1 PCS High Blood Pressure Monitor – Arm Meter Pulse Sphygmomanometer?


Sphygmomanometer is an instrument that measures one’s blood pressure levels. A traditionally used sphygmomanometer consists of an inflatable rubber band that wraps around one’s arm, while a health physician uses a pump pressure, which results in a reading.

With advancements in technology, consumers no longer need to use heavy sphygmomanometers, nor does one need to rely on a secondary person to help retrieve data. This is where the one-piece Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor may come of great use.

1 PCS High Blood Pressure Monitor is a newly innovative device that efficiently reads blood pressure and heart rates without the use of heavy and extensive equipment. Its convenience allows consumers to keep track of their pressure levels whenever and wherever. The purpose of this review is to look closely in terms of its intentions, its uses, its features and its current going price.

What Is The 1 PCS High Blood Pressure Monitor?

As the name implies, the 1 PCS High Blood Pressure Monitor is a wearable device that provides consumers with the closest approximation to one’s blood pressure levels. Its purpose is to bring awareness to consumers on when to potentially take action and when levels are considered harmless.

Using The 1 PCS High Blood Pressure Monitor

Using the Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is said to be time efficient. It is as simple as wrapping the Velcro straps around the wrist and pressing the on/off button. It is ideal to wear it on the left wrist because of the differences in blood pressure levels among both arms. Although studies have proven the left arm to have slightly higher blood pressure levels, consumers should test the Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor on both wrists.

Blood Pressure Monitor Features

Besides its ability to read blood pressure levels, the Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor can also depict one’s pulse rate, date, and time as well. Upon starting it, it is believed that consumers will be provided with the required data in under one minute.

In order to ensure accuracy in the readings, it may be ideal to round up or down 3mmHg for blood pressure and 3 per cent for heart rate. Lastly, it is designed to read pressure between 0 and 299mmHg and a heartbeat ranging from 40 to 200 beats per minute.

Purchasing The 1 PCS High Blood Pressure Monitor

Its current going price is set at about $7. This is a fairly decent price given that it indicates one’s blood pressure levels and heart rates. In addition, it contains a storage capacity of up to 60 readings, which may stimulate consumers to keep track of their respective progress.

1 PCS High Blood Pressure Monitor Verdict

A reading of 60 over 90 is considered as low blood pressure. Likewise, 80 over 120 is normal, and 90 over 140 is prehypertension, which is considered as a gradual increase in blood pressure. The two potentially life-threatening readings include 100 over 160 and 120 plus over 180 plus. This is the time in which consumers need to take drastic measures.

The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a useful device, as it is portable and lightweight. Its numeric output can ultimately allow consumers to react fast and change their habits to bring blood pressure back to the recommended levels.

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