Your Super: Organic Fruit & Veggie Superfood Smoothie Mixes?


Green superfoods are all the rage these days. This is not surprising seeing as they are an excellent source of nutrition for the often nutrient deprived individual who has little or no time to eat properly.

While there are many manufacturers of these health foods, most are often lacking the right mix or concentration of veggies and greens. This is where Your Superfood seems to be different from the average cookie-cutter green powder in the market.

What Is Your Super?

Your Superfood provides a wide range of organic superfood powders designed to help you meet your required daily intake of vital nutrients.

This has become increasingly important, considering that surveys and estimates have shown that no less than 80 percent of the population don’t eat as healthily as they should on a daily basis.

This has naturally resulted in significant nutritional deficiencies that have contributed to the global health epidemic we’re currently facing. Taking any of the powders is pretty simple.

All you have to do is simply add a tablespoonful of any superfood powder you want to any drinks or smoothie you like, blend, and you’ll have a healthful drink on your hands to enjoy your day with.

The company offers a wide range of superfood powders for everything from weight loss to relaxation. Some of the powders they manufacture and sell include the following:

  • Skinny Protein Mix
  • Power Matcha mix
  • Forever Beautiful
  • Super Green Mix
  • Energy Bomb Mix
  • Muscle Power Mix
  • Chocolate Lover Mix
  • Fitness Bundle
  • Wholesale Bundle
  • Ultimate Health Bundle
  • Detox Bundle
  • Breakfast Bundle
  • Beauty Bundle
  • Trial Pack
  • Recipe eBooks

As you can see, there’s a wide range of powders, all of which are designed to help get you going throughout the day, as well as supplement your nutrient needs. And if you’re short of ideas on how to mix and match these powders, you can always consult the recipe eBook for ideas.

What Makes Your Super Greens Different?

Because there are too many of these powders in the market and they all seem to be targeted at the same thing, it can become very difficult to make a buying decision.

Understanding what sets all of them apart is important if you need to decide on whether to buy or not. Your Superfood’s powders have the following attributes:

Your Super Range Of Smoothie Mixes For Specific Health Benefits

As you can see from the range of products listed above, Your Superfood’s powders are pretty substantial. Most of these are specifically targeted at specific issues. Some of the things they address include:

Now, please note that this is not they all do. Many powders in the market tend to promote themselves as being able to provide all the aforementioned benefits, even when it’s clear that there’s no way one powder can do all those things.

Your Superfoods doesn’t even pretend to offer all those benefits in one powder. Instead, their products are targeted at each specific need. So, if you need to lose weight and stay fit, you’ll do well to go for the Skinny Protein Mix, Fitness Mix and Muscle Power.

For those looking for that often elusive clean energy, the Energy Bomb Mix might be more your preference. Bottom line, each powder

Your Super 100 Percent Organic Fruit & Veggie Ingredients

Buyers can often see the clearly listed and verifiable ingredients listed for each powder. The company doesn’t do “proprietary” ingredients. This means they have all ingredients listed clearly on their labels.

This way, you get to see exactly what you’re taking and in what measurements you’re taking them. This is refreshing in an industry that’s becoming increasingly notorious for hidden ingredients and additives.

All the powders are made from gluten-free soy-free and dairy-free foods, contain 100 percent natural fruits and veggies, are non-GMO, and certified organic and natural.

Your Super Fewer Concentrated Ingredients

Every superfood powder from Your Superfoods contains just 5-6 nutrient-dense ingredients. That means incredible nutrition per scoop, targeted at your specific issues.

These ingredients are scientifically combined by holistic nutritionists to provide the absolute best results. This is a better approach compared to those who just combine any veggie or fruit under the sun, blend them all into a powder and call them superfoods.

This means therefore, that every single powder will give you the specific results you want. If you have skin issues and want a more radiant skin for instance, the Forever Beautiful Mix contains ingredients that are solely known and proven to provide those results.

So, you know that when you buy a powder, you’ll get exactly what you pay for, unlike those “one size fits all” powders that really do nothing for you, except maybe, result in more expensive urine.

Your Super Process Transparency

Do you know how other superfood powder companies make theirs? Do you know where they source their materials from? Can you specifically tell what grades of fruits or veggies they used for each powder?

If you can’t you might want to consider looking elsewhere. After all, it is possible for people to sell colored corn flour as superfood. With Your Superfoods, you get 100 percent transparency into how they make their superfoods.

This information often includes their sourcing process –so you know exactly where they’re getting their veggies or fruits from, preservation methods, processing methods, efforts at replenishing harvested stock and so on.

This transparency alone, sets this company heads and shoulders above over 90 percent of all superfood powder companies out there. Interested buyers who have more questions about the ingredients can also reach them through a dedicated email.

This company seems like they are very serious about eliminating all doubts. As far as we’re concerned, this alone is a huge selling point.

Our Take On Your Super Powders

We have seen many superfoods and green powders, but this looks pretty decent. We were particularly impressed by the fewer ingredients per powder. From experience, this often works better than most general powders that are designed to help with everything from low energy to weight loss.

We also liked the fact that they give back to the community they harvest these natural foods from. This means that the founders are very eco-friendly and climate conscious people who aren’t just focused on profits at all costs.

They have a charity program in place that handles this. They essentially give back percentages of the proceeds from every sale. Their transparency is also quite cool, seeing as they are willing to show their processes and how they get the fruits, veggies and superfoods from their natural state to the powdered form.

Also, the lack of artificial additives, preservatives and ingredients is a big plus. If you’re worried about gluten, soy and GMOs, you won’t find them in their products.

Where Can I Buy Your SuperFood Powders?

This is readily available on their website at Their powders are priced from $17.90 for the Trial Pack to $39.90 for the Skinny Protein Mix. Bundles are priced from $99.90 for the Detox Bundle to $379.90 for the Wholesale Bundle.


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