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Chinese tea has many traditional components and parts that are crucial to its taste. This encompasses everything from the tea pot to the cup in which it is poured, the red stone or jade and the tea leaf. Many tea drinkers have used the same pot for many years – who believe the pot itself can retain the aroma and taste more so than other teas around.

You see, China has thousands of years of history where tea has been deemed a culture icon. It is part of their culture including at luxury traditions. Teadaw describes Chinese tea has both complex and luxurious but also simple and convenient. This is where traditional tea meets online tea provider.

Each of their tea packages are packed into small bags that each contain three (3) grams of tea leaves. This is an ideal amount for people who steep their tea in an average size cup of 250 millilitres. What is also good to know is that three (3) grams of sealed should conserve the flavor of the tea, so that once you open the package, you will smell the natural flavor of the tea come out. Teadaw calls this the aroma fountain.

Teadaw Product Line

Throughout the TEADAW product line, green tea, black tea and yellow tea.

Green Tea Line

The green tea line comes with three (3) different products:

  1. Gold Peak Green Tea – Jade Sword
  2. Green Tea – Emerald
  3. Green Tea Small package

The Gold Peak Green Tea – Jade Sword

This tea comes with 30 air-tight anti-oxidation, anti-moisture tea bags. This has a strong flower aroma courtesy of the Jade Sword and within two minutes this tea will have you feeling like you are in a garden.

It is 100% organic and does not contain any additives. It is shipped directly from the gardens in China has is pollution free. The caffeine found in this tea is about the quarter of what you can expect in a cup of coffee.

This product retails for $59.98. This tea is great on its own, or with additions like lemon, honey, or sugar.

Green Tea – Emerald

This one comes with thirty (30) air-tight, anti-oxidation and anti-moisture tea bags. This cup holds a strong floral aroma from the Emerald after only two minutes and a cup of hot water. Like the Jade Sword tea, this one is also 100% organic without additives and is directly shipped from the southwest of China.

This is a premium loose-leaf tea that ensures quality and elaborate techniques throughout the process of making and packaging it.

The Green Tea – Emerald retails for $19.99. Each tea bag should be steeped for 2-3 minutes and can be enjoyed on its own or by adding sugar, lemon or honey too!

Black Tea Line

The Black Tea Line comes with four (4) products:

  1. Black Tea – Red Needle
  2. Black Tea – Golden Wool
  3. Black Tea – Red Agate
  4. Black Tea – Small Package

The Black Tea – Red Needle

This tea is from high-elevation mountain regions. It is a pretty bud with golden fluffs and turns bright red when it is brewed. The taste is described as mellow and the aroma that of flowers and honey. It is unique to the area in which it is harvested and makes this a much in demand tea.

The Black Tea – Red Needle

Retails for $27.75. Each bag should be steeped for three (3) minutes, and can be enjoyed alone or with honey, lemon or sugar.

The Black Tea – Golden Wool

The Golden Wool is destined to take you away to a tranquil place with each sip. There are thirty (30) packages per order and comes from the southwest region of China’s Yunnan province. This tea is 100% organic, sugar free and is rich in both antioxidants and minerals.

The Black Tea – Golden Wool

Retails for $44.98. each bag should be steeped for three (3) minutes in one cup of hot or boiling water. It tastes delicious on its own, or with the addition of sugar, lemon or honey if you prefer.

The Black Tea – Red Agate

Red Agate is also packaged into thirty (30) air-tight bags and each bag can be brewed up to three (3) times. It is 100% organic and is shipped directly from China. This tea has about half the caffeine as a cup of coffee would. The aroma of this black tea is described as strong sweet and refreshing like a flower. The taste is described as mild and delicate with a ton of layers.

The Black Tea Red Agate, retails for $24.75 and should be steeped for at least three (3) minutes. You can enjoy this tea on its own or adding sugar, honey or lemon if you prefer.

Yellow Tea Line

The Yellow Tea Line comes with two (2) different products:

  1. Yellow Tea – Flower Field
  2. Yellow Tea – Flower Field Small Package

The Yellow Tea – Flower Field

Flower Field is a 100% organic tea experience. It contains both jasmine notes and gardenias. Each package comes with twenty (20) air-tight bags that each contain three (3) grams of tea. This tea is sugar free, fragrance free and should be steeped for two to three minutes.

The Yellow Tea Flower Field retails for $21.98 and is an ideal tea for your morning routine. It is rich in antioxidants like some of the black teas, and has a full-bodied taste. This tea can be enjoyed plain or by adding lemon, honey or sugar if that suits your taste buds.

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