedness company that sells a variety of training programs and emergency food products that promise to help you prepare for the unexpected. Here’s our 4 Patriots review.

What is 4 Patriots?

4 Patriots is a disaster preparedness company based in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is responsible for major survival brands like Power 4 Patriots, Food 4 Patriots, and Water 4 Patriots.

As the name of the company suggests, all products are exclusively for “patriots” – Americans who care deeply about their country.

When it comes to 4 Patriots, however, the word “patriot” is more accurately defined as “people who hate Obama, hate liberals, and distrust the government.”

With the emergency preparedness industry booming, 4 Patriots appears to be capitalizing on the wave of publicity. But will 4 Patriots leave you prepared and secure for the future? Or it this just yet another disaster preparedness scam? Keep reading to discover the company’s lineup of products.

4 Patriots Products

4 Patriots currently sells four different product lineups. By buying all of these products, you can thoroughly prepare yourself for whatever unexpected events come your way. Products sold by the company include all of the following:

Power 4 Patriots

This is a series of eBooks and videos that promise to show you how to create alternative forms of energy for off-the-grid living. There are four separate guides, including guides on how to build your own solar panels, wind turbine systems, solar air heaters, and solar water heaters.

The guides promise to teach anyone how to become independent from the electrical grid. However, you have to buy all of the equipment and hardware yourself – you don’t actually receive any type of generator building parts.

Survival Seeds 4 Patriots

Survival Seeds 4 Patriots promises to “free you from dependence on the “Big Food” monopoly” while protecting your family’s food supply. What is the Big Food monopoly? Beats me. But 4 Patriots promises to give you 5,640 survival seeds from 22 varieties of fruits and vegetables.

The seeds are non-genetically modified and can be stored for 5+ years in an airtight storage vault. The seeds come in sealed plastic bags stuffed into a sealed container. The Survival Seeds 4 Patriots program also includes eBooks that explain how to utilize the seeds to provide for your family.

Food 4 Patriots

Food 4 Patriots is the best-known of the 4 Patriots lineup of products. It promises to be a long-term food survival solution “created by patriots for patriots”. The food is sold in pre-packaged storage containers and is rated to last for 25 years.

You can order the food in 72 hour, 4 week, and 3 month supplies. It all comes in sealed bags. All you need to do is add heat and water to make a nutritious meal.

Water 4 Patriots

Water 4 Patriots is a water survival system that promises to help you purify bacteria-infested water using “LifeStraws”. LifeStraws contain textile pre-filters that filter out 99.9999% of all water-borne bacteria. You can purchase the stars in a 2 pack or a 4 pack. Each straw filters 24 gallons, which the company claims is enough to last one person for 1.5 years.

Is 4 Patriots a Scam?

When you look up 4 Patriots reviews online, you’ll find that there are plenty of reviews and news articles describing how the company is a scam.

The company legitimately sells survival products to consumers across the United States, and all of those survival products even come with their own refund policy. So that part isn’t really a scam.

The “scam” part of the equation comes from the fact that 4 Patriots uses sleazy advertising tactics to convince users that the apocalypse is coming and that your family will die if you don’t buy all 4 Patriots products right now.

For example, the Food 4 Patriots sales copy claims that FEMA has contacted the company because the US government is planning to hoard all available emergency food stockpiles – leaving “patriots” like you and your family to die without food.

The company also claims that they don’t want “word getting out” about their products, or else they’ll give your food to someone else.

Put simply, all of this information is designed to push you into making an uninformed, unprepared decision about your purchase.

4 Patriots may not technically be a scam – but it certainly has shady advertising practices.

There’s also the issue of the company reselling products for 300% markup, which we’ll get into below.

About 4 Patriots

4 Patriots is a Nashville, TN-based company headquartered at the following address:

4322 Harding Pike, Suite 417, PMB 121
Nashville, TN 37205

You can call the company at (800) 304-4202 or email them at [email protected] (each product also has its own email address, including [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

If you dig a little deeper into 4 Patriots, you’ll discover that it’s owned by a company named Reboot Marketing.

A journalist at ThinkProgress.com actually looked into this issue. That report blew the lid off of 4 Patriots and its alleged founder, Allen Baler.

The journalist, Zack Beauchamp, says the following:

“Food4Patriots is a lucrative enterprise. Its parent company, Reboot Marketing, took in $11.8 million in 2012, an astonishing 1,428 percent increase over its 2009 revenue.”

Zack goes on to reveal that the only real name associated with the company is Frank Bates, who is the self-identified owner. Zack claims he extensively researched Bates – only to find that he doesn’t exist.

In fact, Frank Bates appears to be a pseudonym for Allen Baler, an affiliate marketing specialist known for his Clickbank endeavors.

What it all boils down to is that 4 Patriots “found 3 products they resell to consumers for a hefty profit…hiking up the cost of their products as much as 300%”.

The company’s business model looks like this:

“Baler buys kits from My Patriot Supply, a preserved food and seed company, and then sells them for about three times the original price. For instance, the Reboot 3 Month package is listed on My Patriot Supply for $183.54; the Food4Patriots 3-month supply will run you a cool $497. All Baler does is drench someone else’s stuff in paranoid anti-Obama finery and advertise it around the conservative mediasphere using a likely fictional life story.”

Ultimately, based on this information, we can’t really call 4 Patriots a scam – but it’s certainly a shady business that wants to influence you into paying significantly more than you should for basic survival products.

Should You Buy 4 Patriots Products?

4 Patriots is an enormous online marketing success story. The company buys survival products for a fraction of their final sale price, then advertises them as being “for patriots” and “against liberals”, and then convinces you that the apocalypse is coming and that you need to purchase products right now if you want to survive.

The products are marked up by 300% or more, according to some reports. Plus, the self-generating power contraptions used in products like Power 4 Patriots don’t actually seem to work.

There’s also the issue of 4 Patriots claiming to be contacted by FEMA to purchase 420 million survival meals because “FEMA knows that if you control the food supply, then you control the people” (this is the word for word description in the sales copy).

For all of these reasons, 4 Patriots does not seem like a good company to do business with – no matter how much you distrust the government.

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