Weller Coconut Bites with Hemp Extract: Healthy Snack Option?


For many, the idea of snacking on something when they are hungry is often associated with processed foods and unhealthy eating. Unfortunately, there’s little to be done about this considering that the healthy snacking options are typically boring and often lacking in tastiness –here’s looking at your celery.

As a result, smart health conscious individuals are finding an alternative snacking option that meets in the middle –healthy and tasty. One of these is the Weller Coconut Bites which contains hemp extracts.

What Is Weller Coconut Bites With Hemp Extract?

Weller Coconut Bites with Hemp Extract is based on the idea that snacks shouldn’t just fill you up, they should also help keep you calm and focused. This is important because most snacks are often so sugar loaded that your blood sugar plummets and then crashes afterwards, resulting in those dreaded energy dips and lows.

Weller Coconut Bites is a coconut snack enhanced by non-intoxicating hemp extracts that you can take to replenish your energy levels whilst still remaining sharp.

Unlike the “dirty”, edgy energy boost of caffeine loaded drinks, the hemp extracts in the snack are designed to help provide that often elusive calm, clean energy that keeps you going and productive all day.

You also get to enjoy the anxiety relieving benefits of the hemp extracts as well as its inflammation reduction properties.

The product’s tagline is “snack into wellness”. This makes absolute sense seeing as the snacks we often consume during the course of the day are usually unhealthy and bad for our health. Weller Coconut Bites with Hemp Extract is a whole different brand and class of snack for your everyday use and consumption.

Made from a combination of coconut and hemp extracts, every bite delivers approximately 5mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) to your bloodstream. If you already know just how much CBD you require to get you “in the zone” and keep you focused, then you can actively determine just how much to eat every day.

Hemp extracts have been linked to everything from cognitive enhancement, stress reduction to mood improvement and clean energy.

Coconut on the other hand is a very heart healthy food that aids excellent cardiovascular health. This means that a combination of these two in a snack should transform that snack into a powerful, heart healthy, mind improving, and wellness snack.

Weller Coconut Bites comes in single service five bite packs which costs just $5.99 or multi-serve 20 bite packs which cost $19.99.

Why Should You Buy Weller Coconut Bites with Hemp Extract?

Because of cannabis’ popularity and legalization across the country, many snack manufacturers are beginning to incorporate hemp based snacks into their offerings.

Unfortunately, many are cagey about the process and tend to just focus on the ingredients. Weller’s parent company isn’t doing this. If anything, they are big on transparency and providing wonderful snacks for people.

The company believes that since snacking often occurs when people are under stress, they are most likely further endangering their health with the unhealthy eating. When you think about it, stress already starts a process of systemic inflammation and eating junk when you’re stress makes the damage on your body much worse.

So, when you pop a bit of Weller in your mouth, you are essentially de-stressing and helping your body fight stress related inflammations.

Weller Coconut Bites with Hemp Extract is a great coconut snack for people looking to take a healthier path to wellness. With this in your pocket or desk, you can eat healthier and feel better during the day regardless of whatever stress you face. This, combined with the phytocannabidiol present in the hemp extracts will not only help you have a great day, but sleep even better at night.

The snack currently comes in caramel, chocolate and the original flavor and can be bought on their website.

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