Tiny Tea Teatox – Natural Traditional Chinese Medicine Blends?


Consuming tea has proven to help many with respective to one’s mental and physical health. It has the ability to provide both a noticeable difference in one’s appearance and is known to calm one down.

In addition, it also works to cleanse one’s bodily systems, be it whether one is bloated or has a poor metabolic rate.

The question now becomes, what type of teas actually bring such benefits? Does it depend on the ingredients found within a tea? Is it the type of practice influenced to come up with a tea?

The Tiny Tea Teatox is different compared to an average green, white or chamomile tea. Why? Tiny Tea Teatox is different because of the ingredients found within the tea itself and traditional practices that have influenced its creation.

Tiny Tea Teatox cleanses one’s body of toxins, while ensuring that each function of the body is working properly.

What is Tiny Tea Teatox?

The Tiny Tea Teatox is a natural tea that contains an herbal blend. This herbal blend was persuaded by Chinese Medicine principles that work to feed and cleanse one’s digestive system.

The Tiny Tea Teatox came about on the idea that the foundation of overall wellness lies in the proper functioning of one’s digestive system because that’s where the potential of a spread of bacteria can occur. The ingredients found in this tea are as follows:

  • Jue Ming Zi: The common name for Jue Ming Zi is Cassia seed. This ingredients works to cleanse one’s liver and intestines, while improving one’s eyesight. The taste is a mix of salty and sweet, while being cold and bitter by nature.
  • He Ye: The common name for He Ye is Lotus leaves. Lotus leaves come from a water plant that has been proven to provide a laxative effect.Another ingredient that is bitter, but according to Chinese practices, it helps improve upon one’s heart, lungs, gall and liver health.
  • Shan Zha: The common name for Shan Zha is none other than Hawthorn Berry or fruit. A berry that is only found in Asian countries, the Shan Zha has been known for its ability to heal indigestion, diarrhea, stomachache, poor blood circulation, and many more.
  • Lai Fu Zi: The common name for Lai Fu Zi is also known as Radish Seed. A very well known vegetable, radishes have a mix of tastes, but while the taste factor may be confusing, its health benefits are very straightforward.Some of the benefits include relieving gastritis, cleansing one’s overall body, bloating, and has the ability to improve one’s kidney functions.
  • Chen Pi: The common name of Chen Pi is Orange Peel or Citrus Peel. This is literally dried up orange peels. Normally, people do not ever think of consuming orange peels, as the taste is extremely bitter, but its health benefits have had an impact on many.Orange peels are great to suppress one’s appetite, solidify diarrhea, and works closely to heal anything related to one’s lung and stomach functions.
  • Mai Ya: The last ingredient found in the Tiny Tea Teatox is Mai Ya. The common name for Mai Ya is Barley Sprout.Barley Sprouts help to control one’s cholesterol levels, is a great cleanser/ detox, gets rid of any type of stones (e.g. kidney or gall), and helps to improve one’s digestion problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Tiny Tea Teatox?

The analysis of the ingredients list provided above should help consumers have an idea of some of the different types of benefits one can take advantage of by consuming the Tiny Tea Teatox.

What may they be? The following is a list of some of many benefits one can attain by drinking the Tiny Tea Teatox on a daily basis:

  • Eliminates the sensation of bloating
  • Heals indigestion
  • Improves upon skincare concerns
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Helps consumers lose excess weight
  • Provides consumers with natural source of energy
  • Reduces one’s sugar and caffeine cravings

How Should One Drink Tiny Tea Teatox?

Consumers are recommended to drink the Tiny Tea Teatox at most 3 times per day, half hour prior to eating meals. One should not consume it too late at night nor should he or she drink it along with food.

Although consumers are advised to drink this tea three times per day, if there’s only time for 2 teas per day that is fine too.

Tiny Tea Teatox Pricing?

A box of Tiny Tea Teatox comes with 84 teabags, each weighing 2.5g. Consumers are provided with a supply that exceeds one-month (approximately 28 to 44 days), depending on how many teas one consumes on a daily basis.

The current going price of this product is $55, which is 65 cents per tea bag. This is fairly priced, given the multiple areas of the body it helps to improve.

Teas no longer work to heal one aspect of the body and the Tiny Tea Teatox has made this possible. The concept behind their herbal teas comes from Chinese Medicine Practice, which focuses on the uses of various herbs.

This product is ideal for cleansing the entire body, while achieving a more positive outlook on life and the many tasks thrown at one. For more information on how to reap the benefits of Tiny Tea Teatox you can go to the company website.

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