Willie’s Cacao – Dark Chocolate Bars & Healthy Nutritional Foods?


One of the most popular desserts across the world is chocolate. Whether it’s being melted into a thick hot chocolate or whipped into a mousse, chocolate has served as the main ingredient for thousands and thousands of decadent recipes.

Unfortunately, most people think of chocolate as a guilty pleasure, something that can only be eaten on occasion because it is so unhealthy. The truth is, chocolate can be quite unhealthy. However, cocoa is another matter completely.

Cacao is the key ingredient in chocolate. Until sugar is added to the traditional concept of chocolate, it is cacao. In its purest form, cacao is actually considered a superfood, something that isn’t just healthy, but offers a wide range of amazing health benefits.

Willie’s Cacao is a small company that is spreading the word about the delicious taste and wonderful health benefits that come with eating cacao. Making various cacao-based products, Willie’s Cacao makes it easier and healthier for chocolate lovers to get their sweet tooth fix.

About Willie’s Cacao

Started by a man who was passionate about cacao, Willie’s Cacao is a company that uses traditional manufacturing processes to create chocolate products that are purer and healthier. The only cacao grower in the United Kingdom, as well as being the only UK based producer, Willie’s Cacao has long been dedicated to creating products of the highest quality, using ingredients of the highest quality.

The company has distinguished itself by being part of the entire manufacturing process, guarding the quality of its products from the moment the bean is picked until the company sells the product to customers.

One of the key differences between Willie’s Cacao and other chocolate companies is the amount of dedication put into representing the natural flavors found in cacao beans from around the world. Often, chocolate products are so filled with fillers and sugar that the real, authentic taste of the cacao is completely overlooked.

However, Willie’s Cacao sources from small farms across the world, choosing the beans with the most robust and unique flavors. By putting so much time and focus into this process, the exceptional quality of Willie’s Cacao can be tasted in each and every product.

The Willie’s Cacao Philosophy

To better understand why Willie’s Cacao makes such superior chocolate products, a better understanding of what the company strives to represent is needed. To start, Willie, the founder of the company, began his journey towards being a chocolatier out of his spirit of adventure.

Not caring much for traditional chocolates, when Willie visited the farm Hacienda El Tesoro in Venezuela, he fell in love. It just so happened that the farm grew cacao, which soon became an obsession for the man. After purchasing the farm three years later, Willie was officially on his journey to become a Chocolate Man.

The goal of Willie’s Cacao was always to approach chocolate differently. Just like different flavored grapes make different flavored wines, the company focuses on finding just the right cacaos to produce unique and delicious chocolate products.

Willie’s Cacao looks at the climate, soil, and even the genetics of the cacao provided by its farm sources. By paying so much attention to the different flavors and subtle notes of these cacaos, Willie’s Cacao is able to produce products that taste unlike anything else available.

The unique approach Willie’s Cacao takes to making chocolate and cacao products doesn’t end with sourcing from small farms. In addition to paying such close attention to the cacao, Willie’s Cacao uses ancient manufacturing processes in order to make its products.

In fact, much of the equipment used by the company is over 100 years old. These antique ball roasters create a chocolate that delicious and free of all the unhealthy things found in other chocolates, like soy lecithin.

How Willie’s Cacao Products are Made

Willie’s Cacao is extremely transparent about its manufacturing process. Not only does the company zealously oversee each and every step of the bean to bar journey, but the process is shared with customers, so they can know exactly what went into making their favorite chocolate products.

To start, the only cacao used in Willie’s Cacao products come from single estate cacaos, meaning they are small batch, which gives growers better control over the quality of their plants. The cacao used in Willie’s Cacao are then ripened on the trees in their pods, allowing the beans to gain their unique flavors.

Once Willie’s Cacao pods have fully ripened, they are fermented. Because Willie’s Cacao ferments its beans by covering their boxes with banana leaves, the beans gain another layer of subtle notes, adding to the end product.

After the beans have been sun dried, they are shipped to the UK, where they’re roasted on a 100 year old ball roaster. After being ground, refined, and couching the beans, they are mixed with the highest quality ingredients, like pure sugar, to create the products that have made Willie’s Cacao so popular.

Products Sold by Willie’s Cacao

All Willie’s Cacao products are available for purchase on the company website (WilliesCacao.com). Willie’s Cacao sells chocolate bars and baking chocolates from each of its single estates, allowing customers to sample products from all over the world.

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