Vital Super Reds – Evidence Based Red Super Fruits Supplement?


Vital Super Reds is a supplement that helps to improve many different functions in your body with the use of organic cranberries. With regular use, you will experience more energy and will be able to defend your body against toxins.

What is Vital Super Reds?

Keeping your body healthy is a lifelong commitment. Most people try their best to maintain a balanced diet, while engaging in some form of physical activity. However, there is much more that goes into a strong and fit body than a good diet. You need certain enzymes on a regular basis to help clean out the toxins that form during the digestive process, while still being able to stay within a safe caloric limit for the day. That’s where Vital Super Reds come in.

Vital Super Reds is available to consumers as a way to help defend your bodily systems. As you will learn in the next section, the color red is connected to several super foods, which are included in this formula. By taking this intense supplement, you can:

All of these functions are necessary to keeping your body from getting sick with one illness or another. In the past, you may have used cleanses or detoxification techniques every so often to clean out your body. However, these methods are not consistent, which means that your body is repeatedly going through the process of being cleaned out and reclogged. Rather than making your body endure another trendy drink to eliminate toxins, Vital Super Reds can help without the unpleasant taste and without the toxins building back up.

How Does Vital Super Reds Work?

The main reason that the Vital Super Reds supplement is effective is due to the inclusion of 500mg of organic cranberries, which is also referred to as Pacran®. Red super foods are known for helping in a lot of different areas of your body’s systems. These super foods include wild cranberries, pomegranates, and goji berries.

In order to provide your body with defense against toxins, these foods contain anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a type of phytonutrients (nutrients that are extracted from plants), which are able to prevent your body from having a buildup of free radicals. Free radicals are toxic byproducts that are the result of your metabolism using oxygen in the digestive process. By eliminating these substances, your body is able to function more cleanly.

Each one of the included red super foods plays a major role in the supplement’s efficacy. Reach on below to find out more about each one of these ingredients.

Pacran (Whole Organic Cranberry)

As stated before, one of the most crucial parts to this supplement is the use of cranberry fruit in such a high concentration. To create this substance, the company uses everything from the cranberry, including the juice, skin, flesh and seeds. The main role of Pacran is to help with your urinary tract health, which is something that very few (if any) fruits can do.


Another potent ingredient in this blend is pomegranate, which is responsible for helping to support your cardiovascular system. Vital Super Reds actually uses an extract of the pomegranate to create Pomegranate P40p.

The best part about pomegranates is their ability to help rid the body of toxins. With recent studies and research, scientists have learned that this antioxidant is helpful in reducing the amount of oxidative stress in the blood. This process helps the supplement to encourage the right oxygen levels in the blood, which means that your body’s circulatory system can deliver the right nutrients to the muscles and brain.

Pomegranates are also linked to helping maintain a healthy level of blood lipids and a healthy blood pressure.

Goji Berry

Goji berry isn’t quite as known as the other two ingredients, but it is in the mix to help with your immune system and your cardiovascular health with their high level of antioxidants. There’s not much information available on the website regarding this ingredient, but it helps to round out the mixture of super foods.

Using Vital Super Reds

The Vital Super Reds supplement is easy to include in your everyday routine. You only need to take two capsules a day, which can be taken with or without food.

No other instructions are available on the website. You will need to speak with customer service, if you have additional questions about consuming these capsules.

Pricing for Vital Super Reds

To make the Vital Super Reds a part of your daily routine, you will have to pay a total of $39.95, which is not too expensive, since the formula should last about a month. If you want to prepare for several months of use, you can buy four bottles at once, which earns you a free fifth bottle.

Super Saver

If you decide to partake in the Super Saver program, then you will have special access to promotional pricing, which is $29.95 per month. You will be automatically shipped a new supply of the vitamin each month, and you will save at least 25% off of whatever the normal price is.

You can cancel this feature at any time, with no penalties charged to you.

Contacting the Creators of Vital Super Reds: Purity Products

If you have questions that need answers regarding the Vital Super Reds supplement, or any other product with the brand, you can always speak with a customer service agent. The department is reachable by filling in the online form or by phone call.

If you want to speak with someone directly, your best chance would be calling 1-800-256-6102 (for orders) or 1-888-769-7873 (for general customer service). The ordering line is available at all hours of the day, but the customer service department is a little more particular. You can reach someone during the following hours:

  • Monday through Thursday: 9:00am to 8:00pm EST
  • Fridays: 9:00am to 7:00pm EST
  • Saturdays: 9:00am to 5:00pm EST

Vital Super Reds Review Summary

Vital Super Reds is a great way for you to get the antioxidant support that your body needs, when you aren’t able to enjoy these super foods in their original state. The concentrated doses ensure that you get the full benefit of each ingredient, which means you can look forward to a body that is free of free radicals.

If you are allergic to any of the fruits listed, you may need to find another way to get the nutrients.

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