TurmaFLEX – Can A Turmeric Joint Formula Help You Stop Aging?


TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric, formerly Curcumin2K® Joint Support, is a supplement that is designed to help restore mobility and reduce inflammation in the joints for arthritic men and women.

What is the TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric?

The process of aging comes with quite a few changes in your life, but the way your body moves is probably one of the most painful transitions. The cartilage in your joints begins to diminish and become weak, which leaves your knees and ankles uncomfortable. With this level of soreness, it can be hard to even want to walk at all, which is not something you should have to give up at any age. You need to focus on giving your body nutrients to make up for the loss of cushion between your bones, which you can do by adding the TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric supplement to your diet.

TurmaFLEX® Joint Formula with Turmeric is made with multiple compounds and extracts in their proprietary blend, which helps to bring down the inflammation in the joint for easier mobility. By nourishing your joints in the same way you would nourish other parts of your body, you are able to extend the amount of time you have to walk, run, and jog each day.

There are many benefits to using turmeric to help treat this area of your body. Some of those benefits include:

  • Reducing your joint discomfort
  • Supporting your joint health
  • Supporting the health of your entire body
  • Supporting the functions and health of your brain

Read on below to find out how each of the ingredients contribute to the efficacy of TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric.

How the TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric Works

To get the nourishment you need for your aching joints, TurmaFLEX involves a variety of different ingredients. Here’s a little bit about each of the active contributing elements, giving you a better idea of what this simple capsule can do for you.


Turmeric is obviously the main ingredient in this formula, and it has been used to help with inflammation for thousands of years in India and Asia. Turmeric is filled with a variety of different properties that help to improve your body’s ability to reduce the swelling and irritation that happens with the cartilage on your joints.


Boswellia has been used for years in North Africa and the Middle East for its resin, which is frequently involved in religious and cultural events, but it also is known for its ability to support your joints. It helps your body to go through the normal inflammatory response, but it also lets consumers enjoy improved flexibility in their joints.


AprèsFlex is specifically used to help improve your joint comfort, while also expanding on their function and mobility. Even if used individually, this product can give you the results you are promised within about a week.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is crucial to cushioning the joints, which helps to relieve the shock of each step or jump on the joints. It is often available in capsules, which offers a concentrated amount for the joints to lubricate the cartilage properly.

Using the TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric

While there isn’t too much information about taking the TurmaFLEX formula, the company states that you need to take two veggie caps a day for the desired results. If you become nauseous while taking the supplement, you should eat something to ease your stomach acid.

Pricing for the TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric

The price of your formula depends on how much you decide to get at once. Your individual price per bottle goes down as you order more, depending on the increment. You can get:

  • A single bottle for $39.95
  • Three bottles for $110.85 total ($36.95 each)
  • Six bottles for $209.70 total ($34.95 each)

If you decide to use the AutoShip option, you can either have three bottles shipped to you every three months or six bottles sent every six months.

AutoShip Option

If you are someone who is forgetful or would prefer to eliminate the worry of ordering your products on time, then the AutoShip program is for you. With the AutoShip program, you get a special 25% discount for setting up automatic billing and shipping, which can be scheduled at your convenience. Additionally, you can cancel the program at any time without penalties.

You will receive an email notification about 5 days before your product is shipped. If your order does not process correctly, you will receive a call from the customer care department to correct the issue at hand.

Contacting TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric: Stop Aging Now

The maker and distributor of the TurmaFLEX formula is Stop Aging Now, so you will need to direct all of your customer service needs to this company. Stop Aging Now is responsible for a variety of different formulas, so you can speak with them about TurmaFLEX or some of their other available supplements.

The preferred method of communication amongst most consumers is by phone. If you want to reach a customer service representative directly, you can call 800-627-9721 or 888-552-4464. The phone-based team is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST.

You can also reach someone through email, depending on the department you want to get ahold of. There is a link available on the “Contact Us” page for customer care, or you can send a message to a nutritionist by addressing your message to [email protected]

About Stop Aging Now

Stop Aging Now has been present in the supplement industry for about 20 years, showing customers how much they care about every part of their health and satisfaction. Their customer service team is quite popular, which is what they credit to earning many return customers. Their product line includes vitamins, supplements, skincare, and pet care.


TurmaFLEX Joint Formula with Turmeric focuses on the health and support of your joints, but the ingredients in the formula are able to support many areas of the rest of your health as well. If you are currently taking a prescription for your joint pain or any other part of your body, seek out the knowledge of a medical professional before adding this supplement to your diet.

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