Vegy Vida: Kids Cucumber Extract Dip For Tasty Vegetables?


No longer is ranch dip the only option for trying to get kids to eat their veggies. One of the downsides of ranch dip is that most varieties are loaded with sugar and even artificial ingredients. Vegy Vida offers a line of dips designed with the palates of kids in mind that not only taste great but are healthy too.

Offering tasty flavor combinations these dips can be enjoyed alone or added to family friendly recipes like potpies or pizzas. The addition of whey protein to Vegy Vida dips makes it easier for parents to boost their child’s protein consumption.

What Is Vegy Vida?

Most parents would agree mealtimes with children can be difficult. Working to ensure children get proper nutrition through vegetables can be nearly impossible. Vegy Vida is a tasty line of dips designed by parents with the flavors kids love. These dips can be enjoyed alone or added to family friendly recipes for kid friendly dinners and snacks.

While researching natural flavor alternatives to sugar and artificial ingredients food scientist Josh discovered a certain property within cucumber extract that changes the way taste buds interact with bitter compounds.

Josh recognized that children have three times more taste buds than adults have and often struggle to eat veggies due to their bitter taste. He quickly realized that his discovery could drastically change stress for parents around mealtimes. Vegy Vida utilizes the properties of cucumber extract to neutralize bitter flavors making vegetables more pleasant to eat.

Vegy Vida dip is sugar free and does not contain common allergens. Each serving even offers eight grams of protein helping boost nutrition.

How Do Vegy Vida Dips Work?

In the United States ninety percent of children do not consume the daily-recommended level of vegetables. Vegy Vida offers a tastier way to get kids to eat their vegetables boosting health. Kids can simply dip vegetables directly into each flavor or parents can use these dips to add flavor to veggie rich dishes like tacos or pizzas.

Vegy Vida dip is available in five different flavor options including Creamy Ranch, Cool Buffalo, Cheesy Cheddar, Savory Bacon, and Zesty Southwest. Creamy Ranch dip is great as a quick and easy compliment to veggie trays, added on top of baked potatoes, or steamed broccoli. Cool Buffalo and Savory Bacon dips are great options for helping kids enjoy nutritious veggies like bell peppers and cauliflower.

Eighteen recipes are available through helping busy parents maximize this product and take the guesswork out of snacking and meals.

Further supporting the Vegy Vida mission to improve childhood nutrition, healthcare professionals can sign up for the company’s Pediatric Professional Sampling Program.

Vegy Vida Kids Cucumber Extract Vegetable Dip Ingredients

What makes Vegy Vida dips stand out from other similar products is the fact that each of these flavors are sugar free and offer high levels of protein. Full ingredient information is available online through the Vegy Vida website. Consumers can view by flavor variety ensuring the ingredients are suitable for their family’s needs. The company prides itself on offering dips that are free of common allergens like soy, nuts, and gluten.

The main ingredients of Vegy Vida dips are Greek yogurt, olive oil, whey protein powder, and cucumber extract. What makes the flavor varieties different is the combination of spices used to enhance flavor.

Each serving of Vegy Vida dip includes eight grams of protein helping support kid’s daily nutritional needs. Vegy Vida products are manufactured in a peanut and tree nut free facility.

Vegy Vida Dip Pricing

Interested consumers will appreciate the comprehensive store locator feature available through the Vegy Vida company website. Consumers living within the United States will find Vegy Vida products at both large and small-scale grocery stores throughout the Midwest and southern states.

These dips are preservative free meaning they must be stored in a refrigerator and can be purchased in produce section of grocery stores.

Walmart online has carried the original ranch variety before but it is currently listed as out of stock. Each eight-ounce bottle of Vegy Vida Ranch cost $2.48 making it very reasonably priced.

Should You Use Vegy Vida Dips?

Not only for kids, Vegy Vida dips also sound like a great way for adults to snack more sensibly and enhance their protein consumption as well. The recipe options are very family friendly helping keep mealtimes interesting and more nutritious.

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