True Veda Organic Pomegranate – Antioxidant Superfood Extract?


People who have a history of cardiovascular disease within their family will want to take precautions to help prevent a future heart attack or stroke. True Veda offers a highly absorbable supplement made from the superfood pomegranate.

By extracting the most nutrient rich part of the fruit, this supplement offers a nutrient rich capsule that offer numerous health benefits beyond cardiovascular support. Please read below to learn more about True Veda Organic Pomegranate and how to purchase a bottle.

What Is True Veda Organic Pomegranate?

Pomegranates have long been regarded as a superfood for their ability to naturally strengthen the immune system as well as support cardiovascular health.

True Veda is proud to offer an organic supplement that offers a highly bioavailable form of pomegranate extract which offers a 95% absorption rate. Taking a pomegranate extract supplement may help boost the immune system while maintaining cardiovascular health.

Many inferior supplements offer pomegranate extract but it may not be from organic fruit or not extracted in a way to help the body better absorbing the health boosting nutrients.

How Does True Veda Organic Pomegranate Work?

By combining CO2 and water based pomegranate extract True Veda Organic Pomegranate absorbs quickly into the bloodstream delivering a highly bioavailable supplement that delivers health boosting benefits.

With regular use this supplement gives the body the extra antioxidant support to help prevent illness and disease while improving overall health.

The super food pomegranate is well known for its ability to support cardiovascular health as well as strengthening the immune system.

Ingredients in True Veda Organic Pomegranate

True Veda uses a pomegranate extract that is high in Punicalagins directly sourced from real pomegranates and is extremely bioavailable by the body making it easier to absorb within the body.

This supplement boasts a 95% percent absorption rate which is far superior to other similar pomegranate extract supplements. Organic Pomegranate Extract by True Veda contains no added filler or artificial ingredients. All ingredients are 100% organic.

True Veda Organic Pomegranate Pricing

Consumers based in the United Kingdom can purchase this product online through the True Veda website at

Each sixty capsule bottle of Organic Raspberry Extracts is available for £16.97. Normally each bottle costs £34.97 but it is currently on sale offering consumers significant savings.

True Veda also offers a subscription program that makes it easy for consumers to keep their favorite supplements in stock. Enrollers in a six month subscription will pay £15.97 per bottle and a twelve month subscription will lower the price per bottle to £14.97.

Shipping is available throughout the world with free shipping available within the United Kingdom and the United States for qualified purchases.

Should You Use True Veda Organic Pomegranate?

Consumers should be aware that pomegranate extract is believed to help boost health but there is actually little proven scientific evidence to back these beliefs.

The current sale price certainly makes True Veda Organic Pomegranate intriguing so further research is recommended prior to taking advantage of this sale. Further details are available online at

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