Teaspec Pu'er Tea

In some countries, tea is used as a tradition and this tradition had been set on the basis of the importance of tea. Well, tea contains such a substance that serves great health benefits and that is good to make your body very active as well as energetic.

Nowadays, you see that tea is available in different shapes, in different flavors and in different packing. Actually, a number of brands serving the tea have been launched and hence there is a tough competition.

There are in fact many slimming teas as well and one of the best slimming teas that are very useful is Pu’er Tea. It is a 100% natural and effective tea that is not only available in different tasty flavors but that helps to burn the extra calories from your body. So why not to start reading about this tea in detail!

What is Teaspec Pu'er Tea?

Tea traditionally belongs to China and when it comes to Teaspec Pu'er Tea, it has actually been formulated out of the proprietary blend of leaves that are taken from Yunnan, China. Pu’er Tea is actually packed in the form of powder and is available in different flavors. This tea is a great source of antioxidants and hence it supports weight loss.

If you take a cup of this tea every day, it keeps your metabolic rate very high and in fact, it is good for better metabolism. Pu’er Tea is not only tasty but it serves a number of benefits for example, it gradually decreases the tummy fats thus reshaping your body. In addition, it is great for keeping your brain as well as your body active and motivated. Hence if you are looking for a tasty weight loss product then it would be Pu’er Tea.

Two Forms of Teaspec Pu'er Tea

You will mainly find two main types of Teaspec Pu'er Tea that are non-fermented tea and fermented tea. Besides that, there are loose tea leaves as well as tea compressed into various shapes.

There are four types of loose teas that are tea spec Jasmine envy, Jade Allure, Ripe Marvel and Raw Dazzle. When it comes to compressed tea, you get it in seven different flavors that are Teaspec Regalia Ripe, Regalia Raw, Regent, Pu’er Tea cake ripe, Pu’er Tea cake raw, Jubilee and Sloane Highland Mystique.

You can enjoy any of these tea flavors and I am sure that you will love the taste. How good you would feel to take a sip of hot, steamy Pu’er Tea when you are burdened with the work! Off course, it will relax you and it will help in releasing your stress.

Whether you try out fermented tea of Teaspec or non-fermented tea, you will really enjoy and you will see the difference between this tea and other ordinary tea brands.

What About the Pricing?

The prices for Pu’er Tea are not fixed but the prices vary from type to type and flavor to flavor. Price actually varies from $60 to $400. The price for loose tea is very cheap and the four flavors of this tea are being sold for $19, $21, $24 and last one also for $24.

However, the prices for compressed tea flavors are comparatively high. Teaspec Regalia Ripe is the cheapest compressed tea and its price is $60 while the most costly one is Teaspec Sloane Highland Mystique and its price is $400 for pack of 375 grams.

It is actually packed in a well-decorated walnut box. It contains a walnut tray along with tea needle kit in order to allow easy and more sophisticated braking of the tea cake.

Final Thoughts About Teaspec Pu'er Tea

I am the one who is a lover of Teaspec Pu’er Tea and I have tried almost all the flavors of this tea. It is actually more than a tea because it serves as a weight loss supplement as well and if you drink a cup of this tea daily, you do not get any extra fats on your body and in fact, you stay active as well as energetic. This tea is actually packed in different tasty flavors and pleasant smell that makes you fresh.

Anyone of you can use it whether male or female. This tea is also helpful for making your metabolism really high and thus increasing your stamina. In addition, it is good to keep your digestive system normal. Hence whether you want to improve your energy level or you want to improve your digestion or even if you want to release the stress in the office, you should take a cup of this tea and it would really serve the great purpose.

Teaspec Pu'er Tea is actually more than a tea because it is infused with art. So make your choice really unique and try something different this time rather than taking ordinary tea!


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